I went to Aspen dental March 2014 was lied to, treated rudely by the dentist, way overcharged and warn you not to go there!!I called because I needed a tooth pulled that hurt real bad and was made to believe they would pull it that day but I would have to get ex-rays and free exam for a new patient.

I got the ungodly amount of exrays and the exam but he said I would have to make another appointment for the tooth pull because he's too busy.

Then they told me they would give me a big discount for a upper denture and I found out its the same price online for anybody.They are a bunch of crooks!!!

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Athens, Georgia, United States #827579

There are no "free exams" or single procedure emergency visits at aspen.As a insider I can tell you that the first appointment by aspen's policy is for a "consult" .

What this means is for the manager to present you with a bill for all the extractions,fillings, cleanings (usually over diagnosed), prosthetics... that you need in one bill and advise you it would be easy for you to get one credit card loan and just make payments for all the procedures (they leave out the part that the interest rate may turn out to be 29-31%) aspen gets the credit card $$ before your treatment even starts, you start paying interest the day you sign treatment plan (credit card Loan). As the director of aspen tells new dentist: "our patients are here today , gone tomorrow". Their whole plan is to get the money on first day because they know you will come back for treatment.

Aspen has very well thought out plans to hook, take advantage of people. When most of the people go in for the "consult" they have no idea what the dental terms that are being used mean or which treatment is which. They know most people will just trust what the dentist and managers advise. Aspen does this very intentionally.

They prey on the poor, elderly, overly trusting and desperate people. The consult is not designed as a time to help you pay for the treatment, but as a time to size you up and see how much they can slide by you. Trust me, they know that if you are in pain you most likely will sign...

Just avoid idiots like this, there well known for treating by the numbers , not patients needs.Post your experience in multiple places so no more unsuspecting people will get taken advantage of

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Atlanta, Georgia, United States #799285

All I can tell you is try to avoid a complete denture.Almost no patients are happy with them, no matter how well they are made.

You got to get out of the rut of waiting until a tooth hurts, having it pulled, and then using corporate chain clinics.

Find an honest dentist who owns the practice he works in, and listen to his advice.SAVE the rest of your teeth before it is too late.

Daytona Beach, Florida, United States #798662

I had a similar experience, I was in the office for 3 hours & all the did was take xrays.I bhave upper & lower denture and they don't fit right.

They were pulling a wisdom tooth & it broke now they want me to pay $190.00 for an oral surgeon, They broke the tooth why do I have to pay?Frank O'Hara New Smyrna Beach Fl

to Franko Atlanta, Georgia, United States #799286

Ho did you have complete dentures and then have a wisdom tooth pulled?That should have been taken care of before the dentures were constructed.

But you are right about the charge for the attempted extraction.

The couple of times I have not been able to remove a tooth, and sent the patient to an oral surgeon, I charged the patient NOTHING.This is the difference between owner-dentists and dentists who are work for and pressured by a corporate structure.

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