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Aspen Dental in Nashville, Tennessee - I wound up in the hospital after my teeth were pulled. Can't get my teeth to fit

I had my teeth pulled, all but 2 of them, on June 27, 2013. Next day I wound up in the hospital because I was spitting up blood the size of baseballs. The hospital dismissed me without give my any fluids, I was dehydrated. The doctor who pulled all of my teeth told me to use tea bags to clot my gums. Didn't tell me to use caffeinated tea bags, I only had decaffeinated bags. He did arrange for me to go to a local oral surgery. I passed out cold when I got there and knocked my 76 year old mother down as well. The doctor gave me an IV and then put some mesh material over my gums to stop the bleeding. By the time I left, my gums had pretty much quit bleeding. I had to wait for 2 weeks before I could put my temp dentures in. I also lost 10 days of work. I hated the temp dentures and couldn't eat let alone eat out with family or friends. My gums slowly started healing and everything seem to go pretty good. They did have to go in and remove several bones that started coming out and not only hurt but prevented from wearing the dentures. January 2014 I was fitted for my permanent dentures. Got them back first part of February. They didn't fit. I had bones curved out and the denture didn't not give me space to have them fit. They couldn't get me into Aspen Oral surgery until 4/15/2014. That would me I didn't have anyway to get the problem solved. I went back to there oral surgeon that I went when I wound up in the hospital. He didn't what he referred to as tapping the bone in place. They bone didn't need to be removed because it was weaken my gum line and cause me problems later. Aspen Dental never heard of such a thing. I had trouble with he bottom plate as well. It is took wide in the front of my mouth. I have two teeth for the plate to stay in. Food gets under the denture in that space and there's no way for it to be removed without take the denture out and guess what? It hurts like a big dog. If I an somewhere eating with someone it is very embarrassing. Told me to use fixdent and live with it. Nothing they can do. Now I am trying to get the final hard reline and they told me I have a reline in February and I could not get one even though they have given me 4 or 5 soft relines. Told me to use fixdent or go get post put in. I wish I had never heard of Aspen Dental and I don't recommend anyone go to them. I want a board of Dentist to review there practices and the way the do business. I have never been treated like this from any medical profession. It is wrong!!!!!!!!!! '
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What you are explaining is quite a complicated case. It was a big, big mistake to go to a corporate chain dental clinic to start with.

Cases like this require a very experienced general dentist, or a general dentist experienced with dentures in partnership with an oral surgeon. Here are some other problems.

1. It was probably a mistake to take so many teeth out at once. The usual protocol is to take only the remaining back teeth out, and let that heal for a good while.

When the dentures are inserted, the only teeth left to go are the front teeth. However, removing canines is no easy task.

2. Under the best circumstances, this is no easy task. With the crumby lab support corporate clinics have, it is darn near impossible.


As the gums shrink, the standard protocol is to temporarily line the dentures with tissue conditioner for a few weeks, to make them stable enough to wear. Then a permanent reline, or another set of dentures, can be made in a few months.

4. The vast majority of my patients find that even with the excellent dentures I fabricate, dentures are not the nirvana that they envisioned, and are sorry they had their teeth extracted! At least you were smart enough to save two of them.

I hope they were lower canines.

You say you had never heard of this chain clinic. What made you go there, then?

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Aspen Dental - Unfinished Denture Charges Review

Aspen dental in Des Moines charged me 1400.00. For a top Denture I did not have done and did not recieve. After 2 years of callING a n d going to office I get a refund added to my husband account. I'm going to make sure they don't charge him more because of the refund. They never gavee the copy ofy whole bill which. They charged over 6000.00 and I. Can only find 3500.00 I should have been charged. I fell for Dr Jo cause he is excellent. I am thrilled with his work.
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If this Dr. Jo is indeed a good dentist, he won't work for this sleazy clinic for long.

He will find a better position somewhere else, or hopefully start his own practice.

So you might as well start looking for a new office now.

PLEASE ignore advertisements and insurance lists. Look for a dentist that owns his own practice, not one that works for some corporate chain clinic which is actually operating illegally under state practice law.

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Aspen Dental in Ellenwood, Georgia - Buyer Beware from GA!

