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I had a similar issue. I had a dental emergency on a Sunday morning.

Woke up with the right side of my face swollen along with horrible tooth pain. Called the emergency number 5 times and never got a response other than the answering service calling to see if someone had called me yet. I knew I probably had an abcessed tooth and would need some antibiotics. Unfortunately, the pain was so horrendous that I ended up going to the ER for antibiotics and pain meds.

Called Aspen on Monday and was not able to be seen until the end of the week. I complained to the dentist and the office manager about what occurred on Sunday. The dentist said, I'm sorry, the office manager said she would talk to the district manager and was sure that I would get some kind of compensation. I told her I felt that they should pay for my ER visit since they really don't have emergency dentists available on off hours.

Needless to say I never heard another word about it.

And to top it off my insurance is not going to cover the ER visit.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Emergency Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $437.

Preferred solution: Aspen to pay for my ER visit.

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I must say Aspen Dental has been a lie so far my son was in an auto accident I'm currently searching for a dentist emergency after hours weekends to fix a broken tooth because his nerves are showing and he cannot eat or drink and he's in a lot of pain Aspen Dental claims to have emergency services yet they don't call you back nobody has the correct Emergency Services in my area on their website they say they do some even say 24 hours but when you call nobody answers nobody calls you back nobody's available to do Emergency Services what a *** joke


At least you got an answer. I had some extractions on Friday.

They gave me a sheet with an emergency number on it. Swelling and pain were still present Monday which was memorial day so I called the number they gave me only to be answered by some promotional survey company which then redirected me to business 411.


I was to have my upper teeth pulled and some bottom ones extracted. The guy said that he'd escript my valum to my pharmacy.

So on Tuesday October 16. I had to go to the dentist appointment without being a little sedated cause rhw guy never did what he said


This clinic is a LOL joke! You find several sites claiming an "after hours" number, just to get a recording saying to call back during normal hours! They add on services that you don't need, promise to "do it right", make you pay up front, and then could not care less about you!


I take it you were already a patient at Aspen? Because to tell you the truth, few dentists will risk opening the office for a someone who is not a patient of record, or a patient's family.

That is why is is so important to patronize a reliable and caring dentist, whom you can contact after hours if needs be.

The average dentist can be paged, and trades call with a reliable colleague.

The fact that they could not see you and Monday, and make you wait until the end of the week. Any decent private practice dentist would work through lunch, or come in early or stay late, to at least evaluate you after the rough weekend.

You may not believe this, but dentists who work for corporate chain clinics are rarely trusted with a key to the office and the security code to disarm the burglar alarm. They would have to get an office manager to the office to unlock it for them. So treatment after hours almost never takes place at sleazy corporate chain clinics like this one.

That is what happens when you have investors own clinics instead of dentists.

Everyone wants to "save money" by going to fleabag operations like this corporate chain. But when a patient urgently needs a dentist at an odd time, as you recently did, it quickly becomes apparent what a mistake it was to choose a dentist because of TV ads or freebie offers for exams.

Hope you are feeling better by now, though!

@Seasoned Dentist

Unfortunately some are forced to go to these sleazy chains when other places refuse to work with your wallet and insist on everything up front as in my case. I hated the place from the start, but after the 3rd round of antibiotics and being told they couldn't do anything without 2 grand up front, aspen was my only option.