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Aspen Dental charging for

The staff was pleasant and professional; however, the ofice manager wanted me to sign an agreement for 5 crowns and 5 core build ups for the teeth to be crowned.. Since I already have 13 crowns I know that core build-up is only needed when the to be crowned teeth are not sufficent to hold the crown. Only 1 of the teeth need this as it had decay. They other 4 only need grinding down with no build-up. When I questioned it on my "treatment Plan Summary" I was told that is what the dentist had written down. This charge would add $260 each to the fee for 4 teeth, which is over $1,000 for work that would not be performed. I got a second opinion that said only 1 needed build up, just as I suspected. Becasue I value me teeth, I am going for another opinion on Thursday. I requested copies of xrays to prevent having them redone when I went for a second opinion. The "office manager" said I could not have copies. (Other dentist I have seen gave me copies for a small fee.) I saw that it was an electric record so I asked for email of the record and she refused that. Emailing would have been very inexpensive for them and easy. I contacted the Ohio Dental Board and was told the dentist is required to give them to you and can charge a "resonible and customery fee". I filed a complaint. I felt like I had been to a car dealership and had been sent in to meet with the "closer". remembering that most dental work is not an emergancy situation-always get copies of xrays and go for a second opinion.
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Horrible care

I went to see Dr Samantha Pack at Aspen Dental in Brookfield, WI on 9/1/11 for a simple check up and cleaning. This was the start of a month long ordeal. The cleaning went find and I was advised I would have some slight pain for a day or two. Well the pain was not slight, after 5 days of severe pain I called the Aspen Dental group and asked to speak to Dr. Pack, unfortunately she was busy and advised the receptionist to tell me to use Advil for the pain and buy some Sensidyne tootpaste. I had already done this and advisted the receptionist, she then advised to give it couple of more days. After 5 more painful days I called again, I was advised to come in and have the doctor take a look at it. I came in and Dr Pack advised it appears doing the cleaning we got a little debris under your gums and we will do a deep cleaning and apply some antibiotic. After the Hygenist finishd this procedure I advised I was still in agonizing pain and wanted to speak with Dr. Pack, I was advised she was busy and I should continue to take Advil. I then advised the Hygenist to let the Dr. Pack know I needed to talk with her and I would wait until she was available. I sat in the waiting room for another 20 minutes and then the receptionist came out and advised Dr. Pack has written a percription for pain relief. I took the perscription and had it filled and begin taking the medication. After a day the pain continued to get more and more severe. I then looked up the drug she gave me on and found it has a severe interaction with another drug I take, which was on my dental records. It appears Dr. Pack didn't bother to review my records before perscribing this medication for me. Two days later I was in so much pain I called the Dr. Pack's office and spoke to the answering service, they advised Dr Pack was on call and would call me back in 45 min, after 1 hour and no call back, I called again, they told me to wait another 30 min as Dr. Pack had not answered her page. 20 min later the answering service called me and advised Dr. Pack had advised them to call me and tell me if the pain was so bad and I couldn't wait until Monday to go to emergency. She Never called me back, I went to emergency and was provided antibiotics as my entire mouth was infected and I had lesions on my gums. The Doctor I saw could not understand why Dr. Pack had not perscribed antibiotics for me. Today, I'm still in pain and calling around to find another dentist to determine what is going on.
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Aspen Dental

Went there a year ago for a simple pain in a tooth on the bottom left. Was told i had para dental disease and had 7 cavities. Told me I needed 2200.00 worth of work done. Never had a cavity prior and i am 40 years old. I went in every Monday for a month. Was then told i was done. A month later my tongue was still numb and i couldn't chew on the left side of my mouth. They brought me back in and said well we must have hit a nerve when numbing me. They put something in my mouth they said that would block the nerve and fix my tongue numbness. Said they couldn't see why i had so much pain on the left side and why i couldn't chew on that side. I have complained several times and have been told it would just take some time. its been a year, still cant chew on the left side of my mouth and a small section of my tongue is still numb. I know have wrecked a few teeth on my right side due to chewing everything over there for a year. They had cracked 2 teeth in the process of working on me and didn't do anything to fix it. They now are telling me they weren't done working on my mouth. They have no idea what they are doing, other than charging you to wreck your mouth. I have an attorney and am pursuing handling this so i can at least go somewhere who will fix my mouth the right way.
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In your opinion, how can a dentist crack your tooth while working on the other teeth? While doing fillings and a cleaning? Must be a really strong dentist and hygienist :roll .