Paid over $4000 for services which included an upper denture and lower partial. I ordered the comfilytes. Worst experience ever! Went in for a lower jaw tooth extraction and was told my dentures were ready. Couldn't understand why after pulling my tooth, the dentist rushed to put in my upper denture, over the ones I was wearing, mind you! I thought it might not fit right and I sounded funny because my mouth was numb and swollen. Got home a few minutes later and couldn't stand to keep in the upper. To my surprise and dismay, this was the worst piece of *** I have ever seen. Very poorly made and opaque in some spots so much so, that I could see through it. The back of it doesn't even fit my mouth! There is a big gap between my gums and the denture. If this is their best, I hate to see their worst! Needless to say I am taking them back and expect a refund.
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One of aspens ploys involves people who need teeth removed before a denture is made. They focus on what they call a "denture package" What this involves is giving one price for the extractions, immediate denture, and final denture to the patient.

What they don't do is explain the individual things they are being charged for or break the prices down. They never explain the nature of an immediate denture not fitting tight and the fact that the ones made at aspen are rushed and poorly made. The patients are told that their teeth will be removed and the same day they will leave with a bright white Hollywood smile. That is why patient go in to have two $400 dentures made and leave with a $6,000 bill.

The "denture package" always includes the cost of an immediate denture even if the patient does not want one.

P.S the comfilyte denture aren't better than any of the rest, I have seen teeth fall out of them before. Ask for you money back and leave aspen for good.


I got the comfilytes and I can also see through mine. I go through a tube of adhesive every other week and when I am home, my dentures are out of my mouth.

I eat better without them. Waste of $.


1. It is a big mistake to let a corporate chain dental clinic employing highly indebted young dentists right out of school construct dentures and partials.

If you wonder why, read the posts of a former Aspen lab tech on these pages. It would be impossible for even an experienced dentist like me to construct good dentures and partials at this clinic.

2. Making a denture before doing the extractions (an "immediate" denture is always a compromise. The lab tech has to guess where the gums will end up healing.

Even if they fit perfectly to start with, they will be loose in a hurry. The better way is to extract all the teeth, wait 3 months for healing, and start making the prostheses.

3. Making partial and full dentures is one of the hardest, most demanding tasks we dentists do. It takes years to get good at it.

You should have entrusted this task to an experienced dentist who owns his own practice, not a sleazy corporate clinic.


Good luck on getting a refund. Maybe in 9 months or so if you file a lawsuit against them.

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Aspen Dental in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma - Wrongful injection

So this is 3 weeks before my wedding I go to get a permanent crown after all the issues I have had with my ternary I was pretty nervous when he did the injection it burnt from my eyes to my ears it was very painful. The next morning I wake up with a swollen face and a terrible ear ache I call and the receptionist Sarah says unfortunately there's nothing they can do for me and that I would have to go to the e.r. So I apply an ice pack for two hour and when the pain is just so unbearable I go to my p.c.p my doctor said my gum was bruised were they had injected the needle my ear drum was swollen and as red as a cherry he says he couldn't imagine this just happing over night on any other day. So now I have to go back in a few days and make sure there's not permanent damage done to my ear drum. Thanks aspen dental.. I personally recommend everyone to stay away from this company.
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There is a real cause for concern here, as I had a similar experience. I received two injections and a composite feeling, and began to experience strange sensations in my gums, transgressing into pain.

Currently I have facial spasms, and suspect damage may have occurred to my cranial facial nerves. I also posted a review on this company.

I never do negative reviews, but feel I must speak out and warn people. I concur--stay away from Aspen Dental in Broken Arrow--there is something amiss there.


As much as I don't like corporate clinics, this was probably a freak random chance hit on a nerve trunk or artery. I really don't see how even our longest needle could lead to disturbances in the inner ear.

It might be you had a strike on your mandibular vascular bundle, which released blood and started the swelling.

The swelling may have in turn affected your ear drum.

The fact that you had the burning sensation indicates that some anesthetic got in a vein or artery. This is scary, but not dangerous.

Usually when this occurs, the swelling is immediate (in the dental office!) and we put ice packs on the patient's face to slow down the blood flow.

Unfortunately, you will probably have some bruising visible on your face for your wedding!

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Aspen Dental in Bradenton, Florida - Extremely unhappy with the service!

