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When I made my appointment, several weeks ago, I made it very clear that I wanted xrays and a cleaning, which is what my insurance would cover. I restated that when I spoke to the lady at Orange City in confirming my appointment.

I saw the dentist, herself, for a about a minute. The hygienist came into the room with nothing but bad news about my mouth, terrible periodontal disease, bone loss, etc. I had an appointment with my dentist in So. Florida about 1 1/2 years ago, and he had said nothing like this.

When I tried to push forward to my "cleaning", she informed me that "No new patient ever has a cleaning on their first appointment". "What", I replied, "but that's why I'm here and why I booked this appointment". She then explained that the other woman in the room would take me up front to discuss, with one of their people their "costs" and "programs". I found this outrageous as I had stated during my conversation with her, several times, that I was in no position to afford more than my insurance would cover.

I followed the other lady up front and she tried to seat me at one of their cubicles. I told her "no" and walked out the door.

This is nothing but a scam and I'm sure they are successful with a lot of people, through fear and intimidation. DO NOT GO TO THIS FACILITY.

Aspen Dental Pros: Very nice staff overall.

Aspen Dental Cons: Bait and switch, Heavy pressure to get into a program you cannot afford, False advertising between what you book and what they give.

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