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Hmmm where to start..Well first of all, they overcharged me about $2,500, did not ever correct the problem until I happened to realize a year later that my bill should have only been around a thousand dollars or so but they charged me $3,500 and that's after my insurance should have covered 50%. By some miracle I realized and called my insurance and asked them what my bill should have been,at which time I learned that it should have been only around $1,000 in actually. Not to forget to mention that I had to get a loan for the $3500 balance--as it turns out for NO REASON. As it turns out, Aspen does not give a *** about their customers. When I spoke to the "office manager", she was a complete b**** and asked me to "calm down". Not once during or after our conversation that lasted for several minutes did she apologize for the inconvenience or ask what they can do to fix THEIR mistake. In fact, she acted like we were talking about $20 here here instead of $2500. There is no other conclusion but to safely say that Aspen Dentral has no clue about realtionship building or customer service.It appears that they have a bunch of monkeys employeed who have no idea what the *** they are doing-- and thats starting with the office manager.Thats the perfect example of the face of Aspen. I feel bad for them and their business performance if thats the people that represent Aspen Dental. Unfortuantely, They do not realize how many customers they are going to lose solely on my horrible experience there.
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I understand I'm having a lot of similar trouble with them. They don't seem to get dentures made correctly either.

They had to remake mine and I still had to fix them at home to feel better in my mouth so they don't hurt.

Also there messing around with the money part as well. Good luck.

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Aspen Dental late payment and they screw with you.

Aspen Dental,When I was working 2 jobs to make one paycheck 2 years ago I was late on a couple of payments, made them but a few days late, they turned me over to collections. Sorry outfit and I would never recommend them to anyone . They are a large corp that advertise how great they are and how compassionate and caring but don't believe it. I had all of my teeth pulled the same day and they forgot to phone in or give me a prescription for pain medication. There I was at the Pharmacy blood running out of my mouth, couldn't talk and the pharmacist got ahold of someone with these worms and finally got me a prescription. 1 HOUR of setting there embarrased and I finally got it. Thank God for Walgreens and their pharmacist.
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Are overcharging me interest and upper plate broke within two years.

2009 Aspen made me a top plate and a bottom partial. Now even two years have gone by and the top plate cracked. They so called repaied it but it is so thin you can almost read through it and you know it will break again some time soon. The partial I can't wear because it rubs and hurts when I chew. They have bussed it down and it seems to fit and feel better until I go to eat then no way. They are also charging me 22.98% interest and everyone else pays 14.9% interest. I have paid more than the minum payment and still the balance is over $1,000 after almost two years paying on it.
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Care Credit only charges us what Aspen bills for! My partials fit and broke just like Punkbro said!!


I don't think so!! And the dentist is the one who ground down a tooth that started out looking like a giant fang on the partial so that it was barely even a tooth any who do I blame for that other than the dentist?!


Well, consider this:

1. you obviously are missing teeth on the bottom, most likely back ones and you are not wearing the partial, so consequently the upper denture brakes;

2. the financing most likely is not through Aspen. So if Care credit or Chase health is charging you high interest, then you need to talk with them.

So once you consider those things, how much of it really is Aspen dental's fault? The only more or less valid complaint is about the lower partial. And before you go off n me, I do not work for Aspen

