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Aspen dental in Portsmouth - I was cut on my cheek from a procedure

I was cut on the inside of my cheek that it honestly felt like a skin graft had been done- Now I happen to have way too much anxiety just to be there -but to get cut and told you will be sore did not indicate to me extreme pain for almost a week. I could not get a return call from a dentist and I had to see my primary care doc to get some healing dental paste. I was really hoping to get my teeth in tip top shape again. I am dissapointed in the way I was handled after I signed my life away on the credit plan.
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My dad is trying to make me go to this place because his friends like it. I read the horror stories on many sites...

and I have basically refused to go to the dentist unless we get it changed. Even worse, the only dentists remotely near where I live that are covered by insurance are Aspen Dentals.

I fear for my parents' teeth. I don't want their teeth mutilated by the quacks that flunked out of dental school.

***, I've already basically said that I'm not going to the dentist unless I go to a REAL dentist that actually knows what they're doing. Can any of you please give me a convincing argument to not have their mouths mutilated by the Hostel of Dentistry?


I went to Aspen Dental in Portsmouth N.H. I've paid over $5,000 to have just an upper denture and a back up set.

they messed up my back up set. Then told me they would Hard re-line my Temperary denture and I could use that. Well I just had it done asked them several times before they did it if the front of the teeth would be affected the assured me they were just filling the inside. I went back to pick them up and they Ruined my teeth they covered the teeth with artificial gum on one front tooth and the tooth next to it way too much making the teeth look absurd.

Then while I was crying telling them that they had made the mistake the kept telling me it was in my head and nothing was wrong and at first was refusing to fix it!Until I brought a friend from the car that also told them that's not how my teeth were. I never had anyone speak to me like that. I thought Aspen was supposed to be a place where you go to find your smile. I couldn't stop crying and they all stuck together calling me the one who was lieing.

Wow I'm still tramatized while I type this it just happened not only that but the hard re-line they did was WRONG I couldn't even keep the denture in my mouth while I talked it kept falling out....They didn't get the Re-line right and messed up the cosmetic look to boot! I asked to speak to a manager and the man who did it said he was the owner the same one who was making me cry. NOT VERY PROFESSIONAL AT ALL! I'M DISCOURAGED!

I told them I prayed the whole day that it would come out allright and they even continued to mock me about my religion by saying We'll pray "we'll pray it come out right this time" I thought we really was gonna pray we were all standing there together but they were just mocking me. NOT NICE PEOPLE AT ALL! Just like the people said above it is true they take their job like a joke obviously and cause they already got paid for my services they don't care how quick or half fast they do my teeth or anyones for that matter. Dr.

Park was the man that did mine & made me cry along with his hygentist and helper in the dental lab. You can reach me at kdeyo@***.com


You're lucky you survived. They killed a patient in Illinois and are now trying to cover it up

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Amherst, New Hampshire
New Reviewer

Dr Chowhan Aspen Dental Bourbonnais sending emails pretending to be a patient

This "doctor" is sending out emails pretending to be a patient!!! She is advising real patients NOT to sue and trying to dig up information on what is going on with the people she has injured. She even pretended to be a patient when writing to an under-grad REPORTER. What a *** *** bit**. Can't change the truth so try to cover it up!! Why are they so afraid of the truth??? Does Aspen know what she is up to and do they applaud it? This total lack of integrity is not what I want from a dentist - how about you??????????????
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why does it surprise anyone that this woman chowhan would do something like this. when your a piece of *** dentist rolling in the gutter nothing better can be expected.


there is a dvd making the rounds at all the senior centers in the area regarding this doctor. it's very informative and serves as a warning as to how low this business will sink




I wish I had read this before becoming another one of this Chowhan Iqbal's victims!!!!!!!!!


Why is this bit-ch still allowed to practice MEDICINE. She doesn't even have the DECENCY after victimizing her patients to leave them alone.

No she has to continue the *** with an assault of fake emails. What a piece of shi-, we need to run her out of Bradley and back to the alley she crawled out of.


Another pathetic excuse for a dentist hired by Aspen Dental.


This bit-ch did the same to me. She sent me an email trying to defend what she did to me then a few days later I get an email from a so-called former employee of the dental terrorist-as she is so apply called here, Nadia Chowhan, this so-called former employee tried to explain how nothing the pain suffering CRACKED healthy tooth was any of Chowhan the Terrors fault.

After seeing the postings here, I checked.

BOTH emails came from the same IP address. Bit-ch thinks she's so smart what a piece of ***.