I am "EXTREMELY UNHAPPY " with the service at this office. This is the most unorganized dentist office I have ever been to. This office is on the 3rd dentist in one year. When I originally started my treatment plan to get partials, I was given a price for the whole treatment by the first office manager (Amanda W.-who was actually wonderful). At that point, my treatment started with x-rays, etc. I was told I was going to have eight teeth pulled but Dr. Flora Segovia pulled nine instead, and of course I was charged. At that point, they gave me my temporary partials. When I went in to have a crown put in on the top of my mouth, Dr. Segovia decided to do another impression on the bottom on that same day. She left me sitting in the chair with the impression for 15 minutes. My chair was in a laid back position and I was unable to get anyones attention and I was having trouble breathing. Dr. Segovia finally came back and proceeded to pull the impression out, which was at this time was like cement. The impression was stuck and would not come out. She finally rocked it back and forth, pulled it out and said, "looks like you have two loose teeth". I said, "that came from you leaving the impression in to long". She immediately said, "oh no we do these all the time and your teeth must have been already loose, impressions don't make your teeth loose. At that point, I was steaming mad and knew I was now looking at more money! She told me we would need to schedule an appointment to have them pulled and told me they would not charge me and they would add two teeth to my temporary partials that day which they did. My next appointment was in 7 days and I almost did not go because I was so upset. After all that I was really to upset to go back right away to get my treatment completed. After a couple months, I decided to get a copy of my account detail to see what all I was charged for. I noticed a couple mistakes and over charges, one was they charged me for those two teeth she pulled when she said they wouldn't charge me. They also double charged me for an office visit. I also noticed that they listed the impression that loosened my two teeth on the day of extraction (1/30/14). At this point, I am so disappointed and extremely upset! I called to speak to the office manager who was now a different one and her name was Amanda Biskner, but she was not available so I left a message and a call back number. After numerous messages and no call back, I decided to go into the office to speak to her. When she finally was able to see me, I told her about everything and all she could tell me is "there is nothing I can do for you". I explained to her that is why I haven't been back in 6 months even tho I have a credit on my account. I asked her, "what work do I have left to do and how much will it cost", and she said, "three fillings and your permanent partials". She wrote down on a sticky note, "$107.99 at delivery of partials" and told me, that is all I need out of pocket to complete the work. A couple days went by and I called to schedule my appointment and spoke to Amanda to reverify the amount. She then tells me, I need a crown and I need more money then what she told me. I proceeded to tell her that I do not need a crown and I'm not paying for a crown and she said she would have to check with the dentist to see if she can change the treatment. Again, NO CALL BACK!! At that time, I called the regional office on 7/11/14, left a message and Christine was very nice advised that Josh (regional manager) would call me back. On 7/15/14, I received a private call from Josh who really did not have an answer for me but advised I should schedule a no charge appointment to have an evaluation since it's been a while. Well it's been a while because I am extremely unhappy with the service I had with two people in that office (Dr. Flora Segovia and Amanda Biskner). The sad thing is when I first started, I referred a friend and her mother to the office and I got no recognition for it. My friend had a BAD EXPERIENCE as well!! I know that this has been an extreme nightmare and I wish I could wake up and start somewhere else but now my money is exhausted. I will never refer this dentist office or any of Aspen Dental to anyone. There is one girl who works as a receptionist (Rachael) who does more work and is very thorough at her job who should be working as the office manager or should get a raise because she has excellent customer service skills. There are also two other girls who I don't know their names but they are great also.
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My experience with Aspen has been a nightmare, some of the people in the office seems nice. until I heard them talking about other people that was not happy.


I worked for these scammers. Confusion and wrong information is an intentional part of their game plan.

Going too fast at every point in the game benefits aspen. Imagine a dentist walking in on a patient he has never seen and may not even agree with the treatment from the previous dentist and only having 10-20 minutes to provide an invasive procedures that day. Aspen knows the dentist doesn't have time to redo the treatment plan or check behind the office manager to see if the ppt was billed for what he actually did that day. The office managers used to work at Mcdonalds and have no idea the difference between a toothbrush and a denture.

If they overcharge or wrongly bill , the management at aspen don't care because they get to hold on to that money until someone figures out the mistake or usually they just get away with it. Don't expect honesty from aspen.