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Spen Dental-beware

Went to Aspen clinic in Fort Myers, Fl... I had an infection in the gum and I needed it looked at... From the time I walked in, it was the hard sale...I had an 8 A.M appointment...When I walked in, apparently there were 5 others who also had 8:00 appointments...Kinda strange, considering that there was only 1 dr on...It took me almost an hour before they started with me... The tech took pictures and sat me down in an exam room...I know that there's a lot of bone loss, and that dentures or partials are needed, but I was there for an infection... From the jump, the tech was pushing some oral cancer test for $100.00...She said that I would have to sign a waiver stating that I refused it, if I decided to go that way...I took it, figuring that it must have been important... The tech started talking about me getting dentures...I inquired about partials, and the tech, the non medically trained tech, told me that doc will want full dentures for me... Now, my regular dentist told me that even one tooth would hold partials in place better than no teeth, right? So doc walks in, looks at x-rays, and starts selling me on full dentures... I have a certain situation at work...I'm out of sick and personal days, and if I *** even once between now and the end of the year, I will get a final writeup and lose my job...I made this abundntly clear to the tech as well as the doc...I was thinking of dentures, but wanted to wait till the first of the year, so I could take a week or two off to let the healing happen...They didn't really address my concerns, instead put me into financing where the best dentures were pushed on me...I went for them and I was told that I could go... Now through all of this, the doc never once looked at the infected gum! So, before leaving, I asked to see the doc again...She walked in, gave me prescriptions for an antibiotic and something for pain...They had scheduled me for the following Saturday, (today), to extract all teeth and to put in the dentures... All week, I was worried about the time off thing...I talk on the phone all day, and if I can't perform, I'll need to *** work, and ultimately lose my job... So I walk in today, and when doc comes in, I tell her I need to discuss some things...I start to remind her about my fears about being able to go to work on Monday...While I was talking to her, she walked out of the room to get some things for the surgery...Just ignores what I'm saying and leaves! When she comes back in, I tell her I need to finish what I was saying before we begin...I asked her if we do this now, will I be able to work on Monday...She refused to commit to an answer, saying that she can't or won't guarantee that....Finally she said that if I took it easy on Sat/Sun, that I should probably be able to work on Monday, but again, no guarantees... I started to remind her of my job situation, and she stops me in mid sentence and says, and I quote, "Look, do you want to do this or not?"... Great bedside manner here... I walked out...I know what's to follow...I'll be billed for everything...I'll have to fight this with my insurance...I'll be calling my attorney Monday morning to give him a heads up... To come in for treatment on an infection which was never looked at, to be treated so rude by a supposed "professional", puts up WAY too many red flags here... I'll wait till January...I'll wait to find a doctor who will take the time to answer my questions and fears without the rudeness and attitude... I wish I had taken a moment to look up Aspen Dental online before going for first appointment...If I had, they never would have been an option... M
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Aspen dental

i went to aspen and had my teeth pulled and dentures made . well they had to be glued in several times a day , could not eat right because the teeth would fall out. the office i went to is in cleveland, tn. do not go there if you want to be treated right. now i am ready to take them to court because i have had to oral surgery to correct their mistakes. the oral surgery was over two thousand dollars and i have wait one week before the dentist can make my new teeth that will fit right. beware of aspen dental they are rip off artist.
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First timer then free X-ray then to look at all infected teeth and gum the make impression of my infected teeth that really hurt & which was all out of shape which they should never done and then you thought were get a good deal from that place dental first financing then another appt had teeth pulled out with extra antibiotic in the front lower infected teeth that was so infected bad.use my temporary dentures over my gum with stitches.And the old temporary denture are my new dentures that doesn't fit my gum at they want you to upgrade to better set dentures while you're still paying on the first bill of 5600???? My question is how can all that cost that much when I'm sitting there know what was done and not none..I was never on laughing gas or knock out but my mouth was barely numbed.And it was not an oral surgeon but a dentist that pulled them out knowing I was in pain...


I went to aspen dental in Delaware, Ohio LAST DECEMBER. They lied about the need to pull ALL 28 teeth.

They said they would just pop right out. Well I could not afford to be knocked out for it. They yanked and pulled for quite a while and it hurt like ***. After it was over they sent me home with blood *** out of my mouth.

My first checkup afterward the assistant dropped the uppers on the floor and broke them. They didnt think I saw it and said come back in an hour because they had to polish them. The assistant did not tell the dentist or the staff what happened. I complained to the dentist and they said "they are only your temps and we glued them back together" they never fit properly and instead of my natural overbite they left me with an underbite.

several visits getting new liners. They have attempted to make me 3 permanent ones so far with no luck in the fit. They credited my CC with 2000.00 for the problems but they still do not fit. I cannot open my mouth without them falling out.

They suggested I spend more money to get implants now. The place is a joke and now I cannot work due to the fact that I have no teeth that fit. It is going on a year now with no satifaction. I dont know what to do.

I do not have the money to hire an attorney. They have also billed my insurance for things I did not have done. I wish I knew more about this place before I had anything done. This is a totally incompetent corporation.

The office has replaced several people or they quit.

Any attorney want to take this on for half of the lawsuit monies gained? I am an emotional wreck.


I feel your pain. Here in New Hampshire I had my upper teeth removed and temporary dentures put it.

