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About 2 years ago I had some decay in my front two upper teeth that were causing me to be self conscious about my appearance and in my job as a server. I felt as if everyone wasn't listening to what I was saying but only staring at my ugly teeth.

I'm sure that most people thought that I had a *** problem because in this area of which I now reside, *** use is most attributed to tooth decay. Even though I had never abused drugs, my sugar intake as well as soft drinks and smoking cigarettes, also hereditary saliva type, was and still is the cause of my rapid tooth decay to this day. I went to Aspen Dental because they offered a $19 introduction fee and at that time the office manager and myself went over my treatment plan. What the doctor had suggested for me (for cost effective reasons) was to instead of the root canal and crown was to actually extract the tooth.

I took it upon myself to opt for the root canal and crown because it was one of my front teeth and i wanted to keep it as real as possible. The original treatment plans total cost was somewhere around $1,700. The cost of the root canal would make an additional $500 to that total making it $2,200. I applied for the care credit card because i did not have the actual amount to pay for the work in which I needed a co-signer (my father) to proceed with the treatment.

In middle to late February my treatment had been started. After all extractions had been made a partial denture went in their place and within a week or two my front teeth (one root canaled and capped, the other drilled and filled. By the first of March my dental work had been i thought. I had to go in every couple of weeks to get my partial adjusted as the swelling went down, it also had broken a few times where it had to be fixed and all of that adjusting and fixing was free of charge.

I thought that at some point my mouth would heal to its fullest and i would no longer have to visit the facility on a regular basis. Boy, was I wrong. All of this work had started January of 2012 and i thought it was completed by March 2012. After about 6 months of not going in to get my partial fixed (because staff became ornry with me) because little did I know, this was just a temporary partial and the permemant one (which was not included in the summary of my treatment) would cost me an additional $1000 in which i did not have nor did i keep the care credit card because i was having a hard time paying that off as it was.

It is now July of 2014 and about 6 months ago my partial has lost both hooks and is just a plate that fills the void of two front teeth on the left upper side (visible) that I have to use fixodent numerous times a day to keep in place, my crown has become dislodged from its original place, and now just the other day (july 3,2014) the filling in my other front tooth (that had been drilled and filled) has come out. When i called 6 months ago about my crown coming out, they told me that it would be $69 for the office charge and $97 for them to replace the crown (2 seperate visits) and that it may cost more if they find in fact that the dislodging was my fault and not theirs (which Im sure they would've). I called today to make an appointment to get the filling replaced and again, the receptionist informed me that it would be $69 for them to re-examine me and to analyze the best and cheapest possible solution.

My problem with this is that I was under the impression that crowns and fillings are supposed to be permanent, if they are in fact permemant and were installed by aspen dental, shouldn't aspen dental replace these things free of charge? I dont think I should have to pay for anymore work, especially from them because i feel as though i already have.

All in all, I ended up paying $3,300 when initially it should have been $2,200.

I had it paid off within 6 months which care credit entitled me to be interest free. Where did the rest of my money go?

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Filling.

Monetary Loss: $3300.

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It sounds like you needed an extensive amount of work that would take a fair amount of time to get you to the final results you wanted. The problem is that you went to a hit and run clinic like aspen.

These chain stores specialize in promising fast results and cheap treatment. Yeah, good luck. They are only interested in getting the money for procedures as fast as possible , not the long term outcome of the costly procedures. You probably wouldn't see the same dentist if you go back anyway, he's probably long gone.

I know what you mean about being confused between the immediate temporary partial and a permanent one. The dentists at aspen never, that I have ever seen, actually goes into the consult room to explain the procedures. It is left up to a high school educated, ex car salesman to explain the complicated procedures. They should have made it clear that a permanent partial would cost additional money.

The salesman's only goal is to get as much money out of you as soon as possible regardless of if you are confused or not. Bait and switch, taking advantage of misunderstandings is a well known problem with Aspen.

Read reviews first. Raise *** but good luck getting any of your money back.


So you went to this sleazy clinic for some $19 special. Didn't it occur to you that honesty and competence were actually more important qualities for a health care provider?

What good does it do to get something cheap if it falls apart?

When teeth are extracted, a final partial cannot be made for at least 3 months, and preferably not for 6 to 9 months. That is because the bone and gums remodel so fast after extractions.

Hate to break the news, but a decent partial will cost you $1500 or more.

Forget this clinic.

Using it to "save money" did not save you any money, and was a bad decision. Next time, look for a dentist that owns his own practice, not one paid on commission by a sleazy corporation.