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Back in March, having finally been fully vaccinated against Covid and being new to Daytona Beach, FL I went looking for a sorely needed dental exam and cleaning. After numerous calls, I found that the area dental practices were booking months out, however Aspen Dental had an opening in about two weeks.

The exam began with a very awkward x-ray procedure, after the DDS exam, I expected a cleaning but was informed I had the beginnings of periodontal disease and would need a deep cleaning which they would schedule for the next week (OK!). I was then directed to the "office manager" who scheduled my appointment and informed me that the deep cleaning would cost $1,700.00, when I laughed in her face she stated, "if I could not afford it, I could make payments of $99.00/month". I could not get out of there fast enough!! Through some quick research it appeared that the normal cost for that procedure should not exceed $350 - $400.00.

A couple of weeks after this transpired, I received an email offering me a 25% off of the $7,600.00 worth of treatments they had planned for my dental care. I'll mention in closing, I have a full set of healthy teeth, no periodontal disease and absolute no need for any procedure except semi-annual cleanings.


User's recommendation: ABSOLUTELY NOT!!

Aspen Dental Cons: Consumer predators, Unethical upsell and abusive service.

Location: 1700 West International Speedway Boulevard, Daytona Beach, FL 32114

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Aspen's favorite scam- upgrade every health mouth to a "deep scaling and root planing." If more dough is needed to make bonuses, throw in a few "irrigations" or worthless periodontal chips. Don't forget the electric toothbrush they charge a huge markup on. Wall street sharks know how to pry the maximum money from patients' wallets.

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