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Aspen Dental - poor dental work

Just moved to Hazleton, Pennsylvania & was looking for a dentist for a regular check up. Aspend Dental popped up on my computer, & without reading any reviews, I called & scheduled my appt and they got me in right away. As soon as I got there something did not feel right. I went in for my consultation, had a million xrays taken, and then was put into an exam room where I waited for almost an hour. Dentist finally came in to review the xrays & said I had two small cavities. She never addressed the fact that I had questions & concerns about my teeth's hyper sensitivity. I was then pushed into the billing office, where they said the dentist rec Zoom whiting... I'm a freak when it comes to whiter teeth, I agreed and signed my life away. I went in a week later for a cleaning that lasted maybe 2 minutes. Never saw the dentist. Came back a week later to do the whitening treatment... I started crying 5 minutes into it bc it hurt my teeth so bad. Shooting pains from my teeth into my gums from the bleach & my already enamel eroded teeth. Dentist should never rec a whitening treatment to someone who already has hyper sensitivity! The tech kept telling me to try and "sleep" during it so I can not feel the pain & so my teeth can get whiter! I couldn't handle the pain and demanded the procedure to stop. My teeth still hurt to this day. I can't go a day without sensodyne to relive me of the pain. The one cavitity they filled also hurts and I can not chew on the left side of my mouth. They kept giving me "***" adjustments - never helped. I will NEVER use an Aspen Dental branch again!
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Honesdale, Pennsylvania

I have been over charged

I am an Aspen Dental patient and have Carrington Ins. I recently have had appointments. The first appointment was on07/14/2011 and I was charged $108.00 for a cleaning when it should have only been $71.00 with my insurance. Not only that, but the person who did the job only took 10 min. if that. I contacted them on the situation and had no results. Then on 08/10/2011 I had a filling done. No problem. Today I got a bill in the mail for 97.00. I feel I do not owe this. I am contacting my lawyer if this is not resolved in a week. They will loose our business. Mr. David Baker
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I feel as though I was over charged also, I have Ameritas insurance and went in on 8.24.11 because of a loose tooth. I am a new patient (went there because it's right around the corner from home)had full set of x-rays, novacaine, and a very loose tooth pulled, They charged my insurance company 455.00 and charged me 183.00...doesn't this seem a little high???

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Albany, New York
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Aspen Dental? Two and a half years ago I went to Aspen Dental.

I knew that I was going to have to have all teeth pulled and a full set of dentures. They quoted me a price of $1500, which I paid in cash. After about 6 appts. to have impressions made etc. I was finally given an appt. to have teeth pulled. I took a week's vacation from work and was "good to go". My appt. was at 8 am on a Tuesday morning. At 7 pm Monday evening, I received a call at work telling me that the dentist had decided NOT to do the work. They cited the reason as "my medical background". I was VERY up front with them from the beginning about everything. When I asked for a refund, they told me that it would take approximately 6 weeks! OH *** NO!! I got nasty, they got nasty but I received the refund in 3 days. Now 2 1/2 years have passed and I am finally financially able to have work completed. On a whim, I called Aspen again just to see what records, completed dentures, etc. that they might still have. Now I am told that the dentures were NEVER made and that my records reflect that I was told that they needed to take new impressions at the original time and that I refused. This is blatant false documentation on their part! Someone needs to shut this place down!
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Otisville, Michigan
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Paid in advance did not have service done no reimbursment still in copor.. office they say...

Was to have tooth extraction.. I was unable to due to neuropathy. They could not numb the area. I paid in advance. The dentist should have known this. None the less.. I did pay in advance. I began to ask for money return over a month ago. They have not returned my funds. Today they have told me it goes to corporate office first where they make the decision. What? Services where not provided for me. I need help. I am on disability. I am a 47 yr old women alone. It was 240.00 alot of money for me. I need the money big time. I was able to find a dentist to do it for less under more humane conditions. It was sad over at Aspen.
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The same exact thing happened to me. On my first visit I paid $100 with $29 towards the initial visit fee, and supposedly $71 towards my first visit.

