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I went to Aspen Dental in Leominster MA because I had a crown that came off of a bridge involving 4 teeth. They said that they could not glue the crown back in.

I had been to my dentist 8 mos earlier and he had glued it back in but it fell off 7 mos later They took a lot of xrays and told me that the remaining teeth under the bridge needed to be pulled. They showed me the xrays and said they were decayed. They also pointed out other issues and came up with a plan that would cost thousands of dollars. I was a little confused because I was not having any pain or issues with the bridge or my other teeth.

The sales pitch was very fast and aggressive. The plan was to pull the teeth under the bridge which entailed my upper left side and another on the upper right side. They said they would make me a temporary partial and then a permanant one. This was in December of 2018.

My appt was sceduled for the 26th of December. Please note that I had a dentist who I saw on a regular basis and he had never said anything about any rotten teeth under this bridge. I left the consultation feeling confused. 3 days before my appt to have the teeth pulled zi cancelled the appt.

I was not sure. But then I thought they are dentists and they seemed like they knew what they were doing so I rescheduled the appt. I had my 5 teeth pulled and it was horrible. I was in so much pain afterward.

They gave me the partial and told me to use it asap. I could not use it for a week. Then I tried it. It floated all over the place.

I tried it everyday. Never fit right. I used denture glue. Not even close.

I went back and complained. They did an adjustment. Still no fit. Made me feel like there was somthing wrong with me.

I was very upset with them. I never went back. I knew I had made a huge mistake going there ii the first place.

I had paid for the services up to this point plus insurance. Then I get a bill later for charges having to do with problems pulling the teeth.

This bill arrived 2 months after I had my teeth pulled. Long story short. I did not pay this bill. I am now in collection.

I cant chew on my left side. All the upper molars were pulled.

My smile is ruined. This Company is horrible. I have spent Thousands of dollars on my teeth throughout my lifetime.

I am so upset with this outcome. If there is a class Action suit, add my name. Ruth Meleen email.

acelama@aol.com. thankyou

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Tooth Extraction.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Ruth, You had an honest dentist that "you saw on a regular basis" who never said anything about decay. Why on earth then did you go to a horrible corporate chop shop like Aspen and take their advice.

Why did you not return to your regular dentist for verification? The teeth may have been decayed. It is not normal for a bridge to come off again in 7 months. However, the decision to extract ALL the teeth was a radical one.

Of course they make partials that you cannot wear. That is what they do. They use cheap materials and cheap labs. Their dentists are not allowed enough appointment time to do it right.

NEVER go to a dentist which advertises on TV. NEVER go to a corporate dental chain clinics, PERIOD.