OMG this has been out in twitter lnd 4 the lst 3 wks. saw a rep that there are over 80 THOUSAND tweets circ bout this dentist & aspen.

Hope this will bring em down.

Imagine how LOW u have 2 b 2 pretend to be a patient on line. DOWN WITH THE MAN!!


I saw a download of the emails. they were signed by so called patients but with a tracer program not only did it show where they came from - ASPEN DENTAL but also when the initial innocent replies were opened by ASPEN DENTAL and forwarded to FIVE different ASPEN DENTAL computers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get the facts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :grin


Before you complain.....get the facts....then say what you want

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Chicago, Illinois
New Reviewer

Aspen Dental pretends to be patient

You asked and here we go. Aspen Dental IP's from which they sent emails or received emails while pretending to be two different patients: " " .26269 " " .28119 " " .28294 " " .29383 " " .28503 " " .28919 these are just the ones we have ID so far. Can't contact my mid story line so I think they must have got to her first by pretending to be a patiend. They did it to me why wouldn't they do it to real patients. I haven't given up. Even if I have to drive down there and go from house to house the truth will prevail. I will be watching Aspen with a microscope. All of you that have responded with your stories, I am still planning on working with what I have. Be careful who you write to from this site. If considering this office think of the lack of integrity it takes to do something like this and ask if this is what you want in a doctor.
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I got an email from that IP from a former office manager giving me legal advise to not sue - so she wasn't FORMER huh. *** company no low is too low for them


Makes ya wonder what else they've been getting away with!!!!!!!


Went to the Bradley office but didn't have any work done so no problems there. Thought what they did to patients was bad enough, but this is so EVIL. Pretending to be a patient??


how do you check these?


wow are they are legit company. been around long?

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Chicago, Illinois
New Reviewer

Aspen Dental Bourbonnais Dentist pretends to be a patient online

Wow just got a twitter about the writer who posted info on here asking for contact stuff on a patient at this office. Wowszer wowszer wowszer as dad would say they really screwed the pooch. First they ruin this patients life so that she now has to have teeth pulled because of their screw up but then they post fake reviews, and even send him emails pretending to be patients and have positive things to say about this chick chowhan who is suppose to be a dentist. The email copies out in tweetville are wild. Trying to find out what he knows that he knows that they dont' know and if he has interview the patient yet. Get OFF the pooch chowhan and Aspen and take responsibility for what you did instead of spending so much time to cover your ***. This is bogus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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They dont even PRETEND to have any respect for their patients or they wouldn't have even gone there. what a joke as a company


tku for the twt pls snd ip


How *** is this doctor?

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Chicago, Illinois
New Reviewer

Aspen Dental Bourbonnais commits FRAUD

I am writing a story about an Aspen Dental patient who posted here a few months ago. I posted asking for any info on this patient and that any other dissatisfied patients contact me. I was contacted by a "patient" with the email address valerie_welles@***.com and the sender identified her/his self as valerie welles an Aspen Dental PATIENT. I admit that I skipped the computer classes at NIU and focussed on Journalism and Literature, so Aspen will probably blame me for not figuring out sooner that ASPEN DENTAL is VALERIE WELLES. I turned over most of my contact info to a researcher for verification and it took them two seconds to find out the email from this PATIENT came from Aspen Dental. I sent this PATIENT info on my story this week that should have gone to a REAL PATIENT not an Aspen Dental poser. I would say shame on you to ASPEN DENTAL for having employees pretend to be PATIENTS but is seems clear they they have employees pretending to be DENTIST!! I'm going to write this story!! I will include the email you sent me and the fact that you have your employees going on sites like this pretending to be victims of your own company to elicit information.
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If you have been a patient of Aspen Dental and you believe that you have received unacceptable dental care resulting in:

- Physical injury associated with the dental care provided

- Unnecessary, excessive or questionable dental treatment

- Poorly fitting or cosmetically unacceptable dentures

- Protracted pain after your dental procedure

- Emotional Distress as a result of your dental visit

- Financial abuse which you cannot resolve with Aspen Dental

You may have a Legal Right to financial compensation.

A multi-state Mass Tort Lawsuit is forming against the Aspen Dental Group. If you would like to have your complaint against Aspen Dental considered for inclusion in this action, please send a complete description of your “Aspen” experience, including your name, contact email address and phone number to the following email address:


Attn: Aspen Dental Management Mass Tort Unit

we are requesting that in your email you identify your complaint as being in one of the three following categories:

1.DENTAL MALPRACTICE – In which you have been physically injured by their dental “care.”