Well after I had time to really look at the 13 visits they had laid out for me I realized this was a pure scam. So I tried to cancel, called 10+ times. Each time they said everything I wanted to hear, but never returned the money. The worst part was I couldn't afford a real dentist to fix my teeth, which were in terrible pain, without that $71.

So I endured a month of sometimes amazing pain so I could save enough money to get them removed. Contact your states Board of Dentistry and file a formal complaint.


Sadly, state boards of dentistry cannot do a thing about corporate dental offices cheating patients. They can only discipline dentists and hygienists, not corporate executives. That is why this practice model is actually illegal in most states.

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Newburgh, New York
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This is not good

Aspen Dental - This is not good
Aspen Dental - This is not good
Aspen Dental - This is not good
Update by user Feb 10, 2017

My issue was resolved by getting my impacted wisdom teeth removed. I have excellent dental screenings and cleanings annually.

I do not have periodontal disease according to my family dentist. Aspen was wrong in this situation.

It is what it is now. I have never recommended them since this incident and still never will.

Update by user Sep 06, 2011

Just want to add that I found my new Primary dentist. After looking at my teeth, they told me that I DO NOT have Peridontal Disease, and that I DID NOT need periodontal surgery. This has led me to the conclusion that Aspen did not know what they were doing, misdiagnosed, and has gotten away with robbery.

Update by user Aug 07, 2011

The dentist has decided to work with me. Not the hygenist that did the work, but the dentist.

Because of this, my issue has been resolved. Unfortunately it is a lengthy process to delete this complaint, however, I will begin the work to do so.

Update by user Aug 06, 2011

I apologize the Arestion and SRP was done on the right side, not the left. And unfortunately you can\'t see the first picture, but it was showing blood coming from the back of my mouth where my impacted wisdom tooth is.

Update by user Aug 06, 2011

This First Picture was the orginial problem. The second is what Aspen Decided to do about it which did not solve it. The third is the left side of my mouth untouched.

Original review posted by user Aug 06, 2011
I am 23 year old female with good health. I still have all 4 wisdom teeth. The morning of 8/5/2011 at 3am I woke up with a mouth full of blood from one of my wisdom teeth, the one that has given me plenty of issues. Immediately, I googled my options. Aspen Dental came up and had an open appointment at 11am that morning. They took me earlier, which was fine. They did X-Rays and a consultation. At the end they said I had 8 Cavities and Advanced Periodontal Disease. So out of curiousity, and knowing nothing about that subject I asked "what role does that play with my wisdom tooth that is bleeding", they said "you definitely need to take those out soon", which I understand. They told me that it was highly important for me to get and SRP asap, so that my teeth don't fall out. Now to any eye, my teeth look healthy. I went through with this SRP and they implanted Arestin into my gums, only on the left side. All of this totaled $2,384 dollars, and did not include the primary reason for going. This is where my frustration comes in. I went to get a second opinion the second day because, my wisdom teeth are still in tact and I now have flapping gums and things that I have never experienced. This denstist said, my bones where all the way up to my teeth and that I have gingivitis not Periodontal Disease. No one at Aspen was a Periodontis. Now I have a right side that is bleeding in my mouth, gums flapping around, and the fear that the original problem will come up again as it had not been solved. They put a total of 27 Arestin just on the left side of my mouth, each Arestin costing $37 costing $1000. They did not do a deep cleaning, or anything else. The total bill mentioned above. Lets just say that, this is not the end, thankfully I have strong healthy teeth, with gums that could be worked on and I plan to take them to court.
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Aspen's primary mission is not to listen to you and diagnose the true problem you are worried about. Instead their mission is to misdiagnose as many things as they can bill your for, with the goal of running up a huge bill that you can borrow money to pay.

Unlike every other dentist, after Aspen completes their list of over treatment, they charge for it UP FRONT.

Staff are given bonuses based on this. That is why they are particularly aggressive towards the end of each month. When you try to make appointments for all this treatment you paid in advance for, guess what?

The schedule is booked up. Eventually they know you will get discouraged and let them keep your money for doing nothing.


