2335 Dixwell Ave, Ste H4, Hamden, CT 06514, USA
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I have been a patient at the Hamden CT Aspen Dental for years. I have an appointment scheduled for Monday 4/23/18 at 4:15pm.

Today is Thursday 4/19/18, I got a call at 6:55pm and was told that because I did not respond to a text message they sent at 2:10pm today to confirm my appointment, they gave my space to another patient. I asked to speak with a manager, and she told me the same thing.

On another occasion, my wife schedule an appointment for our girls for a Saturday morning. She did confirm it via their text message. We took the kids to their appointment that day, and the office was closed.

Not even a phone call back to apologize.

Never mind the fact that last year, I ordered and paid in full for an electric OralB tooth brush from them. When I showed up to pick it up a couple days after I got a call from them, they told me they sold it to another patient. I had to leave and wait for them to re-order me another tooth brush. I gave them a second and third chance, and they blew it today.

I will be taking my business elsewhere.

What kind of business treats their customers like this? You do not have any regard for your customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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"What kind of business treats customers like this," you ask.A seedy group of Wall Street private equity investors breaking state dental practice laws to own dental offices and squeeze every dime of revenue out of patients.No telling how much unnecessary substandard dental work has been done to your family.You could have gotten a Spinbrush or Sonicare electric toothbrush, which are just as good as A$pen's Rotadent, for a third of the price at your local pharmacy. Everything A$pen sells or does is overpriced.When you go shopping for a new dentist, please rule out other corporate shyster outfits like Coast, Dental One, Great Expression, Sage, Western, and others. Ask REAL PEOPLE (not onlilne reviews) for reccommendations for competent indedpendent dentists in your aea.


Look at it as divine intervention ; before you get too upset about any of this non-service, carefully examine this website for horror stories regarding this provider...you will consider yourself fortunate to have dodged the proverbial bullet by hightailing it out of there before something really bad happens - I'm glad they just wasted some of your time instead of mangling one of your children.