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Aspen Dental Bourbonnais IL

My wife when to this office last week and encountered really hard sell tactics regarding replacing her dentures. However, since they need to be replaced we were considering going back to Dr. Chowhan. My daughter told us about all the complaints on various websites and I decided to take a look. Truth is people love to complain so I wasn't too impressed until I read the one from the lady who went to the Bourbonnais office which is the same one my wife went to. I actually KNOW this lady I see her out with her dogs all the time and she works with a lot of the Seniors in our area. This is a GOOD DECENT woman so I decided to make sure I talked to her the next time I took Tandy for her daily constitution and get the lowdown. Got the opportunity yesterday and I can't believe the difference a few months of dealing with dental pain has done to her. Last time I saw her was back before the first snow and I had heard she was layed up due to breaking her leg so I hadnt seen her since she started her dental stuff. Anyway the girl I had always talked to was bright and smiley and just always had a good word to say about everyone. One of those theres always a silver lining girls. Now due to pain she just seemed blue. She didn't say anything really bad about the dentist just that they hadn't been honest with her and that she wished she had never set foot in Aspen Dental's office. That she went from zero pain to continual pain every day for the last 3 months with no end in the site. It was very upsetting that this company would do something like this to hardworking decent folks. I told her she should sue and she said she was taking some down time after her wedding to think about what she wanted to do. She is talking to a Chicago attorney who specialty is malpractice but just doesn't have the energy right now to do anything. Trying to not take pain pills everyday and living with the pain is too much. It even overcast the joy of her nuptials. This sucks. These people need to be run out of town. I am writing this in the hope that anyone reading this will write this girl sorry I mean woman, but hey I'm an old geaser shes a kid to me, and encourage her to sue. I don't want to see any of my other neighbors go through this because of this companies greed. This dentist CHOWHAN was suppose to be a DOCTOR what ever happened to the hypocratic OATH. Johnny Ray
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Saw the video and recognized the lady from a townhall meeting. She is trying to donate her home as a shelter and running into state issues.

Nicest person on the planet!!!!! Don't think its the money that bothers her it's more that what this Dr Chowhan did was just wrong. Felt bad about one of my neighbors, we're a small town and I guess we still have small town values and morals and this Dr. Chowhan doesn't belong among decent people.

We don't want her here!!! :(


I know this lady too. Nice lady as of this morning when I saw her she is still in alot of pain.

Has to wear her night guard all the time just to get through the day. How do we let people like this Chowhan Iqbal practice in this country and get away with something like this?

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Aspen Dental takes your money

It started in September, 1 doctor pulled 13 teeth out at one time that were infected with no antibiotics, just knocked me out and pulled away. The next day that I had to go back he said he would not touch me unless I went to my doctor and get checked out before he would do anything else to me. so I ended up having to get an MRI to see if I had had a stroke or something because my face was tingling for a couple of days.when I went back I had a new doctor to make my temp teeth and get fitted for them I had 2 more drs to do that, I had to go back 5 times to get them half way right.I had to wait 5more mounts before they would make my permanent ones at the cost of 6000.00 dollars.I also had to have another new doctor to do them.She then advised that I needed more treatment before she could put my new teeth in so I refused the treatment and I guess she got mad and didn't want to finish the job and ask me to leave the premises or she would call the police so that's what happened and they told to get a lawyer and let him handle the right way. so no 6000.00 back and no teeth from ASPEN DENTAL IN JOHNSTON. By far the worst that I ave ever seen or been to. Oh by the way I am Handicapped and a Veteran.Please be careful where you go, Never pick a franchise. Google Aspen Dental Complaints and see what yo get.
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Epelle2 and TerriBradleyIllinois,

I’m very sorry to hear about your recent experiences at Aspen Dental. We strive to provide all Aspen Dental patients with high quality denture and dental care service in an atmosphere that is welcoming and respectful, and I apologize if your visits did not meet those expectations.

We have a team of Patient Satisfaction Specialists who would be happy to try to address your specific concerns. This team of specialists is based at our Practice Support Center in Syracuse and can be reached at 1-866-273-8606 or


I also went to Aspen Dental but in Illinois. This company obviously hires dentist that can't hold on to a job anywhere else.