Arrestin has dubious value. It was ridiculous putting that many Arrestin in your mouth.

A patient can have bleeding around partially erupted wisdom teeth, and little gum problems with their other teeth.

Often removal of the wisdom teeth get the bacterial count down.

There is a condition known as trench mouth that sometimes happen as wisdom teeth erupt. The bacterial population skyrockets and morphs into more dangerous species.

Patients get a bad taste and a lot of bleeding. This could have been what happened as well.


Wow, that's an excellent explanation of what was probably going on. I hope more dental hygienists like you are put in the field! Thanks for your very educated comment!


Maybe try brushing your teeth more than once a week? Just a suggestion.


Maybe don't make such assumptions because you're a either upset with my review or b, maybe someone who works at Aspen. My teeth are in and were in excellent condition.


Perhaps you should have paid some attention to your dental health in the form of preventive exams and cleanings well before the age if 23, so that you would not be experiencing such advanced gum disease now. And btw, Google is not a reliable referral source for quality medical professionals.


Sometimes you really don't have a choice. I was never taken to the dentist growing up as my parents never saw it as important.

The first chance I got to go was when a tooth broke and my parents couldn't just sweep it under the rug anymore. Don't be so quick to judge.


I had a choice. Coming from a military family, we had great insurance.

They took advantage of me at the time when I was scared and vulnerable because of an infected and impacted wisdom tooth.

Those have since been removed, and my dental health is fine. They only operated SRP on one side of my mouth at I can't credit my dental hygiene to them but can officially say my impacted wisdom teeth were the problem and it was not some form of advanced gum disease or periodontal disease.



That sucks. I'm glad though as an adult you can now make those decisions yourself.

I know someone who has lost many teeth because their parents didn't care for their dental hygiene.

It's too bad. Sorry for your broken tooth.


Thanks for your assumption based response. They took advantage of me and that's the end of it.

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Greenfield, Massachusetts
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Aspen Dental - no problems at all

The office in Brookfield WI is excellent. I have been there 2 times and I have had nothing but 2 great experiences. While some may feel like it is a factory dentist, that is the furthest from the truth. They are a well-oiled machine. It's call Lean Practices and Efficiency. Each department or specialist for that area in the office is good at what they do and then they move the patient to the next area of work. I felt as though everything flowed extremely well and the transition was seamless. Everyone was professional and courteous with great personalities. I didn't feel as though they sold me anything that wasn't necessary and I was able to finance my balance (after insurance and discounts) with 18 months , no interest through Care Credit. They had 2 other financing options that were similar. I never felt rushed and all of my questions were answered completely. When I asked the office manager about the various review that stated they were a "drive-thru dentist," she just politely said, "Everyone thinks that, but we have been in business for 30 years. People just aren't used to departments in a dental office, rather than having the one assistant do all the work. This allows them more patients to be seen in a days time. I am not sure why that is such a problem. Yes, they get more money, but they are also more available than a normal one dentist office. I have had to wait weeks to re-establish care at a new dentist, and with Aspen, I was able to get in within 5 days as a new patient and get a filling fixed all in the same time frame.
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just a matter of time!!!


The fact that you ended up on "Pissed Consumers" to give this review of Aspen Dental tells me you are not an actual consumer. You are an extension of the fraud and scam that is Aspen Dental, GTFO!

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South Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Aspen Dental Want to ruin your life?

Short and to the point! I was in a horrific car accident when I was a teen, 14 to be exact. I lost 9 front teeth and had a permanent brige place in. I have always stayed as far away as I could from the dentist since then. Well after 37 years my brige broke after eating corn on the cob. I decided to have all the rest of my top teeth out, 16 to be exact. I found Aspen had really good prices so I made an appointment. I went there and found a very welcoming staff. Had X-rays done, impression and came back the following week. 16 teeth extracted in 11 minutes, man what a cake walk. Then the Dentures!!!! Never fit from day one never went back!!! Still on chopped foods and will be returning to a new dentist with these dentures in hand> Then Filing a complaint to the New Hampshire Dental board. I wouldn't send my dogs there!!!!!!!!!
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yes, everyone who ends up in dentures is because they neglected their teeth. Just because your water is not fluoridated does not mean ur teeth will rot out.

fluoride is not a miracle drug it simply helps prevent cavities by strengthening the enamel and making it less acid soluble. and even if you have a cavity, it is only because you neglect it for years that a tooth becomes non-restorable and needs to be pulled. so once again yes, everyone who ends up with dentures is because they neglect their oral health. See a *** dentist every 6 months and you will never ever end up in dentures.