I used to hear the employees ask every single patient when they left to please go to their website and write a good review, yeah a good laugh.

When they don't have enough good reviews they get friends of theirs to write them. Good,honest company!


1. It is certainly not standard protocol to leave a patient alone while an impression is in his mouth.

In fact, hands should not be taken off the impression tray while the material is setting!

2. The looseness of the teeth plays a part in what impression material is used. For instance, if a patient has loose teeth, polyether material should not be used.

3. Three dentist is a year in a sleazy corporate clinic is nothing unusual.

Working conditions are terrible in these clinics and no decent dentist wants to work there for long.

4. As is revealed by a lab technician in another post, this chain uses cheap metal work for partials from China, and the quality is very poor. It would be impossible for even a good dentist to make a decent partial at such a chain clinic.

5. When I extract a number of teeth at the same time, I often give patients a break and do not charge for some, if the extractions are very easy.


I do not understand at all why you chose a corporate chain clinic owned by investors rather than dentists for complicated work like you need. Fabricating a good partial denture is a very difficult and demanding procedure to do right. I have two on my desk now to design, and must consult with a lab owner in order to get the design right. It can be that complicated to fabricate a partial denture.

You should have sought a dentist who owned his own practice and was good at doing this, probably after years of experience. Instead you chose the place least likely to accomplish the task successfully. Be honest with yourself.

Was your choice because of a desire to get treatment as cheaply as possible? My guess is you have already paid much more than an honest dentist practice owner would have charged you.


I'm not the individual who posted the initial complaint, but Henrius, are you SERIOUSLY blaming the PATIENT for choosing ASPEN and as an end result all of this is THEIR FAULT? Based on #6, it sure sounds like you ARE!

HORRIBLE. Aspen dental is by far not a CHEAP place, but their hours are way more convenient then your typical Dentist hence why it may appeal to a person who doesn't want to wait 6 months to get in to see a Dentist who is in a private practice. I sure am glad I don't live in Boise, ID (or wherever you're located)...I'd run from a rude Dentist such as yourself. You're no better if you're going to blame a patient for their choice in Doctor.

Why would they have thought to doubt Aspen Dental in the first place? You're a typical stuck up Doctor thinking all patients should know as much as you, and if they don't, it's all THEIR fault.

You should delete #6.

@Annoyed with Dental Profession

I write these posts to HELP patients avoid bad dental care. Unfortunately I find that many people are not skeptical enough and swallow expensive TV and radio advertisements hook, line, and sinker.

The fact that clinics have expensive ads like this is a warning sign in itself- indicating high patient turnover rate, usually because of patient dissatisfaction.

There is no possibility to get good dental care in corporate clinics for long. Even if a good recent graduate were to work there, he or she would leave as quickly as possible for a better position. No dentist wants to work in clinics where they are pressured to overtreat and overcharge patients, use terrible labs, work late hours, and be supervised by ignorant managers with high school degrees.

Where I live, I know of no dentist that has a 6 month wait for appointments. Most can see patients the same day or the next day.

However, those that sign up for horrible paying PPOs have long waiting lists, as they have to herd patients in like cattle to make a profit.

DMOs have long appointment waiting lists because in these perverse plans, the only way a dentist can make money is collect the monthly capitation fee, and make the patient wait for appointments as long as possible. Word to the wise: if you have one of these raunchy plans, drop it. They are a waste of money.

There is ZERO chance of anyone getting a good partial denture made in these type of clinics.

How do I know? I worked in one a long time ago. Even if a qualified dentist worked in one and took the time to do it right, he would STILL be forced to use an abysmal dental lab, because to corp uses the cheapest labs out there, including Chinese ones.

If convenience is your preeminent concert, know this: although some exist, few experienced dentists will be open Saturdays and in the evenings until 9:00.

That is the ONE advantage the corp clinics have over us. You will pay a VERY heavy price for that advantage.


Aspen advertises as an office that offers payment plans for those who don't have the hundreds or thousands of dollars that dental treatment can cost. It is not always a desire to get treatment as cheaply as possible.


Most dentists have Care Credit in place which is a payment plan. Want to know the difference?