I would go in every month to have the teeth filled. The last time I went which was in August I found that my teeth were to large, I was getting sick because the back place was touching the part in my throat that made you throw up. It took me 6 weeks before I could go to the office for an explanation to why I have somebody Else's teeth. I was informed they were my teeth and they would fix the problem.

Not happening I will get my permanent teeth in a couple of weeks. I have already contacted a lawyer, we will wait for my new set to make a comparison.

If I am right we are going to court. This is so gross to have been given somebody else's teeth.


I went to Aspen Dental in Indianapolis and after they improperly billed my insurance they tried to get me to pay $1300 in bills. It took me 3 years to get it all cleared up!

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Aspen Dental - Caution! They want more money after you pay!

Update by user Sep 19, 2011

I would add real quick that Insurer DID PAY FOR EVERYTHING LISTED, NOTHING WAS DENIED.

Some had comments that they paid out the max allowed per person on the policy. Note this was in January! new year and we have things maxed out for extracting 3 teeth?! How much more money do they want from us?

They said $310 some odd change and we agreed to that price only. Only to find that they want an additional $350 after service and insurance?

*Note $350 was never paid currently at a collectors agency.

Looking to talk to a lawyer to see if there are local laws to protect consumers. The idea of just suddenly asking for more money after service and insurance is unacceptable.

They told us $310, I wrote a check for that amount. On the day of the consultation. They cashed the check so therefor they agreed and took the money. Large companies work with insurance providers all the time. Apparently this location needs someone in the billing department to read and understand the insurance numbers and rates on the computer when they punch in the policy numbers.

They had 1 week to notify us of any changes. Nothing happen so I assume they at least checked to make sure that they got there numbers right, considering this is a business!

Original review posted by user Sep 19, 2011
You pay the amount of money they tell you it will cost to get the procedure done then..... THE MONTH AFTER YOU GET YOUR INSURER STATEMENT YOU WILL GET ANOTHER BILL FROM THEM!Thats right! They GIVE YOU ONE PRICE THAT YOU WERE SUPPOSE TO PAY, AFTER INSURANCE THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO COLLECT MORE MONEY FROM YOU IF THEY FEEL THEY WERE NOT COMPENSATED ENOUGH BY YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY! You may wonder, so how much did I end up out of pocket?Original price that they want from you: $310.50The amount that they want after service: $350.56________TOTAL AMOUNT OUT OF POCKET: $661.06 (Keep in mind this does not include what the insurance company paid them!) ------I would like to add this, since this is important THIS APPARENTLY IS LEGAL! They actually can ask for more money from you, even after you paid the original amount that they ask for! Yes insurance will cover some, but they can demand more money if they are not happy with the amount received by the insurer. by charging a certain % more after the insurance comes!-------------- So a expensive $300+ dental job became a $660 dental job! This business practice should be illegal! Really Unethical!Just go else where! If the other places are expensive at least they wont ask for more money from you! This is a RIP OFF and APPARENTLY LEGAL!! >:(
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Ok for those who don't know about insurances should talk to their insurance company and ask them how long they have to pay on a claim it is upto 12 months and a benefit breakdown is not or never a guarantee of payment and as insurance holders you should understand first and formosa that with insurances things do change dental insurance is like medical insurance they can and will deny cllaims when they feel like it so maybe its the insurance companies that you should be cussing out not the people who are trying to help you become healthier. People are neglecting of their gum care and teeth health then when they go to get it taking care of because it has got to the point that they can't take it anymore they are overwhelmed by the prices of dentistry.


Just for the record, they already knew how it would need to come out. That was what the X-ray they offered and examination was for and they noted everything before the procedure! 2 teeth came out fine because well they were already loose. The third teeth did need quite a bit of work and they already knew that coming into the office.

Before the procedure was done, they had all those office staff people do X-rays and evaluate all the teeth, though we only said we only wanted 2 pull out. One of them actually got one of the dentist who was there for their opinion. (NOT the surgeon, but a license dentist)not the run around staff that just write things down for the dentist,

She came over evaluated all the teeth and noted that the wisdom tooth was the only good teeth (the only teeth that was actually not wobbly or loose) as the rest was a bit loose already.