No, genetics do not play a role at all. people who say my whole family has bad teeth, really mean my whole family doesn't take care of their teeth at all so they become bad.

and that's just the plain hard truth! There is no such thing as "soft teeth" except for very rare cases of genetic disorders such as amelogensis imperfecta and dentinogenesis imprefecta and even then you can avoid dentures by taking care of them.


First off if your girlfriend is a hygienist that means she has no clue about dentures because she doesnt deal with them. Second the fact that you never went back after the first day is the reason they never fit, its not magic dentures take work.

Third the fact that you needed full dentures shows you have a low dental IQ and never took care of your teeth. Fourth i hope you do file a lawsuit so you can waste your money on a lawyer, and then get counter-sued for frivilous letigation, which you will also lose because you have not been wronged in any way.

You need to stop blaming a dentist who was only trying to help you for your situation, the only person who is to blame is yourself for neglecting to care for your teeth and not seeing a dentist regularly. I have no sympathy for you,l.


Not everyone who ends up with dentures, does so due to poor oral care. Even today there are U.S.

towns/villages who don't add fluoride to their water systems. "Fl" wasn't added to toothpaste until later 50's. Genetics plays a part too. Aspen Dental over charged me.

Refused to send x-rays to another dentist or give me my complete record, when after 9 1/2 months they told told me, "We can't help you. We believe you need to see a prosthodontist. The office manager will talk to you on your out, if you would stop at her desk." Oh, I went in because I had lost two simple crowns and one with a post, all molars. DDS said crowns could not be replaced.

Remaing uppers pulled.

The cost exceeded the estimate by 20% [cash, check, no insurance] the dentures rock front - back, side - side, the tooth color they ordered was not correct and they refused to correct it. So, these things really do happen.


First off if your girlfriend is a hygienist that means she has no clue about dentures because she doesnt deal with them. Second the fact that you never went back after the first day is the reason they never fit, its not magic dentures take work.

Third the fact that you needed full dentures shows you have a low dental IQ and never took care of your teeth. Fourth i hope you do file a lawsuit so you can waste your money on a lawyer, and then get counter-sued for frivilous letigation, which you will also lose because you have not been wronged in any way.

You need to stop blaming a dentist who was only trying to help you for your situation, the only person who is to blame is yourself for neglecting to care for your teeth and not seeing a dentist regularly. I have no sympathy for you,l.


Written by Linsey on August 9, 2011

"The reason the dentures probably didn’t fix exact the 1st day is because of swelling from the extractions. Aspen needs to do a couple of adjustments once the swelling goes down before the dentures will fit properly"

They fell out on day one even with the swelling! I wouldn't send my dogs there!!!!!!


The reason the dentures probably didn’t fix exact the 1st day is because of swelling from the extractions. Aspen needs to do a couple of adjustments once the swelling goes down before the dentures will fit properly


@ Denture tech here, I only had swelling for a couple of days, and it wasn't a big deal. No sutures, no clots nada. The temps never fit the first day with the swelling. Right there I should of had a clue.

Thank You! for all the info and yes I'm buying the best they have. Gotta eat my steak! :)

@LucidNightmare No reason for an apology, I think we're on the same page.

Thank You!


@ Verno: I got mine at affordable dentures. If anyone would check my reviews, you can see that I also had a bad experience at Aspen as well. Dealt with very unintelligent and incompetent and rude people.