I checked out the dentist in Bradley Bourbonnais Illinois and in 8 years, this was the fourth practice she had been at.

FOURTH and each was one step down from the last. Well she hit bottom-where she deserves to be, with ASPEN

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Aspen Dental Bourbonnais, IL

I went to Aspen Dental at the end of November,2009, because I was interested in having my teeth look better. I had no pain, no missing teeth, NO PAIN. The doctor's only suggestion was crowns for all of my teeth. She never suggested whitening or any other solutions. In my ignorance and because she just seemed so nice (this was Dr. Chowhan), I agreed. I was left sitting in the exam chair for 20 minutes until the "financial" person was available and the calculated total was $20,000.00!! I was shocked but then coaxed by the free financing into saying yes. When I got home and thought about it I changed my mind and called and cancelled the financing. The office was eager to get me back in. I made it clear, I only wanted to have crowns placed on my 6 bottom from teeth (which were misaligned due to crowning) and the two front teeth. Dr. Chowhan assured me that this would not look right and her only concern was my happiness. She said the MINIMUM I needed to due was all but three of my upper along with the six on bottom. Like an *** I agreed and th total came down to almost $15,000.00. It was a disaster from the beginning. The first procedure that should have taken 3 hours (tops), took 6!!! because Dr. Chowhan decided to schedule other "customers" during my procedure. The pain was almost immediate, but I was continually assured it was temporary. At one point, I told the doctor that due to all the pain with the top teeth, I did not want to have the bottom 6 done. At this point, her story changed from the pain being caused from grinding, to the pain being caused by my NEED to have the bottom teeth done because the lab probably made the upper teeth knowing I was going to do the bottom and now they didn't fit properly. When the bottom teeth were made ready for crowns the pain got worse and worse. I was sent for a ROOT CANAL, at which point it came to light that with someone who grinds their teeth (something I told Dr. Chowhan from visit ONE that I do) that when there is a lot of work done, the pain I was suffering and the need for ROOT CANALS (not just one root canal) was normal. In Dr. Chowhans greed she FORGOT to tell me. Then the bottom teeth come in, and even though they are the WRONG teeth the dentist puts them in. They then have to be taken out and now I am one day away from my WEDDING with horrible pain and temporary bottom teeth. If Dr. Chowhan had followed Illinois law and provided me with the information I deserved and the information any honorable, moral, decent decent Dentist whould have provided t hen I would never have agreed to this procedure and I could have enjoyed the months and weeks before my wedding. I have had to change my honeymoon plans because of what this monster had done to me. any question please contact me.
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They put me in the hospital because of an incompetent and greedy dentist. I would like to know the name of her attorney. I have written the attorney general of Illinois and have told everyone within hearing or writing distance what they have done to me.


I wish I had seen this video and review before I went to this piece of turd calling herself a DOCTOR. She reached right down my throat into my wallet!!


:( I agree this doctor should be in jail at the wrong end of a drill


this doctor should be in JAIL. she assaulted this patients with her incompetence and did her bodily injury.


NOTHING said it better than this video. You have an Aspen Dentist admitting she screwed up on tape then a copy of the false comments she made in the patients file in the Aspen Dentists own handwriting - then more tape of more lies and even the taped (video and audio) of an Aspen Dental OFFICE MANAGER laughing at the patients pain and when questioned by the patient being told by this ASPEN EMPLOYEE that he felt the whole situation was funny!!

This company needs to be torn apart and burned. Good luck to all of you that enter into the class actions suit.


Just saw the video. First I am soooooooo sorry you had to go through such a horrible experience at the hands of Aspen Dental.

You should contact the Doctor on here talking about a class action suit. Even if you have settled financially with aspen dental I'm sure your case should be included. It is obvious from the video that if you did settle, you did so at a time of extreme emotional distress and if you were not represented by an attorney ASPEN TOOK ADVANTAGE OF YOU!!

Did they pay for the nine root canals they CAUSED, the dental surgery to remove your teeth... Your video account from day one should be SEEN BY A JURY OF THEIR PEERS/PATIENTS!!!!!!!!!!







