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i had an emergency extraction at the aspen dental in medford oregon. After 2 weeks it had not healed and i was in a lot of pain.

Finally i saw something white sticking out of my gum. It got a magnifying mirror and some tweezers and pulled out a huge piece of tooth and bone that had been left and sown into the hole where my tooth was. 3 more pieces came out. It was an immediate relief and healed up shortly after but I suffered for nearly 3 weeks.

The dentist had to leave the room right in the middle if the procedure twice trying to find equipment he needed. A real amateur operation and not cheap as advertised.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Tooth Extraction.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Why bother giving good treatment when the Dr will be gone in a few days. Then you will be the next dentist's problem that works at aspen.


I don’t understand why anyone goes to these places. Find a real practice and keep your dollars local.


What do you expect? Highly indebted young dentists are taken right out of school and put in clinics by themselves with no experienced older dentists to mentor them.

The offices in which they work often do not have all the instruments needed for everyday practice. Yet the young dentists are pestered and threatened to bring in high dollars of fees or they will get fired.

It's what you get when you believe TV ads and go to corporate dental chop shops owned by Wall Street investors rather than dentists.

Write your state legislator and tell him you want state practice laws enforced so Wall Street con men cannot own dental practices and claim they merely "manage" them.


aspen dental = overworked employees who have to give *** service.

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