Problem I have is, when I read these reviews and people say silly things like "They wanted to take xrays" or "The dentures didn't fit right"

It makes me wonder do you truly believe that they wronged you? There's a reason they take xrays and a reason the dentures don't fit. Its not magical, happens overnight thing. It takes a while, with lots of adjustments to get dentures to fit the way you want them to. I know myself from firsthand experience.

Now perhaps you did have a horrible encounter with them, which I can totally understand. Had a bad encounter with them and I'm just being a ***. If that's the case, than sorry for my post.

P.S. I don't work there. I wouldn't work with a company with that bad of a reputation for *** their customers over.


I worked in house as a denture tech for many years. Temp dentures are made from impressions that have all your existing teeth still in your mouth before surgery and alveoplastic I can only guess how much.

The dentist or oral surgeon will take off it is not precise The first 10 days are the hardest for patients because pain and I'll fitting dentures because your gums are swollen And we usually wait Until the swelling goes down and the sutures are ready to be removed unless you have self desolving sutures before we do your First softline Tissue conditioner to help tighten up the denture from when the first impression was made to make your denture to what bone loss you gone through and over the next 4 to 6 months you lose a lot of bone in our office we allow 3 tissue conditioners soft line at no charge as included in the temp denture price every dental office is different In their policies In what is done and what they charge for I do not work for Aspen.

I work for their competion So do not know there policies but I did want to explain that almost always temp dentures do. Not fit and most patients are miserable that is why they call them temp dentures because they are temp until your bone completely heals which takes between 4 to 6 months then you can get your permanent denture where you can have a wax try in to where you can actually see the denture teeth in your mouth before processing to an acrylic denture that should be tight fitting and comfortable and again that is not a guarantee and oh yeah not all dentures are created equal You pay for what you get You see adds for dentures for 299 or 499 or 599 there is a very good chance they are using cold cure resin and economy teeth if the denture last a year or two at the most You will be lucky you want to make sure they are using a heat cured acrylic my favorite is Lucitone 199 I have yet to see anything better And a very good quality teeth brands like Ivoclar, Ipn portraits, Vita, Bioblend ,Bioform these are high quality and the leader in the denture teeth industry known for their quality It pays to shop around and ask questions


You sound just like those that work there. I have many freinds that had it done recently somewhere else and they have had no problems from day one.

Just let me add that my girlfreind is a Certified Dental Hygienist in 3 States. I'll have you know that these dentures were looked at by another Dentist and they are way to big.

On another note if you want to get it right the first time go to Affordable Dentures in Burlington. Also will be filing a lawsuit for negligence.

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Corinth, Vermont

Was a new patient, wasn't scheduled, walked out after 2 hours waiting.

I made and appointment with Aspen Dental and arrived 15 minutes early to find I wasn't even on the books. I was a new client. That was the first strike. Then after waiting an hour got ex-rays taken. Sat a half hour longer waiting and then when they finally put me in room a guy comes in and shows me a paper about oral cancer screening. I declined and then he starts looking at my teeth and calling out weird numbers for each tooth. He said the doctor will be in to see you in a minute. I sat for another half hour. By the way, when did dentist offices start taking your blood pressure? I ended up walking out after 2 hours.
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Most dentist take your blood pressure now days. I went to Aspen in Omaha Ne, never had much of a wait at all.

The weird numbers he called out, he was probably doing the assessment where they "rate" each tooth/gum. (I cant recall the exact name they call it).


Written by DDS on July 29, 2011

"Taking blood pressure is part of your exam. Every office should be doing that. Actually it should be done before every appointment. So do not complain about that."

What are you effin crazy? What makes you think your blood pressure is going to be close to normal sitting in a dentist office. How about I take your blood pressure before I push you out of the plane!


I waited over an hour for a new Aspen Dental appointment too just like you! I arrived 15 minutes early to fill out all the paperwork (which I knew to do that; they didn't tell me that) and after 1 hour of waiting in the lobby I left!

Then they had to nerve to charge me for a cleaning I never even got!

I called and told them to prove I had any work done and then suddenly they dropped the bill I supposedly had to pay to my dental insurance! Never going back!


Taking blood pressure is part of your exam. Every office should be doing that.

Actually it should be done before every appointment. So do not complain about that.