It was removed from viewing. I think the woman settled out of court with them, she ended up having 8 root canals!

two extractions, all of her bottom crowns had to be redong and about 5 or six of her upper crowns. This dentist was just a total joke. I wish that it had been taken to court but I understand the woman's point was faced with paying Aspen their blood money of 16000.00 plus almost 10,000 to the endodonist who did the extractions, another 2000.00 to an oral surgeon and a fortune to have the crowns replaced. Plus she was on medication for about 6 months straight for the infections Aspen Dental caused.

Her honeymoon was ruined.

If you want to see more about what Aspen did in response which included fake emails, there were two stories in the local paper recently. And an interview with a reporter who was receiving fake emails from Aspen where they pretended to patients is going to be broadcast on either NBC of CBS soon.


where can the video be seen?


I know this woman. She ended up having 8-10 ROOT CANALS, a bridge had to be remade because it was fitted so poorly and two teeth had to be PULLED.

She went to this office with nothing wrong with her. Soon she will be an expert witness for the PROSECUTOR>


I know this patient. six MONTHS and NINETEEN THOUSAND dollars later she is still working with COMPETANT dentist to fix what this MONSTER did to her.


Chowhan should be thrown own of the dental business and go to jail for fraud since she misrepresented herself as a DOCTOR. :(


I know this patient. She ended up having to have TEN!!!

root canals with two extractions, plus both bridges this horrible horrible Dr. Chowhan put in had to be replaced. All six of the bottom crowns had to be replaced because they were just plain UGLY. It cost her almost 17,000 for all the work in addition to the 15,000 she paid this ripoff artist Nadia Chowhan.

Plus all the money she and her husband lost cancelling their HONEYMOON, etc to try and fix the damage doctor CHOWHAN did!!! I am going to twitter the *** out of this doctor and contact every community group in Bourbonnais and the surrounding areas including this garbage doctors home town of Frankfort and make sure everyone is warned before they even think of letting this fake doctor near them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Is this the same doctor who is on here pretending to be a patient!! wow lot of nerve which i guess you need when you do such shi--y work.


Any better yet?


Someone told me that you are the patient that Aspen has been contacting via email pretending to be other patient from this site. Can you post some of their emails.

This is outrageous. what a suck a-s company.


I hope you are suing this dentist as it is obvious, that his only defense is going to sites like this and pretending to be a patient. Why would he do this?

To try to establish rapport with you and other patients who have been victimized and the, as a patient, advise that you settle and do not sue.

To stop this, someone has to step up to the plate. You can't let them keep getting away with TORTURING people.


I couldn't find a video link is it still available. Would really like to see I work with a lot of disabled people and do not want to recommend this office (there is a new one here) to anyone if all of this stuff is really happening.


if they sent you some of these fake email pretending to be a patient. make sure and give them to your lawyer.

you have a GREAT case!!!!!!!!!!! Do it for all their REAL patients.


check your emails I bet they pretended to a patient and sent you emails also.

SUE them and let all of this come out into the LIGHT OF DAY put this company out of business. :(


Posted a couple months ago. Any better?

Still in pain? Seeing a good dentist yet?


I heard ya were up to 6 root canal and had to have some teeth pulled> say it aint so!!!!! *** i hate the thought of just 1 root canal. This is why dentists are scary.



Any better yet? :eek


I thought of going there but ended up going to oldfaithful here in Manteno. What a relief, this could be me.


Did they fix anything? Did they really laugh at your pain and tell you to go see someone else to get problem fixed.

Was that what they meant by dismissing you? :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(


can if give yur contact info to poster see hr posting


:cry you got taken to the cleaners! Fight back!


I wanted to assure you that this is not a scam and I do NOT work for Aspen Dental. Through the local Newspapers your story will not have an audience of a few hundred but 10s of thousand.

I will provide you will all the ID you need and copies of articles I have had published locally as well as in the Trib and Sun Times.


Please contact me at I write Human Interest articles for the locals and am interested in telling your story. WIll also post a review with a link.




Forgot look at my hits you get more coverage if you pay the 5 a month. u still out there???


See my review here from last April...Yu can reach me through complaints board. I thinking class action suit. do you have an attorny yet


tku a penny saved and all that


Gracias por usted las palabras y su video. Lo vio en la reunion de la iglesia.

