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I had 2 cavities, 5 lower teeth & a partial plate. I wanted teeth removed & a lower denture. Dentist felt it was important to save teeth. He pulled 1 tooth and half of another tooth. He made new partial which was closer to front of mouth & I had sores from wire on clasp. Said not much we can do about it & I don't know how much longer front teeth will last. Said I could use ambesole for sores. I now have a toothache on half of tooth and 1 tooth is splitting in 2 pieces on front teeth. Do not go to Aspen Dental.
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First of all, I agree with the dentist that you should have saved as many teeth as practical. Too often, patients find they cannot wear lower full dentures.

They are not as stable as uppers because there is a tongue moving around down there.

But constructing a good lower partial is no easy thing to do. First of all, the teeth it connects to must be shaped right, or they must have crowns. Fabricating a partial denture takes good design, super-accurate impressions, and excellent lab work. Fabrication with shortcuts takes 4 or 5 appointments.

A dentist really cannot construct a good partial in the crumby environment that corporate dental clinics give them.

The labs they must use are mediocre in quality, often in China.

So sorry to hear you had a bad experience and lost a lot of money.

Perhaps with a lot of time and effort, you can recover some of it, and go to a dentist who owns his own practice and utilizes a quality lab. A good partial will not be cheap- I charge $1800 in my office.

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Bowling Green, Ohio

Prices and timing for receiving dentures

We took our 92 year old mother to Aspen Dental for a new set of dentures. Their advertisements state that dentures would be ready on the same day or within 72 hours. This did not happen, we had to wait 3-week for a follow-up appointment and were told that she may...
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OK, right off the bat, it is impossible to construct decent dentures in two visits within 24 hours, or even 72 hours. Good dentures take 5 to 6 visits to construct correctly, then 3 to 4 visits of adjustments afterwards.

Anything less than this involves compromises. By the time a patient is perfectly comfortable with their new dentures, I have usually spent over two months on the project.

If you think you can get a decent dentures for $1100, much less $475, you are living in Fantasyland.

Would you expect to get a prosthetic leg for $475?! No? A set of dentures is much more difficult to construct.

Look I know your beloved mother is 90 years old and you don't want to spend any money on dentures because you don't think she will be around much longer.

It is doubtless also very difficult to transport her to the dental office. A smarter move would have been just to reline the dentures she had. That is a lot easier and costs a lot less money.

I am not sure why you chose a corporate dental chain clinic owned by a leveraged buyout group for your precious mother's care. Why did you think they would have truthful advertising and competent care?

It is all about rushing the young, inexperienced dentists employed there to bill the maximum revenues possible.

There are plenty of honest and competent dentists in private practice that do dentures. Find one of those guys next time.

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Benton Harbor, Michigan

Aspen Dental - Dentures Review

I got a lower and up done they are so worn down need new ones done only 3 years old this bull *** who has money to buy teeth ever 3 years it looks like I have no teeth in
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It is not surprisingly if your dentures are loose and need relines within three years, if this is your first denture after extractions.

It would be unusual if the actual teeth are worn out. High-quality denture teeth can easily last 10 years or longer.

You never know what you will get with these corporate clinics, as they always use the cheapest labs they can find.

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Detroit, Michigan

Aspen Dental - Staff Review

Not satisfied with the competence of the office staff at all. Raynham ma. My husband decided to replace upper and get bottoms. Sat with office manager and decided on a plan. I have a HSA plan with plenty to cover the best item chosen. I told them I would approve a head of time the amount to be taken out of my account. The said no need. During the visit we will do a little at a time. I have my limit set at 1000.00. Today we arrive and I find out no one pull that's amounts each time he had an appt. I had to call to up my limit and the process took 30 min. The made us wait 30 min before they would take him anxiously sitting suffering with the anxiety Really!!!!! When the 30 min arrived then they took him. Now my appts at work all need to be pushed back.
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If you had "plenty to cover the best item chosen" in your HSA, why on earth would your husband choose a corporate chain clinic like this one? Why wouldn't he look for a dentist who is experienced in removable prosthetics instead of a young dentist under the gun to produce high billing volumes in a corporate clinic?

Why did your husband decide to get rid of all his lower teeth?

It is a rare patient where I cannot save at least two canine roots on the bottom and construct an overdenture over them.

Overdentures are MUCH more stable, and help preserve valuable bone on the lower jaw.

I am sorry, but it does not seem that your husband's "plan" is very well thought out. I wish him well, but it is usually an expensive mistake to go to a corporate chain clinic owned by private investors, instead of a practice owned by a dentist.

Did you not read all some of the other 886 negative reviews against this chain before taking your husband to one of their offices?