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Orlando, Florida
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Aspen Dental and High Pressure Sales

I went in to an Aspen Dental Clinic in Lansing, Michigan and from the moment I got there they were trying to push a $149 electric toothbrush called Rotadent on me. In the process the Office manager slipped the rotadent a $25.00 toothpaste and a $35.00 mouth rinse into my total bill mixed among the actual procedures I was going in for to camouflage the unneeded and unwanted items. They were also very quick to set up a care credit account with me so they could bill me for all three visits within the first ten minutes of arrival. The "comprehensive exam involved the dentist not even looking in my mouth just glancing at the 22 x-rays the tech insisted they needed. I felt like I was buying a used car not getting a broken tooth fixed!
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a Full Mouth Series of xrays is standard practice in almost all dental offices and facilities private, public, corporate or otherwise. It is designed to capture both the entire root and area in between every tooth so that a proper comprehensive diagnosis can be made with regards to tooth, bone, and root health.

It typically consists of between 18 and 22 xrays. You should be thankful that a dentist was this thorough, did you want them to guess whether or not you had a cavity, an abscess, or a tumor in your bones.

Dentist don't have x-ray vision. And by the way, Care credit is its own entity, and the money on a care credit card can be used at almost any dental or medical office, so in essence they help you out, and you are ungrateful.


I'm sorry you're experiencing problems with your CareCredit account. We'd like to help. Please email me at gemoneycares@***.com with the following information:

- The full name associated with the account

- Mailing address associated with the account

- Your contact phone number

- Reference code DM 072611_ad

For your security, please do not include your account number in your email.



GE Money

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Lansing, Michigan
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Didn't care that i have been in pain for a year

Aspen dental not only was unfexible in schedule but uncaring that they were leaving me in severe pain for a year. could not wear temporary dentures .They wanted to blame me for they not being able to fit them properly. told me to get a positive permanents still do not fit right. For a year I have not been able to eat or go anywhere.Very unhappy. will have to start over somewhere else.I still owe thousands of dollars and will be paying for 2 more years.I am very very dissatified and will not ever go back.
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Old Town, Maine
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Worst Dentist-ASPEN DENTAL

I wish I would have read these compliants before I paid $3000.00 to have extractions and an full dentures. I previously had upper dentures which I loved I just wanted to get the color back on them. When I had my first appointment with Aspen, It told them I only wanted my dentures colored, I had a dentist in NY which did this. They get off by telling people what they want to hear. Oh, we can't do coloring of your own dentures, but we can get you into our own dentures which are 100 percent better. Well I dont know what is worse, the dentures or the people that work there!!! They have no compassion, nor are they honest people. I never seen a dentist walk out of the room and not even give you a mirror to see your new teeth. I had to ask for a mirror and when I did I was horrified. I looked like a BEAST!! Those are the words of my 6 year old daughter!! Scary! I could not believe how sick I was after the extractions. I now have been using my old dentures, which are just top ones and nothing on the bottom. The dentures they gave me are horrible, look fake and dont even compare to the ones I got in NY. So I walk around upset, knowing how much I paid, and I have nothing to show for it. The dentures are in a cup in my bathroom, and I don't want to go out. I can't even imagine someone hiring me because of the way I look. And the worst part is My lip has been numb since the extractions. The last appointment I went to they made me feel uncomfortable, wrong, like it was my fault. The dentist Huffed and Puffed right over me while shaving down my dentures, (new ones) to fit me. But to no avail, they don't and I left there crying. They are probably ripping off insurance companies left and right. I paid in CASH, I thought I would come out of there with a beautiful smile. This is what they claim, Anything to reel you in. I went to the dentist in Bowling Green, KY on Campbell Lane. It is like a clinic in there! The dentist name is Barry Stahl. What kind of dentist shapes the dentures so close to you that the shavings are flying all over your head, glasses, clothing. I looked like I just came out of the snow! He is not a dentist, and the minute something goes wrong, he runs out of the room and in comes the office manager. Please, He must have a lot of complaints about him. I don't know what to do. I refuse to be seen by him again. I can't trust a person that does now know what he is doing. He was on top of me trying to extract my bottom teeth and actually had the nurse turn a table fan on us because he was actually dripping sweat on me. Gross! If anyone knows what I can do please let me know. I have four kids and need to fix this somehow! Don't go to Aspen Dental, Heed the warnings because these people are not doctors. Try a butcher and a *** woman.
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my 6 yr old daughter will color your dentures any color you want, whatever that means.

