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Had isurance to cover all procedures. Got sick after deep cleaning, then got a bill when I was covered for all procedures.

Then to add insult to injury I get a pay now bill for over $937.00. This is the only provider I could find in this area to take my insurance. So now I am very aggrivated, my dental work is not finished, I got sick for 3 weeks (was offered $400.00 liquid antibiotic that I could not pay for and then offered a $26.00 liquid something that turned out to be a $10.00 mouthwash at Walgreens.

Under doctors care for 10 days with pennicylin, 2x a day 500 mg for 10 days) and I have now received a bill for $937.00, Ihave called UnitedHealthcare and they called one should have to go thru all this to get dental care....just terrible experience !!!!!! Please do not call me...

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Insurance.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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If you got an insurance plan where you can only use the hacks at A$pen, you got a worthless dental plan. Better to drop the plan and bank the money to pay a dentist out of pocket.Patients think using their insurance at a prostituting provider like A$pen saves them money. Considering the fact that they plan unnecessary treatment and bill you for things that would be free at a regular dentist, patients don't save any money at all.Welcome to the sordid world of corporate investor-owned dental clinic, where patients are fleeced for money and often their mouths are butchered in the process.


I know your pain personally. PLEASE visit boycott aspen dental dot com to find out how to network with others in the same position.

B.A.D. Boycott Aspen Dental See you at the Aspen Dental Picket October 6, 2018!

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