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I was scheduled on a Saturday with someone who did no speak English and another individual who literally refused to talk to me. I HAD MY MOUTH CUT OPEN AND GOT ORAL WARTS from whatever the unqualified hygenist did (It was supposed to be a cleaning but I wasn't given the apparently REQUIRED solution to keep it clean and she cut open my lip -together causing me to get warts in my mouth).

I found out from management that THREE other people had the same woman and had their mouths marred. Supposedly this was going to be fixed and I agreed to a second appointment STIPULATING that it would be free to fix my issues. Turns out they charged me for the new appointment and the one where I got a mouth wart and my mouth cut open. I WAS FALSELY CHARGED 200 DOLLARS FOR A TOOTHBRUSH I NEVER RECEIVED.

All in all, I have never had a worse experience IN MY LIFE.... the highlights: *Mouth WARTS *Mouth literally cut open *One single employee who wasn't EVEN ABLE TO COMMUNICATE and another who blatantly ignored me (As the only two on staff the Saturday apt date) *I was falsely charged 200 dollars for a toothbrush I never received. *My mouth was infected from cuts and no cleaning solution and I was still told I should pay 200 dollars. *Lied to by 4 managers and had to drive up SEVEN times to try to fix a bill that THEIR MANAGERS lied about fixing.

I had to drive 40 minutes back to speak to a regional manager who STILL attempted to tell me how I was responsible for these bills today. I have edited this review 3 times.

I still DON'T know if my issue will be fixed this 8th drive up to Aspen Dental but to think anyone would argue I should pay these charges after these issues is ABSURD. The previous manager told me that that employee who marred up my mouth and couldn't communicate in my language also had the same issues WITH THREE OTHER PEOPLE - yet still it seemed no one was going to take responsibility for all my damage.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Cleaning.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Aspen tells the dentist to act like they can't understand english and to just go ahead and not explain what they are doing and pad the bill. Aspen only wants one language spoken...$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


I hate to tell you but usually you won't find anyone except desperate or inexperienced young dentists working on Saturday.


Warts don't occur in the mouth. Might be aphthous ulcers or irritation fibromas you are talking about.

It is certainly not standard protocol to cut a patient's mouth during treatment.

A$pen loves to sponsor people on H1B visas. If they don't learn the "A$pen way" of scamming patients, the visa support is rescinded and back to the third world they go.

You don't understand. They got your money. They don't care about your injuries.

This is a cash-strapped fleabag corporate dental mill owned by private equity investors, not an office owned by a dentist. They are always short of cash.

They are NOT going to give your money back, unless a judge orders them to do it.

Your state dental boards can't do much because you went to an office operated illegally by people who are not dentists. They can only discipline professionals with licenses- namely dentists and dental hygienists.

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