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Horse Cave, Kentucky

Aspen dental do not go there no cutomer service like a factory

i went to aspen dental in 2004 had many teeth pulled recieved dentures top and botton was told by dr was going to leave 2 teeth on bottom for dentures to hook on to went back in 2007 as the bottom plate was pushing down and making the 2 teeth very large dr recommended new plate which i could never wear now 2011 went back as they had my records and was told my dentures were warranty as had bad toothache they put me in chair dr said we need to pull but you are going to need new plate removed me from chair and sent me to office manger to dissuss money . i said i dont feel i need to pay as was only 7yrs ago proceeded to tell me that i had paridonal disease i asked they why would they leave in two teeth no answer . as in 2004 i paid them almost 6000.00 then asked them for total breakdown of charges which they gave me . never mind for 200 they are charging my insurance company for today . call corporate no help so off to attorney general i go
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The American Dental Association recommends that dentures are replaced every 7 years, because once teeth are lost the bone is constantly being lost every year altering the fit of dentures. 2 teeth are typically left on the lower arch to help with stability of the lower denture.

the lower denture does not function in the same manner as an upper denture. An upper denture will act as a suction cup and use suction to stay in place because of its shape. The lower denture has no such ability because it is shaped like a horseshoe, and can be very hard for an individual to hold in place and function well with. Because of this it is ideal if possible to keep at least 2 teeth on the lower jaw in order for the denture to clasp on to or sit on top off to hold it in place.

The treatment you describe is not only typical, but advised. Also, it is a physical impossibility for a lower denture to push down and make teeth longer, what you are describing is typical of periodontal disease, in which bone is lost surrounding the roots of teeth and the gums recede making the teeth appear longer. Periodontal disease is the result of poor oral hygiene and by neglecting your dental health, which is not surprising since you have complete dentures in the first place, which indicates you never took care of your teeth.

I'm sorry no one has ever educated you on oral health in the past and that your ignorance has caused you to feel wronged, but the fact is that you received typical care that you would have gotten anywhere. Please take this opportunity now that I have educated you to learn this information and to educate someone else, so that they will not neglect their dental health and end up in dentures as you did.

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Albany, New York

Cancelled appointment

I work in the health care field as a Registered Nurse and I find the Medford,Ma office to be unorganized and POOR customer service. I made a dental appointment several weeks ago, (requested the day off of work) My appointment was for July 13,2011 @3pm..the office called my home at 10 am and stated I could not have my appointment because the oral surgeon was there today and there was no ''chair'' for me..Are you kidding me!!!! They are just figuring this out several hours prior. I went down to the office and requested my records. I will find another dentist. It might sound petty but part of working in the health care field is good customer service ..
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Check what can be done if you'd like to cancel or reschedule Aspen Dental appointment or contact company customer service here.

Me too, had to cancel and reschedule,THEY called the day of the canceled appointment and really wasn't nice about it TILL MY VOICE HIT THE FLOOR THEN SHE FOUND THE NEW APPOINTMENT. CANCELING THIS MESS. WELL TRYING TOO.


Please file a formal complaint with your state's Board of Dentistry. It only takes a minute to print out and mail the form and it's the only way to shutter this shady business.


I went to Aspen Dental in Albany, NY. I was initially greeted in a friendly manner by the clerk up front but then, when I started to ask questions, I was then treated rather rudely.

I thought, okay, maybe it's just her. I saw what appeared to be a female dentist or technician, in a lab coat, come out and just stand to the side. I was ushered to the back side of the counter to another clerk where I again told my dental issue to. She started talking about me needing a treatment plan set up, that I would have to come back, three times, before anything was even done about my issue and I am thinking, treatment plan?