Vamos demasiado tarde tan y era mal doctor. Decimos aqui tambien.


Saw the video and read your review and I am sorry for what you are going through. I don't want to sound trivial but that St.

John knit suit you wore at your reception was stunning!!! Were the shoes Ferragamos? Were these part of the new collection?

Sorry to ask something that sounds silly but the color of the suit was just beautiful especially with your coloring!!! So despite all the pain and trouble, you looked absolutely lovely at your wedding reception.


:sigh Don't back down SUE THEM


Thanks for the heads up lots of dentist to choose from and this one gets taken off the list


Sorry this happened to you. Could you stop payment on the check.

Nothing gets the attention of unscrupulous doctors like having the money train stop. Couldn't find your video but heard it's a heartbreaker. Are you still in pain. Has this "doctor" even checked on you.

This doctor and Aspen should be run out of town. Guess I'm just repeating what others have said :zzz


How can I get in touch with you. I was unable to link to the video but saw copies of your chart which another reader posted along with Dr Chowhan Iqbal comments that she was going to dismiss you probably because the well had run dry on your bank account.

I use to work with Dr. Nadia Chowhan Iqbal and at the time I worked with her I expressed to the corporate office that I had reservations about her tendancy to always have her eye on making money instead of helping patients. She always got positively GLEEFUL at the idea of a patient with a good credit score. Every patient she say immediately needed the most costly cleaning according to Dr.

Chowhan Iqbal whether they did or not is debatable but quite honestly they DIDN'T. Complaints were swept under the rug and she was just moved to another office. She has done plenty of crown work and knew exactly what your likely outcome would be and just DIDN'T CARE.

You're not the first patient she has decided to "dismiss" because they expected her to live up to her promises. Pls contact me I have the names and address of other patients you should talk to.


I am very very sorry that this had to happend to you. Every legitimate Dentist knows to make sure every patients is informed of any an all consequences of treatment. Informed Consent is given so that every patient can make an INFORMED decision as to whether or not they wish to go forth with treatment.

From your video, I can see that your treatment was purely cosmetic. For that reason, if not for any other, you SHOULD have been informed of the possible problems that might arise. This is EXPECIALLY true for anyone who grinds their teeth.

I am amazed that any Dentist would have behaved so immorally.

This type Dentist is the very reason people are so afraid of hardworking honest Dentists. I am very sorry that Dr. Chowhan did not realize that her behavior diminished all of us in the field of Denistry. I hope she finds it in her heart or her pocketbook since it sounds like that is her only interest, to do the right thing by you. The number one priority is to get you OUT OF PAIN.

Good luck.


Saw the video made me cry what they did to this woman. This Dr. CHOWHAN should be run out of town on a rail she really is a MONSTER.


Looked this up after talking to my neighbor who was walking around in the middle of the day with a great big piece of plastic? in her mouth.

Turned out she was victimized by this pretend-doctor and has to wear her "night guard" all night and almost all day just to relieve the pain this Dr Chowhan at Bourbonnais Aspen Dental caused her.

I told her SUE SUE SUE protect the rest of us by SUING and teaching this so-called dentist a lesson.

You are in our prayers Ann


TKU cxl my grams appt. no way i let this happen to her.

can we stand at the entrance to lot with poster signs and warn people?

taking vid to kankakee sen class and showing it.

hope u read this and post the vid on here if they let you do that


wow! where's the video?


We need to run this doctor out of town before she harms anyone else :eek


awsome vid. good work exposing this biaach doctor pain. what is the address for this place we should paper the neighborhood with a copy of the video link!!!!!!!!!!


Same made an appt a week ago will cancel when I get home from work. thank you for the heads up


Saw your vid bad light in parts but the point is clear. wouldnt believe it if i didnt hear tha aspen employee laughing cause you were in pain the that so called doctor trying to explain why she broke the law and decided not to tell you what to expect at least not til she cashed ur ck did you actually pay that nazi 15000?


WOW sue for malpractice. Informed consent is mandatory.


:grin I want to keep my smile will never go here thanks. good luck


Thanks on hold to cancel my appointment right now.


:x Oh sweetie I feel for ya. I watched that video link and just felt all your pain.