At this corporate clinic the ENTIRE treatment plan amount is charged out before the treatment is even performed. That is unethical- outright fraud!

It also results in higher interest paid over time.

2. Their "payment plan" has a very high rate of interest.

I urge you to read other posts from ex-employees of the bunch of thieves if you doubt what I write.


I 100% agree. Other dentist charge for work they actually did.

Aspen charges every single thing they can get away with. If the dentist took out 3 teeth but only desires to charge for only 2 extractons, the office managers still adds the 3rd tooth to the bill.

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Aspen Dental in Tooele, Utah - Realy bad experince

I felt like it was all about the money and didn't seem to relay care about what real good been done ,it seemed like they could consolte about what relay should be done to make the patient right and satisfied not depressed about what relay should been done now I can't get out of my head but they sure got my money and my teeth that could been correct with the treatments and now I have a real crooked partial which I really hate dentist I felt like was at a butcher and , I should walked away now my head is all screwed up and I am so depressed and now I have to see a doctor for my depresstion and not a happy man . Thanks to asspen dental
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This is always the horrible results people get when the go to Aspen. Aspen is unethical, immoral and the worst kind of thieves.

Taking advantage of people when they are down. screw these idiots at aspen.


I have the same problem except my partial broke too. Now I have no teeth


It is very important to find trustworthy professionals for your treatment. What made you choose this clinic?

Certainly it was not their reputation for honesty or competence.

Chances are, you believed silly TV ads, or you went there thinking you would save a ton of money.

If you indeed have good evidence that something was done wrong, please make a complaint with your state board of dentistry. You can use that as leverage to get some of your money back.

Any money you get back won't be as valuable as the lesson you learned: NEVER to patronize corporate chain dental clinics owned by private equity investors rather than dentists.

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Aspen Dental in Champaign, Illinois - Worst Dentist Ever!

I had several appointments on hold/resurvation for several months for my teeth to get fixed and these people bumped them all off and gave them away. Now I have no way to get my teeth fixed before I have to go to college in two weeks. Not only did they screw me over on my appointments but they told me it'd cost $1,000+ to get three small cavaties filled, they were gonna FORCE me to get a novicane (I can't get that injection for medical reasons) and they told me if I didn't take the novicane that they were going to make me leave the office. what kind of place does that to people?!?! They're lucky I don't file a lawsuit against them!
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Well, what can I say but going to a corporate dental chain clinic is always a big mistake. What possessed you to go there in the first place?

Did you make the grave error of picking your dentist based on some insurance list?

We have not used Novacaine (brand name of procaine), for 50 years, so I am not sure what you are talking about. Lidocaine allergies are virtually non-existent. If you are sensitive to epinephrine, there is an anesthetic with half the usual amount of epineprhine. I have never even had a cardiac patient have problems with it.

Having fillings done without anesthetic is torture.

If I were the patient, I sure would not want to do it that way.

$1000 for three fillings seems high, unless they are using gold for the fillings.

Find a good dentist who owns his own practice. It can be in your college town if you want.


The reason they bumped you is because you were of little value to that day's production numbers. Aspen's two most valued appointments are new patients and patients with high dollar procedure.

They want to snatch that up front credit card money from new patients. If you paid with a credit card, then they already have your money so their attitude is basically ***. Their procedures one way or another never turn out to be cheap.

Aspen dental = fraud. ditch these guys.

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Aspen Dental in South Highpoint, Florida - Review

Called for an emergent appt., tooth broke & I was uncomfortable - operator said I would get free xrays and free exam- Dr. would decide what to do from that point forward. Went the next day as emergency, and front desk said dr. Would not treat me, but they would only take xrays and give an exam. I would have to make ANOTHER APPT. to actually get treated!! What kind of dental clinic does this?? They stink!!!
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"What kind of clinic is this," you ask.

A crooked one. The "freebie" exam will eventually cost you plenty.

Have you not read all the other bad reviews.

NEVER NEVER NEVER go to a corporate chain clinic owned by private equity investors.

Your will be sorry. You will pay dearly.

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Aspen Dental in Cincinnati, Ohio - Overrated, overpriced malpractice...