Of course being aspen she recommended pull all teeth and do dentures. Which I politely decline and just wanted 2 teeth remove( the wisdom teeth and the tooth above the wisdom. The third teeth was because she said it was already very loose and it was just being hold up by the two teeth around it. Recommended another tooth to come out.(a second tooth next to the top tooth that we wanted to remove)

The third teeth was a wisdom tooth sideways and it was stuck, the dentist who evaluated NOTED that the tooth that was stuck might need some work to pull it out. SHE NOTED EVERYTHING ON THE PAPERWORK BEFORE HANDING IT OVER to the "consultation" person, who I say we actually spent more time getting a price from the optometrist for a pair of glasses then with the "consultant" The only questions the consultant ask was did you want some sort of laughing gas or whatever gas for the procedure. Of course I wanted it because they already knew there would be some work that needed to be removed from the wisdom teeth. That was the reason we were there in the first place because if we could, we would have just yank it out ourselves. The only reason why I was there was to see the Oral Surgeon to remove a stubborn teeth and they knew that before the procedure.

They took the insurance card, punch it on the computer and said ok, here is the amount. All this consultant did was just look on the screen and just started writing numbers down. We only spent 5-10 minutes with her and she said ok you must pay this much before we do anything. So we agreed and wrote a check, and filled out the forms that authorize the work.

if this required a special drilling or whatever, she should have saw the note on the patient paper, which stated that the wisdom tooth was stuck and would require some work to come out?

The dentist said she could try to pull the teeth out when we were there, but we insisted on oral surgeon..If someone request a oral surgeon, they should know that it might require a more complicated procedure.

This was not a walk in and saying we want this done and ok, here is the price.

This was we wanted 2 teeth to be removed, they required a X-ray and a exam first before pricing anything, which we agreed to and they DID have a license general dentist come over and examine and noted everything on the paper already. How this consultant missed the notes that was on file I have no idea. It was noted that that the wisdom teeth was stuck and would need work to come out.

When we left the office, they did not state or tell the driver, who was driving me home anything different or indicate that they did anything that might cost more. The only thing that they told the driver was everything went well, and here are all these papers that the person must follow for the first few hours and a prescription for pain medicine.

Also, YES I DID CALL THEM ASKING WHY.. The consultant who gave us the price JUST SAID contact your insurance for explanation of benefits. She just rush the phone call, SHE DID NOT INDICATE OR EXPLAIN THE REASON. If it was a special procedure, then she SHOULD OF TOLD US ON THE PHONE A REASON WHY. THE WAY THE PHONE CALL WENT WAS JUST CALL INSURANCE ABOUT THE BILL/PAYMENT.


As for the people above, it required a special procedure or anything else that was not calculated at the time, the billing/consultant should have just told us. Of course I will be pissed off as *** with the mistake they made, but because she gave NO reason other then call insurance company. I call it squeezing more money for no reason.

Also all dentist do fill out forms and patient records so she could have looked it up and saw the notes. She did not mention the teeth at all just the insurance.


P.S. simple extractions, surgical extractions, and root tip extractions all have their own individual insurance code FYI


it sounds like to me they quoted you an estimate for "simple extractions", but when they went to pull the teeth they need to do a surgical extraction which would mean they had to use a drill to remove bone in order to actually get the teeth out. This is very common and is how things are done at every single dentist and oral surgeons office in the world!

I know for a fact that when you had your consult it clearly says it's an "estimate" and things may change. there is no way to predict exactly how difficult the extractions will be until they are done.

Before you go making outlandish accusations you should get your facts straight. People like you are the reason the legal system is bogged down with frivolous lawsuits.

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Aspen dental ,dentures don't fit,can't get fixed.

I went to aspen dental in Ct. for new dentures. I saw the dentist 4 or 5 times t have the wax molds fitted to my mouth, when I got the dentures they were way too big. I went back 4 more times to have them fitted. The last 2 times I was there, I told the them I would be moving to Wa. the end of July, this was in June.I had to wait 2 weeks between appts. I'm in Wa. now and can't wear dentures. Aspen won't pay to have them fitted, nor will the give me a refund!
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Camano Island, Washington