:cry I wrote the company a letter and told them that we don't go for that kind of *** around here. we'll run this doc out of town on her ear.

the worse was her ritten report saying she was gonna dismiss you as a patient since you expected to not have any more pain shows what she is a big pece of ***. You hire that attorny who wasn't gonna charge you til he teaches them a lesson and make sure this doc gets what is coming to her.


Thank you for your review and thank you for the video link of your ordeal with this Chowhan person. I was appalled when she called you and started making excuses for breaking the law and just not being the type person and doctor who is honest with their patient.

And then the copies of your file where she states you're in pain and she is going to DISMISS YOU as a patient because she can't meet your expectations is RIDICULOUS. The expectation of NO PAIN is beyond this doctors ability.

What is she some kind of TERRORIST of denistry. SUE SUE SUE


Blame the patient is always the technique these VIPERS use. To have got INFORMED CONSENT what would that have cost you another $2000?

As prev said they are laughing to the bank while you cry in pain. that is the ASPEN dental motto.

Been there done that they are *** nothing but dime-store dentist who aren't good enough to have their own practice. Sorry you got suckered by some VIPER>>>>they are NOT DOCTORS.


I can't believe Aspen had the nerve to post a comment after what they did to you and tried to make excuses. Just PR as they are probably still spending your money and laughing about catching another sucker.

You should have just seen a WAL MART dentist!!

Not even an apology for the dentist not warning you she was going to ruin your wedding and cause you pain for the rest of your life.

What price would it have been to get the warning????????????


I’m sorry to hear that you weren’t satisfied with your recent experience at Aspen Dental.

Please know that it is not uncommon for two (or three) dental care professionals to look at the same patient and offer different treatment recommendations. This does not mean that one professional is right and the other is wrong, rather it is a reflection of what each dentist believes is the best course of treatment for that particular patient. We encourage patients to ask questions of the dentist to fully understand the recommended course of treatment so that they are able to make an informed choice about what is best for them.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your experience with a member of our patient satisfaction team, please call 1-866-273-8606 or


Thank you. Our entire community received flyers from this dental office for a $19 exam with xrays.

A group were going to make an appointment. After reading what they did to you and that you ae stilllllllllll in pain we will go elsewhere.

Thank you it could of been me sitting at home in pain. Forums like this are the warning we have against those doctors and businesses that pray upon Senior Citizens.


Thank you for the warning.


After reading about your issue this morning I cancelled my appointment with this office.

I will warn others about what happened to you it is the only way to make sure tht it doesn't happen in the future.

Have they done ANYTHING for you other than run to the bank with your check. Have they compensated you in any way?


SUE them. What your "doctor" did was illegal.

We have laws to protect us from greedy money grubbing dentists. This is why people are afraid of dentists this doctor give all dentists a bad name.

Down with chowhan and aspen dental


I've noticed that in my Senior Park, we get a lot of flyers from Aspen Dental and have concluded that they are focussing on Senior Citizens. I have a neighbor who went to the Bourbonnais office for a denture repair. He was told his plate, which is three years old, could not be repaired and needed to be immediately replaced. In addition, he needed to replace his bottom plate as it would be impossible to match the top which they also said was inferior. I don't know what the name of the dentist was he just stated it was a pretty Hindu woman. Turned out nothing said was true. The plate was repairable ane their was no problem with the other. The cost of repair was minimul compared to the price Aspen dental gave him for a complete replacement. Of course, they pushed and pushed financing. I am not fond of any company that targets and then tries to victimise Senior Citizens. I guess I just want to warn others that if you want GOOD QUALITY denistry find a dentist with his name on the door so that you know who you are dealing with and their reputation is at stake.

It sounds like your denitst does care about her reputation because soon she will just move on to another practice and it isn't her name on the door.

What happened to dentist being DOCTORS. Has your dentist reimbursed you in any ways for what he did to you? Or does he think that your pain is your fault?

I hope you got through your wedding pain free it is horrible that this had to happen to anyone much less that it happened at this time in your life.


Girl you got taken. I went to her also, but I could smell the "used car salesman" pitch a mile away. This dentist wasn't a doctor she was a Salesperson that's all. No real caring for the patients AS YOU FOUND OUT, just had her hand in your pocket from the moment you walked in.