2.CONSUMER FRAUD – Includes cases in which office personnel of Aspen Dental used high pressure sales tactics designed to take your money with false promises of providing competent dental health care.

3.Combination of Malpractice and Consumer Fraud.

You can remain anonymous!

When you email the description of your complaint for inclusion in this action, simply request that we assign you a confidential identity. As a new patient, a reasonable person would not expect Aspen Dental to take unfair advantage of a dental problem – after all, they are considered to be a healthcare facility; however, when you sit down with the Office Manager to discuss your dental treatment plan it becomes clear that your money, not your health, is Aspen's primary objective. The job of the Aspen office manager is to force you into accepting the most costly and extensive dental work possible. This is termed “conversion” and is against the law.

Aspen Dental rewards its employees with financial bonus incentives for exceeding monthly production goals. This bonus system is based upon Aspen's internal use of “metrics” which pressures each office to compete against other Aspen offices. Unfortunately, since Aspen’s Management Team is composed of individuals whose background is in “consumer retail” – not in healthcare - they operate the dental care facility as a retail business in which you are not viewed as a patient - instead, you are simply a paying customer. Aspen Dental’s motto is: “To create a happy, paying patient.” But, unfortunately once you pay, you quickly discover that you are not happy.

This Mass Tort Lawsuit will effectively make Aspen Dental accountable for their acts through the unified and coherent voice of thousands of patients who have been wrongfully injured by Aspen Dental.

This Mass Tort Lawsuit will channel thousands of patient complaints into a collectively powerful force which will finally stop Aspen.


Read your story very informative. Thank you.


is it true this dentist killed a patient?

what was the cod? was it because of bad work, infection, pain, stress???


Please post the name of the paper your story will be in when written. It should be download and sent out nationwide. The best defense is often being warned in advance!


How could a company this large allow this to happen? Makes you wonder what they have been getting away with all along doesnt it. 8)


Can't wait to read your story in the paper. Its about time someone started taking a look at these corporate run medical practices. Money first patient care a distant second.


OBVIOUSLY they have NO respect for their patients.


I wont give you the phone number but the manteno ladys email is annjolietillinois at yahoo.

Good luck!!


posting my own review thanks for the info sent it out to all. tweet tweet where's the puddy cat


This is garbage.What the *** is this doctor up to now.Nervy to try something like this r they just ***! wasn't going to post here but no the lady ur talkin bout shes in town saw her this morning with her hub and dogs.lives in Manteno and is always out with two small dogs and a German Shep.

u should ask her name at the church on 50 seen her there.

Can't remb her name I'll ask round and send it to ur email. what a shtty thing for aspen to du

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Washington, District Of Columbia
New Reviewer

Didn't examine before drilling screwed me up bad

i went to the denist because i was having a problem with my front teeth there is a cavity that join both teeth the denist came in and told me a was going to get three fillings i said how much was all that going to be because i needed my front teeth done first he came back and said i could get them all done with no co pay he started drilling in the back first and left the one with the worst cavity undone then told me i ran out of credit but put a filling on it but it needed a root canel then the assistant put fillings in two bottom teeth and didn't fill the top one he had drilled and left that one exposed which he still hasn't made right SO MEANWHILE IM IN ALOT OF PAIN and still waiting to see the denist and i still can't see him again until six days later. and dont know if he is going to make this right. T Dalton
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Please contact me about this review. I am writing an article about a woman in Manteno who apparemtly has had to EIGHT root canals because of what they did to her. newsismybus@***.com

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Terre Haute, Indiana
New Reviewer

Aspen Patients-I admit we are frauds

To all Aspen Dental patients...I would like to apologize for my short stint as office manager. I quit after allowing my Regional Manager to bully me into falsifying treatment plans and overcharging customers and insurance companies. With the job market the way it is, I was afraid to lose my job. However, after many sleepless nights, I walked out. I totally admit that my office was involved in fraudulent treatment and falsifying health records. As for my part, I did the least fraudulent things I could and as a result was written up a few times because my manager wanted me out. My manager told me that I was too compassionate and too soft because I refused to ram treatment down patients throats. I now sleep well and have made my restitution with God.
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I am so glad to find this info. I went in for a bridge and was told I needed full dentures.

I am getting a second opinion on Thursday. Psychologically, this is huge news but it was "expected" big deal from them.

The office manager basically told me it was cheaper to get the full set than do the work needed. If I find this to be incorrect, you can bet I will take action and it won't be pretty!!