Aspen Dental does unrequired work

I had to pick a new dentist after 15 years with same dentist due to new insurance. I went for xrays and preliminary review of my mouth. I was never asked what my current dental routine was and they said they found numerous 7.5 mm pockets which would require a deep scaling, this has never been the case in the past. After appointment they sit you at a desk as if you are purchasing a new car, price charts, payment options, ect. I went for first part of scaling against my "gut Feeling." Then I decided to see my old dentist, even though I had to pay out of pocket. My dentist said there was only ONE deep pocket and that was 5mm, treatment was UNNECESSARY. When I called Aspen to cancel my appointments and get my money back they asked for a letter from my old dentist to show their findings. RUN FROM THESE PRACTICES
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just because there is one 5mm pocket does not mean you need a whole mouth of SRP. even if there are a few 4s you can just do a debridement and then a prophy a month later.

you can also just do localized scaling in the one affected area. don't let aspen rip you off.


fyi 4mm are bad too,healthy pockets are 3mm or less so if your "old dentist" found 6 4mm pockets and 1 5mm pocket, that's not good either. Also, he must likely is covering his own butt for neglecting to treat your disease for so long. you should try to get an unbiased opinion.

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Aspen Dental Finally had to call the POLICE

Reviews ****I HAD TO CALL THE LOCAL POLICE AND FILE A CHECK FRAUD REPORT*****....I went to their Portsmouth NH office on Woodbury drive. After the dentist sees you they have you sit with a sales person who attempts to sell you on procedures that your insurance does not cover, procedures that my other dentist told me were overpriced and unnecessary so I had the bulk of the work done elsewhere for WAY less and without all the unnecessary procedures. THEN THE REAL CRIME WAS COMMITTED. According to my Delta Dental agent, Aspen changed my home address in the system to Aspen Dental's business address. This would have caused ALL future reimbursement checks made out to me by my insurance company to be sent to them for work done by OTHER dentists. Checks that should have been mailed to me at my home address. Lucky for me I caught it on the first attempt. A check for $187.43 for work I had done in Vancouver Canada and made out in MY NAME ONLY and not "for the benefit of" and without any pre authorization for anyone but ME period. This check was sent to Aspen and THEY DEPOSITED IT INTO THEIR OWN ACCOUNT. When my insurance company told me the check was cashed I asked them to send me a copy and they gladly did as I certainly did not cash it. I called Aspen and they denied this stating it was IMPOSSIBLE for them to deposit a check made out to me in such a manner. Only after confronting Aspen with the copy of the cashed check into their accounts and other information along with a threat to call the poliice did they track down my money. It had gone into an account at their corporate headquarters that is for "lost money". I told them I'd overlook this and not call the police if they sent me my money. I had Delta change my address back to my home address and questioned them as why a Dentist can change an insured's address in the first place. I understand that policy has been changed now because of this case. Aspen sent me a letter showing a balance due and apologizing for cashing the check. The balance due was 55 bucks short as they magically found some money I still owed them, even though I left paid if full with only insured pre authorized work done…..whatever, I was going to let it go so I could just get this over with. After waiting months for the check from Aspen I called them and they told me they had sent the money back to my insurance company, Now I'm pissed. My insurance company never received any money, and the run around was about to begin again. My insurance company is sending me an affidavit that I have to sign and have notarized and have accompanied by a police report from the local authorities. At this point it has became apparent to me that Aspen Dental Company needs to be exposed and it's my duty as a citizen to report the is crime and write this blog so others become aware of these practices. Most people would have given up or lost track of it. I feel sorry for the elderly or others who enter this process and get ripped off. The Portsmouth Police called Aspen and were told that they have "put a request in" to send the money back to my insurance company, and that the check was made out to me but they are pre-authorized to deposit checks made out to patients. This of course is denied by my insurance company. I will not surrender this until I get my money, stolen from me by Aspen Dental. Please call me if you have any questions about this Dave Rand 603 501 **** or Monica at Aspen Dental 603 610 **** or Marni White at Delta Dental 916 861 **** The police report is #11-3****-OF and can be retrieved by calling 603 610 **** the officer in charge is Officer Raizes and Sergeant Sirr. They have better things to do that chase down petty white collar crime but it adds up and thanks to blogs like this we can add it up.....
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Thanks for posting. i just became employed at a place that uses cigna for dental insurance.

I'm always wary of medical places that have offices every where like a frickin McDonalds, so was googling for info on them.

Everything I've read is bad. I will avoid aspen dental.


One of Aspens good employees a Mr Hobbs contacted me and really is working hard to help get me my money back. He removed the 55 dollar charge and has followed up with me several times.

They did cash the check, and did change my address to theirs.