When you wanted to change your mind did they call and call and then once they got your money and took you past turning back they didn't even give a *** did they. Do they still care?? Anyone call to see how you are. *** no, you drove off the lot with a lemon and they laughed all the way to the bank.

Get a Lawyer and sue for malpractice, file a complaint with the state do all you can to make sure this doesn't happen to someone else!!

Look before you leap. I looked into this dentist Nadia Chowhan-Iqbal, she's got her license 8 years ago, she's already moved from Michigan to Indiana to our backyard in Illinos and she has jumped from one practice to another and none have been a move up. She keeps getting lower and lower in the food chain.

Chowhan isn't a doctor she's nothing but a used car salesman!!!!!!!!!!


I also saw this dentist. I went to her in pain and needed a tooth pulled.

The dentist came in and she seemed very nice and caring (what a fake!!) and then I was left for almost an hour in the exam chair until the office manager could see me to discuss NOT the one tooth I needed pulled but the $50000! worth of work the doctor wanted to do before she would pull the pain-causing tooth. It felt like blackmail!!! As I backed away, the office manager started offering (this was not even a dentist making these suggestions but the MONEY person in the office) other medical/dental options.

I could do this or that which would still net them a nice profit or I could use this finance comp or that one BIG push to get you to sign for financing b4 leaving. I ran for the hills. Saw a local dentist wiht HIS own practice and his own REPUTATION on the line and he did a simple extraction and told me the other "needed" work was NOT NEEDED. I am pain free and happy.

I will never go to see a money grubber like Dr. Chowhan again or to any Aspen Dental clinic.

They are parasites!!

I am sorry that they ruined for you what should be a joyous time in your life and I hope you sue the pants off that b-tch!

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Aspen Dental Took my smile-didn't give me one.

I had my first visit today. Upon arrival, I used the rest room. Their was urine on the floor and all over the toilet seat. I'm a female, so I could not just lift the seat and *** First I thought - ok, maybe somebody, perhaps elderly just did it and staff did not know, but there were no paper towels in the dispenser, no soap in the dispenser and the sink was full of hair. All I could think was that if the bathroom could be this nasty, is it safe for these people to be in my mouth? With caution, I proceeded with the visit. First I'll say that the reason I chose Aspen was from the TV commercials - I have horrible teeth and have since I was a child and needed a dentist that could handle it. It's been just over 2 years since I've seen a dentist and in those 2 years I have lost 4 fillings and have new cavities. I also had a tooth which was previously filled that is killing me. So, first they did x-rays (18 of them) which was uneventful and then the dentist came in. He spent less than 5 minutes doing a "full exam" of my teeth. Trust me, I've had a LOT of dental work and 5 minutes is in no way going to be enough to do a full exam of my teeth. He rattled off his findings to the tech. who wrote everything down and what he found was that I needed 1 filling and 1 crown. Ok - I had 4 fillings totally missing before getting there, but he didn't see ANY of those. Now, where not talking little fillings - these are back molars and the holes are big enough to see with the eye, let alone x-rays, of which they took 18. But he totally missed them telling me I needed 1 filling on what appears to me to be a good tooth and a crown, which is on the only perfect tooth I have. He asked me which tooth hurt and I showed him. He said he had no idea what was wrong, but it could not be saved; it had to be extracted. I questioned him - how can you know it needs to be extracted, if you dont know whats wrong? He said - because its probably fractured on the inside and x-rays wont show that. I'm thinking - ok, isn't that what x-rays are supposed to show????? At that point, I decided I did NOT want my dental care here, but since the tooth was killing me I was hoping they could at least fix it and I was ok with it being pulled. I let the dentist know that and he said the extraction would be scheduled at check-out. After that - the hygenist came in and checked my gums and told me they were receding, which I already knew. She recommended a special medical toothpaste that I could buy at the front desk. I asked her how much it was and she said she wasn't sure, but they would tell me upon check out. So at that point I left. I got to the desk and the office manager showed me the print out of my "summary" which included 1 filling and 1 crown (Still - the 4 missing fillings and tooth that was killing me was still not addressed). I asked her for the price of the special toothpaste and she said she never heard of it. Ok - I wanted out of there and was not going to buy it anyway. I told her the dentist agreed to do an extraction on my painful tooth. According to her, there was nothing in my summary that stated that. She went back, talked with him, then came up front and told me it had to be done by their oral surgeon who rotates between offices and the first available appt. was 6 weeks away. NO WAY was I waiting 6 more weeks to get this done. I asked her if I could get it done in one of their other offices and she said yes. They had an appt. in an office an hour away for next Thursday. It being 8 days away, I thought I could tolerate it until then. I asked her to make the appt. and she said she could not unless I paid for the extraction now. I was floored. I told her - I have insurance and she said, I know but you are responsible for paying the 20% your insurance doesn't cover before the procedure can be scheduled. I was like WTF. Now, i know a lot of doctors want the balance due at the time of service, but not 8 days in advance. I explained that I knew todays exam would be covered by insurance, so I did not bring my check book and had no ability to pay today, but would pay next week when I got to the other office and she refused to schedule the appt., I got pissed and walked out. My impression - a RIP OFF - and nothing more. This dentist totally overlooked all my missing fillings, wanted to fill and crown teeth that were perfect and then told me that he needed to pull my tooth because it couldn't be saved even though he did not know why it hurt. I'd rather have my kids fix my teeth than this place. Never again. No way. Beware. I should have walked out after seeing the bathroom. What a nightmare.
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Going through an ordeal with them now. months of pain, wrong crowns put on found out they order crowns and dentures from Costa Rica at cut rate cost.