I went to Aspen Dental back in December to get a tooth filled. I was supposed to get free x-rays since this was my first dental visit, but later found out they charged me for the x-rays anyway. I had to make two visits; the first time I had to go back and get my insurance card because the *** receptionist forgot to give it back, and the second time I waited and waited to get my tooth hours--for hours. When it finally happened, they had to give me more anesthetic to numb my tooth and gums, and then they just shot my gum and proceeded without even waiting for me to be numb! The dentist kept yelling at me to keep my tongue down, even though I did not know I had it up and couldn't feel it. I got some mouth rinse for my gum disease which cost a lot, and I had two big bills later, and found out one filling cost $178! That's more than I've ever been charged at any private dentist. I called recently to check into a cleaning; they said I'd need two visits, including x-rays when I'd already had them in December! I said forget it. I will find a private dentist and hope things go better, but even private dentists aren't very trustworthy these days. It seems you can't trust any doctor or dentist, but Aspen Dental is one of the worst! I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone; they are only out for money and they might be double billing customers.
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Aspen is a huge corporation only motivated by money. I used to work for them.

NOTHING at aspen is free. They should be sued just for continuing to trick people. If you have insurance they bill the insurance company for the exam, xrays. If you sign for their treatment plan they roll the cost of the exam into the bills you pay if you don't have insurance.

Sometime they just boldly send you a bill for the exam/xrays proving what scammers they are. Avoid these scammers, you will find more honest service almost anywhere else.


Almost all the patients I talked to went to corporate clinics in hopes of saving money, and realized too late they spent much, much more money than I would have charged them! The lure of a "freebie" exam is just so alluring.

And then the freebie does not even turn out to be free!

You know chain clinics like this are really operating by skirting state law, don't you? They are almost all owned by private equity investors. State law requires ownership of practices by dentists licensed to practice in the state. So they recruit dentists to pose as "fake owners," lying to state boards about true ownership interest.

We dentists are trying to put a stop to that nonsense.

Remember that the dentists in these clinics are either very inexperienced and highly indebted recent graduates, or dentists with prior problems. They are paid on commission, and kicked out if they don't produce enough revenues.

Working in these clinics is a horrible job, so most leave as soon as they can find a better position. Stay at a clinic, and you will likely have a new dentist every six months.

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Aspen Dental in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania - Did not deliver as promised !!

At the initial consult the Office Manager at the Wilkes-Barre location (Megan Kosloser) made me feel comfortable. However, after the procedures, it became apparent she "LIED" to me to "Make The Sale". No service after the procedure. 2 WEEKS, yes folks I said 2 WEEKS, let me repeat, 2 WEEKS (every time I needed one) just to get a simple adjustment as they already had my money (from Care Credit at OVER 22% APR AND I AM ON A FIXED INCOME !!). In the meantime as my gums were BLEEDING they told me to "use my old dentures". If I could use them I "WOULD NOT HAVE SPENT OVER $2,500.00 FOR NEW ONES". RIP OFF !! Stay away....very far away....I have a complaint with he PA Attorney General and he told me that they paid a huge fine a few years ago, have a class action suit against them and still have not changed their ways. RUN as fast as you could to another REPUTABLE Dentist !!
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Lou pagnotti how is this true about megan kosloski when she no longer works there and hasn't since March? Talk about a personal vendetta!


Lou pagnotti mislead me. I will never go back because of him and his perverted comments.


You are important to aspen only on the first visit. The first visit they will kiss your rear and promise the world to you.

After they make the sale,you are just another "overflow chair appointment" as they like to call it. Snatching the credit card money on the first visit is all they are interested in.

Now they will just schedule you whenever they get around to it. Hope you get this straightened out and cut all ties with them.


Fabricating dentures that look good and allow good speaking and chewing is one of the hardest things we dentists do. It takes years to get good at it.

Young dentists working at a sleazy corporate clinic that uses the cheapest labs sure won't be able to construct decent dentures very often, if ever.

Chalk this one up to experience. NEVER, EVER PATRONIZE A CORPORATE CHAIN CLINIC, no matter how convincing the advertising. Find an experienced dentist who likes to do dentures and owns his own practice. These typically are older guys.

I got news for you: any pair of decent dentures will cost way over $3000.

My fee is $3600. But for this, patients get adjustments as frequently as necessary for up to 6 months.

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