Another current Aspen Dental employe eposting as a patient. For what reason?

To try to head off lawsuits by gaining rapport with real patients and advising settle, settle settle.

This is riduculous and another example of the type company Aspen has become. Look elsewhere for real denistry.


saw the proof. pres of Aspen opened email from canada relay so did this *** or what ever it is.

DOWN WITH ASPEN and it's underhanded lowlife tactics. This should be on ABC NBC and CBS


this is ALSO a current ASPEN DENTAL employee!! can prove it!! They opened email from an acct opened by aspen management.


If you would be so kind as to contact me at adc6@***.edu I need to ask some more questions of you. I believed a long time ago that Aspen was a fraud when it came to their billing practices.

You have proved that and I believe that what you wrote about your treatment as an employee there was against many labor laws as well. I do not think that those who work for Aspen in the same capacity as you did realize that there are laws that hold them responsible for their actions. Meaning this . .

. if they ( Aspen ) have trianed you to peform these fraudulant acts and you agree to do them, then you are as responsible as they and you can be held monitarily responsible for damages as well. One thing for you to do now to protect yourself is to write a letter or better yet, contact the Attorney General of your state (I hope it is NY) and relate to them what you know. You are protected by whistle blower laws on both the State and Federal levels.

I think that with the new laws governing health care under the new Obamma Health Care Bill that was just passed things will get done and quickly. I applaud your courage and for regaining your conscience. Now please, if you would contact me .

. .


No shi- they're a bunch of frauds. You shold see what they did to a woman I go to church with it's a crime!!!!!!!!!!!! :(


Please contact me at newsismybus@***.com. I am putting together a story which will I've been assured will be picked up by the wires,not just my local paper, about a woman who went into an Aspen office in no pain and 4-5 months later is still in pain all to just improve the LOOK of her teeth. I would love your input.

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Aspen Dental Manager

They did not call me back for an emergency after 7 calls to their answering servce

I went to Aspen Dental in Hamden CT and received an estimate (with insurance) of $4,700. I need a tooth extracted and until Dr Lee started to probe my gums, I had little pain. The next day at 2AM,I woke up in excruciating pain and started to call for emergency service, which they advertise in the Yellow Pages. I have waited over five and 1/2 hours with no response. The answering service has called, left e-mails and yet no response. I recommend that anyone who is looking for a dentist, overlook Aspen Dental. It is a nationwide corporation, with no compassion for it's patients. Watch Michael Moore's movie "In Love with Capitalism", and you will get I sense of how corporations do not care for the individual. I am *** mad and will write to the American Dental Society, my Congress women,and any one else who will listen. Buyer beware!!!!
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I am writing a story about an Aspen dental patient. The focus being how someone can go to them with NO pain and No dental problems and suffer through the treatment provide at Aspen.

5-6 months of pain and dental procedures to try and correct the problems Aspen created.

Please contact me at newsismybus@***.com. I will provide you with ID and links to stories I have written which were published by my local paper as well as the Chicago Trib and Sun Times.

#177906 Review #177906 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Hyannis, Massachusetts
Aspen Dental Dental Services
New Reviewer

Aspen Dental Bourbonnais Human Interest Story

I am writing, in the hope that the parties who wrote comments on the complaint from the woman who visited the above-referred Aspen Dental office, will contact me. I would also be very pleased if this woman would contact me. I was unable to find the link to the video which listed your contact info and would like to discuss interviewing you. I freelance for a variety of the locals and would like to write a Human Interest piece on what you experienced with Aspen Dental in Bourbonnais. I would also like to hear from any and all of the poster who wrote in support of what you were going through. Contact me at newsismybus@***.com. I will supply you with proof of ID and creds.
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This is my neighbor. She is back in town and I will tell her to check here and contact you.

She just had more work done to fix her problem including having a front tooth pulled. You'll probably have to talk to her husband because she could barely talk when I went over to see her yesterday.


hunt and peck typing its 726**** and 468**** she works w my mom.


Her name is ann and she is local 726****. I don't see her around much so not sure she is still living here.


Cool. know the lady will email you name and number. Not sure number still good.