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Brockton, Massachusetts

Bad Dental Service Review

I'm not satisfied their the worse denist I've been to twice I've been to my appointment I get seen really late
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Grand Island, Nebraska

Aspen Dental - Office Manager Review

Had impressions done had pd for all and at last min oral surgeon wanted me to come to her office I did she said ahe was not going to do aurgery because my health was so bad had infection in mouth and never gave me antibiotics nothing just said id be lucky to be alive in two months and refunded money. Then I started to cry she new I had mental ddisabilities and who ky dr.was and what meds I was on and took me to office manager office to have kailey rude self sentered lady to tell me do Iunderstand this Iis not goimg to take place on monday and this was Thursday surgery to be monday.but before telling me like I was an *** or a *** person ahe had called port orange police come and wait three grown police oficers come in while she told me I asked why hey were there kaikey manager ayed *** I asked police what I did there answer was no thing so she stero typed me due to my disabilities the police ran my license for no reason and then when my mom called to tell tjem how unfaily I was treated and how unorofessional they were they agreed and said sorry. Ha say sorry to my lawyer if u are thinking about goimg to any apsen dental read all reviews first and then run and run far away from them they lie tell u that u need things done that do not need to be done.they need to be put out of bussiness incompadent liars low life money hunger people who arent even able to hardley speak english
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I went to aspen dental in trussville al today it was the worst experience of my life they lie and they dont care they told me I had a infection and neede a root canal but didnt have appt available to d o thay for two weeks would not write me an antibiotics for it and told me i had too hurt for two weeks thats so unprofessional snd low down I do not recommend them to anyone run if u c them please


To not do surgery on a patient who is in very poor health is understandable. No oral surgeon wants a patient to die in his office and cause a publicity sensation.

However, if you are in pain and/or have a dental infection, what should you do? If you are in such fragile health, perhaps oral surgery in a hospital is more appropriate. Then there would be life resuscitation equipment ready if needed.

I am sorry to tell you, but refusing a fragile patient surgery and treating a patient rudely, as reprehensible as that is, is not any sort of Board of Dentistry offense, nor is it anything you could successfully sue them for.

My suggestion is you seek a competent oral surgeon NOT ASSOCIATED WITH A CORPORATE CHAIN DENTAL CLINIC who has hospital admitting privileges.

Explain in advance your disability so he or she will know what they are dealing with. It may be that not removing all the teeth at one time that are planned for extraction would be less traumatic.

Your effort should be to get the money back from this chain for all treatment paid for and not completed. From what other posters have written, this will be extremely difficult. Then seek a COMPETENT AND HONEST dentist who owns his own practice and has a good reputation in the community.

If I were you, I would have this clinic's treatment plan evaluated for appropriateness anyway. Chains like this are known for overly aggressive treatment plans.

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Orange Park, Florida

Out of credit and no permanent teeth.

February of this year I made the decision to get false teeth after years of suffering and embarrassment. I finally made the choice and felt great about it. Got my old ones ripped out, got my temp. teeth, and I was ready for my final ones. Mind you, Aspen said all of the charges had already been figured out, and when my final teeth were ready I would be able to walk in and get them. Not so much. I received a letter telling me to come on down for my final dentures, and made my way to their office. When I arrived, I was told that ANOTHER 600 dollars would be billed to me on top of the 4000 dollar debt I already owe for a cleaning and filling of teeth I had left. This is NOT what they advertised. I was also told they would be ready for me to take home in six months, and it's been seven. I am unable to receive my final teeth because I refuse to pay another 600 dollars that I was told I wouldn't have to pay, even though I have paid in full the cost of said teeth. I am furious and I do not recommend Aspen Dental to anyone who has a fully functional brain, because you will see the *** behind the smile.
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Here is the problem. Honest dentists only bill procedures and take money as the procedures are completed.

As a former employee has noted, this chain's strategy is to bill ALL procedures up front, so the patient is committed to completing treatment at the chain's office. If you change your mind, they make it very, very difficult to get any refund.

My advice to you is to kick up a ruckus, threatening them with a State Dental Board complaint, if you are not refunded money for any services not completed.

Then go to a REPUTABLE dentist who owns his own office, NOT A CORPORATE CLINIC, and have your temporary denture relined. This should not cost much more than $400 and will make them fit very tightly.

Not sure from your post where your remaining teeth are. If on bottom, you have a lower partial.

If all plastic, these are not practical to reline. Under no circumstances have the final partial denture made at this chain. A lab tech chronicled how they are made of thin metal by Chinese dental labs.

A decent partial denture can be relined and last for over 20 years, if the teeth are taken care of!

I know this is a painful lesson for you, but hopefully you will learn and never make the same mistake again. Patients are drawn to these places because of expensive advertising and the promise of a "good deal." What they get most of the time is third-rate dentistry at fees that are far from bargains- topped off by debt for it at a high rate of interest!