No wonder people are afraid of dentists. You can see my complaint under Aspen Dental Bourbonnais (IL) I added my town so that locals would be fore-warned

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Aspen Dental

I recently used Aspen Dental to have dentures made. The first set of denture were fine except the teeth were crooked. The second set they made had *** all over them and then they made a third set which I went back several time for sore spots. The more I went back the more sore spots were created. I offered to buy the crooked set of teeth with a discount from the $1,500 I paid them 5 months ago, but they would not work with me. I would not recommend Aspen Dental at the Beaver Valley Mall area in Monaca. Pa to anyone. All they want is your money upfront. The dentist they have was terrible and very difficult to work with.
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So much for the "money back guarantee" that they throw around so freely in their commercials. Anyways, considering it has been nearly 7 years since you posted, and I am guessing Aspen never refunded your money.. I hope you have since been able to find a more reputable dentist in recent years, not a stooges at Aspen Dental.


Hi Bobby,

I have forwarded your information onto our patient satisfaction team. Someone should be reaching out to you shortly to address your concerns. I am so sorry to hear about your experience and want to let you know that we will do everything we can to fix it.



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Aspen dental

one of the biggest rip off scams their is. I was treated like I was dirt and looked down at the entire time from their staff. call me and ill tell you the truth. 814-934-6150. i live in pa. their 50-50 plan in a farce. i applied for their plan and was out of town on business and could not make it in on time for their payment and called in and was told its ok to make payment at my Appt. I show on time handed her the check and she told me we can take it you missed your deadline which they said it was ok. called coporate and they basically told me to f-off no help to resolve this matter. don't believe their hype.
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I’m very sorry to hear about your experiences. We at Aspen Dental really do strive to provide all of our patients with exceptional service and care, and we’d like to do whatever we can to resolve this problem.

Would you be willing to talk in more detail to our Patient Satisfaction team to see whether they can help address your specific concerns? This team of specialists is based at our Practice Support Center in Syracuse and is trained to help resolve these types of issues. They can be reached at 1-866-273-8606 or The team will respond to you as quickly as they can (within two business days of your initial outreach to them).

If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to ask me here


Jane, the main problem is that they really do not have any idea about making dentures... and I totally agree, they should be investigated.


I believe your story!! I am going through a horror story myself.

So far ,I have been charged almost $3000.00 to extract three teeth. They are saying I did not pay for the procedure that I was supposed to get. No one in the office seems to know anything about it at this time. They gave me a receipt for the amount paid but did not list what procedure I was supposed to get.

Corporate has stopped returning my emails. And that is just the beginning. Who is going to stop these people?

Smile stories? ???


