I am very pissed with Apsen Dental, I went there 2 times because my fiance said it was great. I went there and they said I needed to go to a specialist to get work done on a tooth.

Then that tooth broke during my month wait for an appointment with a specialist. Go see them again and they are going to send me to another specailist. I was not going to have any of that so I went to my orginal family doctor and they took care of me. **NOTE** Support your local dentist office, they know what they are doing and will help you.


Monetary Loss: $200.

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Topeka, Kansas, United States #878132

Why are so many referrals to specialists made by clinics like this? Because the young, dentists who work there have much clinical experience, they refer many, many procedures to specialists that most other general dentists do themselves.

Why are the wait times long for their specialists?

The corporate suits who run the place don't like to pay the higher wages that specialists command, so they must keep them booked and overbooked, and spread them thin between many different offices. One poster wrote that an oral surgeon was in the one clinic office only one day each month! This is ridiculous! How can this specialist take care of his own post-ops if he is there so infrequently?

He can't!

Your fiance gave you bad advice. Going to a crumby corporate dental chain clinic, with its revolving door of inexperienced young dentists, is a bad idea.

Most of the time patients don't save any money. Most of the time they spend more, on unnecessary and incompetently performed treatment.


I have never heard of someone being angry because of a referral to a specialist before. would you be mad at your medical doctor for referring you to an oncologist for your cancer treatment, i don't think so.

would you want a plumber to re-wire your electrical, i think not. Use your head and listen to what your saying, i feel bad for your fiance.

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