Sent you email

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#177362 Review #177362 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Washington, District Of Columbia
Aspen Dental Dental Cleaning
New Reviewer

Completely False Diagnosis and Total SCAM

I visited the Mishawaka, IN location of Aspen Dental because it was the only place that gave me a 'discount' on my dental plan. After a 2 hour HORRIBLE and painful experience getting xrays and the free 'examination', I was told I had 8 cavities and periodontal disease and had to come back for a deep cleaning. I HAVE NEVER HAD A CAVITY OR ANY DENTAL PROBLEMS!!!! After asking how I could develop 8 cavities in 6 months when I've never had any before, I was told by the "dentist" that it was from cavity causing bacteria from kissing my fiance (whom I had already been with for 4 years at that point). My fiance has NEVER had a cavity or any dental problems either! The final bill for recommended treatment after the 'discount' was going to be $3,500!! I walked out and visited a real dentist. After xrays, cleaning, and exam, I was told I had ZERO cavities and my gums were fine - no periodontal disease or gingivitis. Aspen Dental is a COMPLETE RIP OFF and SCAM!!! After asking around and sharing my story I have heard of numerous people with the same experience! DO NOT GO TO ASPEN DENTAL!!! Go to an actual dentist!
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i too seen Samuel Wakim at the mishawaka buisness and he wont give my money back for ill fitting dentures and was under litigation at my time of service. I too had gotten a second opinion from a real dentist.

Now they wont return my calls. i am now following legal advice and contacting the state dental board. I assure every one wronged by him do the same.

Look up litigations under his name through the state attorneys web site of indiana and you will be amazed in which his litigation was for. Donot go back ur being scammed!


Denture: Acrylic base material from Fricke, Lucitone 199 and fast por+ That's no good materials. Teeth from Z-Dent, New Hue, Classica, Portrait IPN. Cheapest brand is Z-Dent, New Hue and classic looks awful and not match pt's mouth. Aspent untold the truth... Very rip offf.... offf.. materails too... High quality teeth company name is Heraeus Kulzer, Vita, Ivoclar Vivadent, Image( for women).

Acrylic best company names: Ivoclar Vivadent, Heraeus Kulzer, Vita, Keystone(Diamond- D) strongest one. Partial framework best Bego ( made in Germany).

Aspent wont tell customer... Their all materials *** and cheap ***...


Aspen Owner richest and high profit themself. Dental lab technicians are very very low pay their salary.

Very sad... All denture materals not quality brands.

I was quit from Aspan dental lab jobs. All boss and managers are liar and artists.


Gianluca - Do not go back!!! It is a scam!

Just walk away (or RUN) and do not have further contact with them. I have spoken to at least 5 other people who have had the same experience at this same store. Go to a small, local dentist with their own practice in the area. Dr.

Daniel E. White on St. Peter St in South Bend is very good! If money is an issue, you can get a cleaning, xrays, and exam at the IUSB dental school for $25 (it does take 4 hours though, but you'll get cheap xrays to show you that you do not have 15 cavities!).

I will bet that you in no way actually have 15 cavities, and it will be worth the $100 or so to go to a real dentist for a real exam and cleaning. DO NOT GO BACK TO ASPEN DENTAL!


I just returned from visiting Dr. Samuel Wakim at the same Aspen Dental in Mishawaka.

I was told I need 15 fillings ... what should I do now?

Trust him, and go for it?! 15 fillings, with no history of cavities ever??


Frank1985: I'm sorry I did not respond to your original post sooner, I just saw it. I would be happy to participate in a story about Aspen Dental, if you are still working on it.

Bill Palmer: Thank you for the name. Very interesting.


The Mishawaka dentist is Samuel Wakim. Try Google searching his name for *** and giggles.


I am trying to write a story about the results of a local woman's visit to Aspen dental in IL. She went to them with no dental problems and since the first cosmetic procedure has been in unbelievable pain.

I have just been advised by a source that the woman had to be hospitalized this weekend due to the cosmetic dental work that was done at this Aspen location.

I would like to include in my story other patients encounters with Aspen.

I am not an Aspen employee and will be happy to provide you with ID as well as links to articles I have had published not only by my local paper, but also the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun Times.


I went to the one on the corner of Day Rd and Grape Rd. I do not remember the name of the "dentist" who saw me. He had a student with him too that did the actual exam.


Who is the name of your dentist and which Aspen dental office did you go to?

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Aspen Dental Dental Cleaning
New Reviewer

Aspen Dental Bourbonnais Doctor

This doctor used to be at Aspen Dental in Fort Worth Indiana. I posted a complaint about her over 2 years ago based on her pulling this same type ***. She traveled from Indiana office to Indiana office creating terror havoc and pain in patients lives. If you want to see my post regarding what she did to my boyfriend go to and look for my post in November or December of 08. Beware patients of Illinois if you don't want bad service and pain go elsewhere. She must have finally had to leave Indiana. Aspen is the worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheri
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I got a twitter that this dentist actually caused the death of a patient in Illinois. Do you know any of the details??


