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Went to Aspen Dental today on a rear molar tooth that needs a root canal and crown. Was in a great deal of pain from exposed nerve.

The dentist (female) was continually over bearing about needing other dental work outside of what was needed today. For obvious reasons, was not in the mood to continually go over something that was not the focus for why I was there today. For future reference, when you have a patient that is experiencing pain in one area---You may want to focus on doing your best to deal with that area first! To add insult to injury, we move past what's needed procedure wise (root canal/ crown)--- to the cost before the procedure is done.

She shifts me out of the room, where procedures are taken place, to the finance rep. (finance cubicle) There the finance rep discloses that the dentist has passed on information about my frustration with how she dealt with me. Which should have never happened. Secondly, the finance rep discloses that the fee for root canal/crown will be 3000.00 !!!

UNBELIEVABLE!!! Whats worse is this, I go home and do some research on Careington 1, a local network source membership that you can join for 99.00 per year and the root canal cost (ADA CODE 3310) IS $ 294.00 !!! The porcelain crown cost (ADA CODE 2752) is $483.00!!! Guess who is a a network provider to the Careington 1 network????

You guessed it ...ASPEN DENTAL!!!Please do your homework before you are swooned into these ridiculous fee schedules!!! ITS MORE THAN OBVIOUS THAT THEY ARE MAXING OUT HARD WORKING, HONEST INDIVIDUAL'S INSURANCE PREMIUMS WITH OVER PRICED SERVICES!!!


Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Obviously overpriced unprofessional service.

  • Aspen Dental Dalton Georgia
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You are living in Fanstasyland if you think any dentist will do a molar root canal for $294 and a crown for $483. I charged more than that when I was starting out in the early 1980s!!!!My fees aren't high for Topeka, and they total $2250 for a molar root canal, amalgam buildup, and porcelain crown.

(By the way, cast metal crowns are cheaper AND better!)These stupid discount dental plans like Carington are as big as scam as corporate clinics like A$pen Dental.

Nobody but crooks participate in these money-losing discount scams because they would lose money. What will happen is you will be charged all sorts of ancillary fees to make up for the cheap price.

to Seasoned Dentist #1450124

Seasoned Car dealer: To your responce:The true total cost to the molar root canal, amalgam buildup, and porcelain crown in Chattanooga Tennesee with the leading Endodontics firm in Chattanooga is did the molar root canal for 1182.00 minus 25% through Careington1 plan...Total cost on root canal 887.00 . Out the door, no extra fees...I made sure of that before i set appointment...Secondly the amalgam buildup, and porcelain crown. 511.00 true cost out the door provided i had the X-Rays beforehand...1398.00 out the is already done.

to Cardinal22 #1451198

$887 is about what I charge, and what a lot of independent dentists charge cash patients WITHOUT the stupid discount plan. AND a lot of them don't charge for gas and other sundries like Endodontists do.

$887 is a LONG way from the $294 you said you were SUPPOSED to pay with your Cariengton plan. What happened to that fee? What happened is code 3310 was an ANTERIOR root canal fee, not a molar. You quoted the wrong ADA code and thought a molar was supposed to be done that cheap.The only type of crown you will get for $483 is garbage lab work from China like A$pen does.

Oh, for that price they will probably charge you a separate lab fee that jacks the price up.

And if they don't do a decent crown buildup on the root canal tooth before the crown, the whole thing will break off at the gumline. Seen it happen many times.

to Seasoned Dentist #1451200

Responce: The bottome line is that is that 1398.00 is a *** of a long way from 3000.00 and your qoute art 2250.00!

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