Mr Hobbs told me they sent the money to my insurance agency and now I'm waiting to hear back from them. Hobbs is a good man...I'd recommend they put him in charge of the whole customer service dept and straighten this *** out.


The numbers are not fake, your just either upset because you had to be schooled or just genuinely sad or in need of feeling some kind of control. The numbers are all legit as well.

You're whats not legit. Now run along before I school you some more.


I have called those numbers and they are fake! Seriously go get some help!


Actually all you need to do is type Aspen Dental in the search field provided on this website look at those stories, then go to Google and read more including the information on the class action law suit


It's very real, that's why I took the time to type it and left all the phone numbers for verification, which I'm sure you dialed before arriving at your well thought out conclusion, I imagine your advice is some attempt at humor, not sure really, but I am sure you're the last person I'd take mental health advice from.


NO chance this is real. you should contact Dr. kevin Green and Northwest Mental Health and get a thorough exam

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Aspen Dental, fraudulent practices

I moved to a new state and it was time for my cleaning. Since Aspen was very close to home I scheduled an appointment to have my teeth cleaned. Right on the front of the building it says "new patients free exam and ex rays with cleaning". In the end, I was charged $200 for ex rays and exam and was told that they could not do the cleaning because I required a"deep cleaning" which would be another $1200! Seriously? I was then told that additional work that I needed to have done would run another $6000. This is not a dental office, they are there to sell services and I seriously doubt the quality of work that I saw going on when I was waiting for 1 1/2 hours for my "cleaning".
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I actually drove back to my regular dentist office in another state and as I suspected, I did not need a "deep cleaning" or 6K in dental work. This dentist also confirmed my suspicion that I am not the first person to be given misleading info from one of the franchise dental practices that are out there. I have since found a real dentist office in my area and they confirmed that I do not have any type of gum disease.


how do you know what works is necessary, where did you go to dental school at? periodontal disease is nothing to laugh at, you especially wont be laughing when u end up in full dentures


I had a similar experience and did get a second opinion...I have insurance and get regular cleaning's..I was also told I needed a scaling which my insurance company (aetna) did not pay for along with $10,000 worth of dental work..None of which were necessary...I went to a real dental office for my 6 month cleaning and had 2 fillings replaced for 0 out of pocket....Insured in PA


Did the sign on the window also say "for Patients without the insurance"? And I agree with the previous comment that people are just complaining because they have to pay more than they expected. And about the cleaning -- now you want just "a regular cleaning" that doesn't cost much, but when your teeth will start falling out because of the periodontal disease, you will be the one suing the doctors, since they did not diagnose you before.


Some of the complaints against aspen is very valid and this is NOT.

Maybe they recommended deep cleaning because you had so much tartar build up or you had periodontal disease. You don't know and you are just complainig because they gave you an expensive quote. Get a second opinion and see if you realy need it or not first before you say something this nasty about anything.

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simply put, ASPEN is just plain rotten. I switched to them b/c my plan changed insurance, but I have been receiving regular FREE cleanings covered by my plan for yrs. ASPEN told me "you have gum disease" and will never qualify for prophylaxis (free covered cleanings). FUNNY THINGS IS THEY TOLD THIS TO ALL MY COWORKERS TOO. So what we realized is that NO MATTER WHAT, this ASPEN location (GAINESVILLE, FL) diagnoses EVERYONE as needing "periodontics" and charges HUGE out of pocket costs to customers who have insurance and should just be getting covered (no extra cost) cleanings. ASPEN is a huge scam. THANK GOD THE OIG is investigating them. Look for headlines of them closing due to fraud soon.
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Not happy

I rung Aspen on a Thurs had a veery sore tooth. Could not get in until Tues following week. By Friday i was in so much pain, rung Aspen they got a dentist to ring me and sent a prescription to my pharmasist. Didnt work!! So saturday i was in so much pain rung again they sent another prescription, still didnt work ( you would think they would have come in).. By Tuesday i was livered!! to say the least. They gave me a shot ouchh!! pulled the tooth . Now i have numb lip ,chin and huge bill.. Not happyyyy chappy
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They aren't going to open their doors just for you. That's typical to call in a rx.

Really, to protect their own butts, they shouldn't call you in anything unless you have been seen. So many people call just trying to get pain medications. You should have gone to the ER.

It costs a lot to just open the doors to a dental office. Would you rather them not have given you the shot and just pulled it?

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