Belton, Missouri

had nine teeth pulled took eight extra shots during process to keep me numb Whichas i have since then have learned was an infection that made it so hard to keep me numb also left a chunk of eye tooth still in there because it was to close to sinuses then was just about kicked out the door no antibotics no pain killers and this joke they call a temp which is crooked and the back end is at a 45 degree angle got an infection stitches are poppin out called 800 # 5 Hour still waiting for a return call back while im suffering stay away from aspen wausau wi

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Tooth Extraction.

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In response to former aspen patient:

All dentists are not butchers...that was an ignorant statement and you should apologize.

To the guy that 9 teeth pulled...I had a similar experience, only I kept my mouth clean after the extractions and I only had expected soreness that I alleviated with over the counter pain medications. My temp also did not fit very well so they remade it after I healed for a few weeks. Now I am VERY HAPPY!


I can't belive you had 9 teeth pulled and you are in pain. That is so weird.


This comment is to Carrie T.Aspen dentists are butchers.Who are you to a comment on someone having 9 teeth pulled,and all they want is drugs?Sounds like another moran that works foe Aspen.


It's not the dentist's fault that you let your teeth get in such bad shape and so infected that he couldn't get you anesthetized. It also isn't his fault that your tooth fractured off and he couldn't remove the part by the sinus.

I don't know why your temp was at a 45 degree angle or why your sutures were coming out, but I'm sure it is because you didn't follow his advice. He wouldn't let you out of there like that. You don't need narcotics for an infection like that. 600-800 mg of ibuprofen reduces the inflammation and works better than any narcotic.

Maybe you were just looking for drugs. You sound like a real dorf, and NO I do not work for Aspen, but I am a dental professional.


I went to aspen in sheboygan...they pulled the wrong tooth and then my temporary did not fit. The technician there was very helpful and said it would only be a short time befor I was on my way.

But the dentist still pulled a perfectly good tooth. Ill go back to my OTHER dentist.


yeah right, none of you guys will get back to him. I know how you work, i used to work there....

Allie at Aspen Dental

I’m sorry to hear about your experience with us. I've forwarded your information to our patient satisfaction team and they should be contacting you within the next 48 hours. If you’d like, you can e-mail us directly at