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I had a tooth that had broken off and become painful due to an exposed nerve. It needed to be pulled.

I also wanted my teeth cleaned. I made an appointment online with Aspen Dental and then later called, wanting assurances that I'd at least get my teeth cleaned b/c the tooth extraction would need to be rescheduled. The antibiotic I needed (due to knee replacements) hadn't arrived in the mail. Although the cleaning wasn't promised, the woman I spoke with made it sound like it wouldn't be a problem by saying things like "we can usually work that in" and "that's normally not a problem." She also said it depends on the doctor's schedule, which was weird since I knew the doctor wouldn't be cleaning my teeth.

I arrived before my appointment, anticipating the dreaded paperwork I'd be filling out. I noted on one form that I had bilateral TKAs and needed an antibiotic for oral surgery. The woman who took my x-rays was very nice and quite professional, although she did mistake which side of my mouth the broken tooth was on. No big deal.

But then in comes Dr. Woo. He wants to know what he can do for me, and I'm thinking, my gosh, didn't anyone tell him why I'm sitting in this chair? Then Dr.

Woo looks at the x-rays and ALSO mistakes the location of the tooth. My confidence level dropped considerably at that point. Dr. Woo sits down besides me and starts asking me all the questions his assistant had just asked me.

So, at least I had an answer to my question---clearly not. I open my mouth and Dr. Woo looks around and pokes here and there for cavities (none found) and tells me everything I already know: I need two dental implants and I have a tooth that needs to come out. Doc Woo's really pushing the implants despite me plainly telling him it's in my future, not immediate, plans.

He was eager to take the tooth out right away, though, and, yes, yes, yes, they could get the cleaning done as well. We'll have you talk to the OM about the costs. I'm about to tell him about the antibiotic when, whoosh, he's gone. DR.

WOO DIDN'T KNOW I NEEDED AN ANTIBIOTIC! I did, though, so there was no threat to my health, but I knew right then Dr. Woo wasn't pulling anything of mine, except maybe my leg. Okay, light off, mouth shut, go see the office manager for the costs.

I walk in and she tells me the woman sitting across the desk will be sitting in because she's in training. What she should've done is ask me if it's okay since we'd be talking about my medical needs and the options available. So, there's a HIPAA violation. The OM says something about implants and says she's going to explain the costs for everything.

Meanwhile, she's doing something on her PC that's taking a long time. Now the trainee is coming around to her side of the desk to help. Wonderful. I sit there and do my crossword puzzle.

OM's still at her PC. I got there at 12:40 and it's going on 2:00. I have a busy afternoon ahead of me, so, while the OM's snafu evolves into a ***, explain I was hoping to get my tooth pulled today, but the antibiotics...blah, yada, blah, but I'd still like to get my teeth cleaned. Well, that changed things.

Now, the OM's saying that we might have to scheduled that for a later date. I say, "But, Dr. Woo just said..." and "the woman on the phone...." Her response, really an angry bark, was, "were you promised that?" Whoa. Now, you may not know it, but on your checkups, the dentist makes very little on the actual teeth cleaning.

The money's in the x-rays. As for me, my insurance provides for two checkups, each with x-rays and cleaning, per year. The cost on my end is negligible. Now that the extraction was off, it was apparent Aspen Dental wasn't going to clean my teeth.

I saw Dr. Woo on the way out and calmly told him what I thought of him and his dental practice. He said they wouldn't bill for the exam or the x-rays. I don't believe him, but we'll see.

I've never had a more horrible experience at a medical professional's office. When I was I. The waiting room, the little man told me to get up and leave.

I ignored him. Always listen to the little man.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentistry Doctor.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Speaking from experience, and I am not a dentist, it is usually the patient not following the after care that causes dry socket.

to Anonymous #1407592

If aspen dental would use some lube, it wouldn't hurt so much!

to Anonymous #1407600

Some things, like smoking, are more likely to cause dry socket. Especially if the patient smokes before and after surgery.

However, a good number of patients get dry socket for no apparent reason at all.

It is a random chance event. It is more common in women, after very difficult extractions, and in patient with very dense bone without large marrow spaces.


Yes, they suckk!. They caused me a huge dry socket!


It isn't Dr. Woo's dental practice.

All practices are owned by private equity shysters Leonard Green & Partners LLC. The dentists are just poorly paid employees who could not find a better job than A$pen.

Not sure why you thought a broken tooth with an exposed root "needed to be pulled." Normal people do root canals on such teeth and save them. It sure saves money over implants.

Also not sure why you even thought an cleaning should be combined with an extraction.

Sort of like combining a car wash with a transmission overhaul. They are two different procedures, not related. A dentist does one, a dental hygienist the other. And it is not appropriate to do a cleaning without doing an initial exam, anyway.

If you knew you needed an antibiotic premedication prior to dental treatment, why didn't you get your physician to give you a prescription, and have it filled before your dental appointment?

That way you could be already premedicated and ready for your extraction at the A$pen butcher shop, as ill-advised as that would be.

You experienced no HIPPA violation. I've taken many classes in that. If you objected to the trainee hearing about your treatment plan, you could have stopped the conversation then and there. You were not a "victim."

If the "little man" inside you should say anything, it should be "wake up and take care of your teeth so you don't lose any more of them." Teeth don't just "break off" for no good reason.

99% of the time it is because a patient has procrastinated while they watched decay go deeper and deeper.

You got a toothache from a decayed broken tooth you had neglected, you make an appointment at a corporate chop shop like A$pen, then you are fixated on getting your teeth cleaned at the same visit. Dude, you make no sense at all!

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