Is this real? We have laws to protect ourselves against doctors like this. WHY is this being allowed.


OMG how can they get away with this


Please contact me regarding an article I would like to write about the happenings at this business.newsismybus@***.com


Thanks good to know say otehr probs here with him also


I liked the doctor and the entire office staff. The office was very clean and I was seen right on time which is a big deal with a dentist office.

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Joliet, Illinois
Aspen Dental Dental Services
New Reviewer

Aspen Dental Bradley MUY MALO

Ful aqui y era un aexperiencia muy mala. El Dr. Chowjan actuabo como tenia sucio cooties y no podria entender que cualquier cosa que dije guardalo el hacer me de cosas de la repeticion pero ella entendia bastantes para intentar darme una cuenta grande grande. Dije quo no y nosotros fuimos al denista al lado de Kohls. Mejore al mejor doctor apto mejor porque vi video en la tarjeta aporrear e no quisiera que este doctor hiciera a mi que el hiza a su otro paciente. Voy a estar casado en un ano y suene como la otra senora nunca sera fijo de lo que hizo el doctor a ella.
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Please contact me at newsismybus@***.com


es por favor esta dentista Walmart cercano chowjan en 50?

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Chicago, Illinois
Aspen Dental Dental Services
New Reviewer

Aspen Dental Bourbonnais

Estes us lugar may malo. Esperamos horas entonces que piden tarjeta del suguro mientras que miran abajo nosotros. Mi marido si fue en mas dolor que cuando el consiguio alli. Deseo que hubiero visto el video de esta mujer y que el hizo a ella antes de que fueramos alli. Pienso que necesitamos decir a toda la gente que conocemos sobre esto y me cercioro de que no suceda a cualquier persona siempre otra vez. El doctor parecia agradable pero usted podria decir que ella no sentia que teniamos el dinero que ella quiso. Un lugar muy malo a ir si usted esta en dolar y paa querer ayuda. Gracias al video casan a la senora para decimos.
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Concierto una cita gambien pero consigo alli y nadie habla espanol.


Si. una experienca muy muy muy mala.

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Chicago, Illinois
New Reviewer

Aspen Dental Bradley

Dodged a bullet with this one. Almost made a appointment here but my granddaughter told me to read what is here. Seems one of the ladies that went over to Olivet Nazarene earlier this month for Katies crocheting club knows a lady in the area who was hurt really bad by the doctor at this office. A lot of what's on the internet just is garbage but places like this where you can dodge a bad doctor are good. Its like the old days when we all knew each other and everyone knew what docs were good and what were bad. thanks for putting this site here for us.
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TWITTER gramps. Its the new info highway get on the road and you wil find the posts and vid here have been sent to THOUSANDS not a few hundred interested people. It's 2010!!!!!!!!!!!

#176203 Review #176203 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Washington, District Of Columbia
Aspen Dental Dental Services
New Reviewer

Chowhan Iqbal gives dentist a bad name

From the moment I walked through the door I knew there was a problem. First I stood there 15 minutes while an employee discussed/with her back to me/with another patient her financial agreement. Should have walked out. Then I have my xrays and exam and the dentist tells me I need a 300.00 cleaning and extensive and very expensive cosmetic work not that she ever mentions the sum. To much of a doctor to talk money let the peasants do that while she just sneaks up behind you and steals it out of your pocket. I tell her I just had my teeth cleaned 6 months ago but she insisted and talked about how happy it would make HER to see my smile brightened. Yea I'll bet that $6000 would have made HER real happy. Didn't fall for their "used car" salesmanship b.s and skeedaddled out of there. And am glad I walked away. I am only posting because this woman who's video was linked here has asked that people quit posting that it could be harmful to this dentist to keep posting. Ok some of the words used are ugly but dental work is scary for some people the dentist office is not the place you want to spend your day and then to bump into this kind of dentist makes it worse. My recommendation is to find a dentist with an established practice and his name on the door. Talk to you neighbors if you're new in the area and find someone you can trust. Don't go to someone just because you have a COUPON!!
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Please contact me regarding the situation you encountered at this office. I am obtaining information in the hope of writing a Human Interest story about one patients dental problems which arose from this office.



contact me through read my review here 3000 hits and counting


UR right without this forum we might become the next victims of this dentist

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Washington, District Of Columbia
Aspen Dental Dental Cleaning