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I called up Aspen to get a price on fillings that i know need to be, I have tooth number. etc..

(from another dentist) I wanted to know if they were cheaper. talk to 2 different people and both were ***.. and would not even tell me if they were cheaper than the quote I got from the toter place. Also the free exam and xrays for new patient does not apply to anyone under the age of 21.

They want 180.00 just to exam my child.. I will never ever do business with them.

They do not accept any kind of state type insurance. ALso they do not take Delta Dental through the military you are screwed.

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Your post is too funny & not all true. 1st They cant give you quotes on phone only because the Dr might not recommend fillings for those teeth.

Every dentist has his/her own opinion on what should be done. Ive work at a dentist office before & seen when patients are told they need one thing done but then go a second opion & was told something different. Thats why an exam & xray has to been done when seen by a differ dentist. 2nd ive seen Aspen Dental advertisment on tv adds & in phone book it clearly states in fine print free exams & xray only for 21 & older who has NO insurance.

3rd they do accept state type insurances & delta dental millitary but it depends what state you live in & which office you go to. I know this because i have friends & family who goes there. not one them ever complaint about them. A dentist office is a medical business not retail or insurance type so you call for quotes.

Best advise before you call random dentist offices for quotes is to call your insurance company FIRST to verify what dentist office in your area takes your insurance. Have fun finding a dentist otherwise.

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