Aspen dental at the Beaver Valley Mall in Monaca, PA is terrible. I have gone in get dentures and after three different dentures they still dont have it right.

First Dentures teeth were crooked, and etc. The look down at you and don't want to fixed the problems, they just want your money. The should be shut down.

An investigated reported should be called to check them out and view all the complaints. 32 pages of complaints against show there is something wrong

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Aspen Dental in Salem, Oregon - Lied to take money!

Aspen dental is the worst dentist I've ever been to totally lied to me to get my cash of 2,000.00 and then did'nt finish the job stayed in pain until I got a new dentist now my smile is a smile Yeah for real dentist check there credentials before doing anything to your mouth like check to see if they have a college degree because if your getting partials they'll be some kind of imitation goop that dries and causes your gum's nothing but pain . There moving into these cities fast like Keizer,Oregon to take peoples money if you go to a Dr.Charles hartman you better have him check your eyes because he does't know anything about teeth!{GUARANTEED}
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Actually, that kind of service is the one you will found in any Aspen office. Everything stat with the fact that they lie to the dentist they hire (underpaid)that's why they do not stay long.

They do not care about keeping good doctors with experience,they just replace them hiring new graduates.

The dentures are actually done by their laboratory technitians and dental assistants since their doctors have no experience. The offices are worst than community services ones.


I’m very sorry to hear about your experience. We at Aspen Dental strive to provide all of our patients with exceptional service and care.

If you have any questions about our Keizer office, please don't hesitate to call our patient satisfaction team at 1-866-273-8606 or The team will respond to you as quickly as they can (within two business days of your initial outreach to them).

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Aspen Dental gave me a price today of$10,000 for dentures and $4,000 for extractions!! Are they out

Is aspen Dental out of their f====ng minds!!!! $4000 just for extractions?!?! Total bill $10,000!! What a ckock of ***!! Foreing dentist and assistants and all. What's up with that? False advertising is what's up! Stay away from them! I'm sorry I did'nt do my research beforhand.Thank GOD the x-rays and exam were free. I wanted all teeth, whatever is left to them pulled and get a set of dentures but it turned into a bottom partial and save four teeth that should be extracted anyway!! Root canals and crowns on teeth that should come out anyway!! What a f+)(ing joke!! $10,000. Can you belive that?
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it's called a mark up, welcome to america, do you not realize that everything you own costs pennies on the dollar to make, but we pay outrageous prices for these things every single day, get over yourself, it is what it is! not only does aspen do it, but your car companies, grocery stores, eyeglass manufacturers, etc. do it as well again, get over yourself


Did they tell you those dentures were going to be made in a third world country and would cost them a total of under $300.00??????????

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Aspen Dental in Two Rivers, Wisconsin - AspenDental lots of pain

went in to get dentures said should almost be pain free with the med`s (LIES)after the pulling and sowing they give 15 pills i`m dieing here with the pain os i asked for anounther refill on my next vist and was screamed at from the back of the office so that i and the others in the waiting room could here him tell me quit acting like a girl and my pharmacy would not fill it anymome(WHAT?)so i called the pharmacy they said they have no problem filling my scrip as long as its filled out right! is trouble doctor brian johnson doesn`t care ( ASPEN DENTAL)there so much more but its hurts
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Aspen Dental in Nashua, New Hampshire - Ooops, he left for the day...

I broke part of a filling and was told that I would need a crown instead of just another filling. I went in with no pain and had the "prep" work done for the crown on Friday with a temporary crown put in. I spent the entire night in a ton of pain. Less than 12 hours later, the temporary crown fell out. Pain, pain, pain...I went in on Monday and was told that I would need a root canal before the permanent crown could be cemented in so they canceled the appointment for the crown and they put in another temporary crown. Apparently the person who does the root canals only comes in once a month and he is booked for this month. I asked how I am supposed stay in this much pain for another month? She called back and told me that the dentist would call in a prescription for antibiotics to help with the infection (I was not aware I had an infection). I waited and she called back to say that he left for the day and forgot to phone in the prescription. All I had was a small break in a filling and now I have some sort of infection and am in a ton of pain. What am I supposed to do? I sure do hope he gets in early tomorrow and phones in a prescription.
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