I have a problem NOW and she is saying I have to come back three times, the first time to have a treatment plan made, second time and third time she never said what would happen and all this time that woman, in the lab coat, was just standing in the lobby, outside the door she had come out of as if looking for work to do! Needing dental care I acquiesced (sic), took the appointment she gave me and went drove home. All the way home I was fuming thinking what the heck did I just let happen to me? I am PAYING FOR THIS, they aren't doing me a favor and that was the most unprofessional office I have ever been in.

Both of the clerks were really quite hostile and insistent on doing things their way when I started asking questions and saying but I have pain NOW and you aren't going to address that? I called the 800 number, told the very nice clerk on the other end why I was cancelling my appointment with Aspen and commented to her that the office personnel were not as polite and friendly as she was. I asked a few people at work if they had ever gone to Aspen and they had negative opinions of the place. I wouldn't recommend them to a dog.

Something is not right about that place.

I can't put my finger on it but something is very wrong and yet the County where I live has their dental plan with Aspen. Go figure that one out!


i went to the medford office to get an apprasial, I was in shock when i saw patients who had work done richoceting off the walls with blood coming out everywhere after work was done. they should have been in recovery rooms. DON'T EVER GO TO THIS ONE :(

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Aspen Dental,Manchester N.H.

Oh my Lord,w.t.f is wrong with these "dentists" I went for my appt yesterday 7_7_11 I was in severe pain, and was told that my pain would be addressed,after the xrays like 30 of them, the dentist came in asked if I was in pain,clearly I was. She proceeded to tell me that she was going to have to pull 20 teeth in one sitting,then directed me to the credit manager for 8,375.00 worth of dental work, then they told me to call and set up another appt when I had the cash,yeah right, after leaving the office still in pain no antibiotics and nothing for the pain,do they think that I am going to let them pull 20 teeth and send me on my way? Well they can go pound sand sand!! I will be getting a second opiom from my local dentist as anybody should, -Brian
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First of all who do you think you are,you dont know me and you probably work for these *** So don't come at me with your *** *** ***,cause I found my smile at my local professional dentist that did in fact put me on antibiotics,by the way only ten of my teeth had to be pulled,you blithering ***..Bless your heart!


News flash, not going to the dentist for many many years has left you in this predicament, not them. they tried to address your pain, but you chose not to accept their treatment.

Antibiotics are never needed for tooth infection/decay unless swelling is present. if they say you need 20 teeth pulled, you most likely do and deep down you know that.

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Apsen Dental, no longer

I am very pissed with Apsen Dental, I went there 2 times because my fiance said it was great. I went there and they said I needed to go to a specialist to get work done on a tooth. Then that tooth broke during my month wait for an appointment with a specialist. Go see them again and they are going to send me to another specailist. I was not going to have any of that so I went to my orginal family doctor and they took care of me. **NOTE** Support your local dentist office, they know what they are doing and will help you. RUN ASPEN DETAL OUT OF YOUR TOWN! *** EM ALL!
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Why are so many referrals to specialists made by clinics like this? Because the young, dentists who work there have much clinical experience, they refer many, many procedures to specialists that most other general dentists do themselves.

Why are the wait times long for their specialists?

The corporate suits who run the place don't like to pay the higher wages that specialists command, so they must keep them booked and overbooked, and spread them thin between many different offices. One poster wrote that an oral surgeon was in the one clinic office only one day each month! This is ridiculous! How can this specialist take care of his own post-ops if he is there so infrequently?

He can't!

Your fiance gave you bad advice. Going to a crumby corporate dental chain clinic, with its revolving door of inexperienced young dentists, is a bad idea.

Most of the time patients don't save any money. Most of the time they spend more, on unnecessary and incompetently performed treatment.


I have never heard of someone being angry because of a referral to a specialist before. would you be mad at your medical doctor for referring you to an oncologist for your cancer treatment, i don't think so.

would you want a plumber to re-wire your electrical, i think not. Use your head and listen to what your saying, i feel bad for your fiance.

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