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Auburn, Maine
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Dentures have ruined my life!

had all teeth pulled in 2011 at aspen dental in Lebanon, tn. received temps, which I still try to use. permanents are like horse mouth teeth. constant burning on gums and roof of mouth, cannot leave in for more than 45 min. weighed 141 lbs. when work was done now weigh 102 lbs. unable to eat other than soft food without any teeth, dentures will not work, went to other dental company , castle, they could do nothing, went to allergy dr. no help. I've lost muscle use in face around lips and cheekbones due to this procedure. still paying care credit for the "comfylites", best type to purchase! I am very depressed and upset that I no longer have a smile or confidence I use to have, can't go to social functions, church, restaurants, dates, etc. am unable to have a relationship due to this. I want to sue this company and possibly get enough money to have implants so I can get my life back, I've lost over 3 yrs. of my life due to this. please someone help me.
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Aspen was great@***t..seemed very compassionate,even when i was telling him I'm not very good w/pain,he says"oh you will do great,let's get your smile back..which meant pulling all my top teeth and all but 6 on bottom..which already in itself was/is very traumatizing for me already.then the dentist started talking to me like a2 year old because i squirmed a lil when he started giving me shots-said i was a being a liability..and a perfect candidate for being put under-which is what i mentioned to begin with-he literally made me cry-not that i was already up in my feelings here,but still very unprofessional and to be talked down to @a time like this in my life has made me not even want to go back..but that's 4000 dol i saved for the last 3year's to keep me from haveing another toothach all winter long again..i was a whole 115lbs when i went in that place,took me years to get that big-now I'm relying on ensure to help me not look so much like a *** with a horses's only been 2wks for me,& my dentist is Aspen in Dawsonville ga. Reading all these,&my experience only shows me they out for one thing and it's not to make u smile


Hun, if all took to ruin your life was a set of dentures, you didn't have a life to begin with. So get one!


Dentures are not a replacement for teeth, they are a replacement for NO teeth. If they were so *** good, dentists would pull everyone's teeth and give them dentures. Duh.


Over and over again I hear the same story: patients don't take care of their teeth, figuring they will have them all pulled on day, and life will be a bed of roses. Then 99% find out reality: dentures are a poor substitute for teeth, and sometimes cannot be worn at all.

I think those "comfylites" they peddle as the best thing since sliced bread are made of some sort of flexible nylon instead of polymethylmethacrylate.

My experience is they are tougher on the gums, and teeth come out of them more easily. They are also harder to repair and reline.

Never heard of an allergy to the material, however. Did your allergist test it? Could be you are malnourished as well.

I have only met a couple of patients in my life that could not wear correctly constructed dentures.

My advice is to find a good older dentist who owns his own practice and does dentures. A lot of ex-military guys do this. STAY AWAY FROM CORPORATE DENTAL CHAIN CLINICS which you seem enamored with. After having all your teeth pulled, going to one of these sleazy outfits was your biggest mistake.

A couple of implants in each arch make all the difference in the world with dentures.

My favorite trick is to top implants with magnetic heads, and place magnets in the dentures to keep them from moving around. As you can imagine, this is not cheap!

As you found out the hard way, fabricating dentures that look good and fit well enough to allow chewing and good pronunciation is a daunting task.

It takes years to really get good at it, and requires excellent lab work. You are not very likely to get such service at a cheesy corporate dental chain owned by a leveraged buyout firm that heavily advertises on TV.

@Lonie Hvl

Seems like most people here and on other sites simply don't understand that some of us indeed have taken care of our teeth during our lifetime, however, due to soft teeth, seizures and other difficulties I am one whose life has been ruined as well. And no not by my lack of taking care of my teeth or going to a sleazy chain as mentioned.

Unless you truly have a clue about what a person has gone through during their lifetime quit making assumptions about denture wearers, which do affect quality of life; difficulty eating and speaking to name a couple of issues. It really makes me wonder why in 2016 there are no better solutions than having a dental covering that feels like a dam or drilling implants into a jaw bone that are extremely costly and look very painful despite all the claims they aren't. I know several people who have had implants and ended up miserable because of them. Seems to me technology is sadly lacking in dentistry and no one cares about those of us who have no choice but to opt for bulky partials that make life and enjoying it no fun.

All I can say is I thought I'd be so happy with my partials only to realize it's the most depressing thing to have, makes me feel like a borg and has greatly affected my self confidence. Food doesn't taste the same and I always taste and feel the plastic of the awful partials. I lost 30 lbs as well but have learned to eat although it's very uncomfortable and no option I've read about seems to be feasible cost or comfort wise.

Many times I really wish dentists and those who make these fake plastic sorry excuse for teeth could wear them and understand just how terrible, cumbersome and absolutely life changing they really are. Sure some have no problems adjusting to these contraptions but some of use do.


Thank you! I couldn't have said it better myself.

@Lonie Hvl

I believe many go to places like aspen, because they offer dentures for $800 . Buyer beware.

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Lebanon, Tennessee

I had a great experience

Aspen Dental - I had a great experience
I never took care of my teeth and that is no one else's fault but my own. I went to Aspen for an evaluation and they confirmed I had gum disease which I already knew. X-rays were taken and my plan was put together. All my lower teeth except for the eye teeth needed to be extracted on the lower. The upper needed to have the front 4 removed and 4 cavities done on remaining top teeth. Everything went great for me, I started it on July 3rd 2014, now I can wear my immediate upper and lower and eat with no pain. It was not like that from the start but I kept coming back for alignments and finally all went well. My advice to everyone is keep coming back until they fit perfectly, I did and never needed an appointment. Thanks to everyone at the Easton, Pa office for your caring and patience. In 5 months I will have the permanent dentures but I can eat fine now. It's great to smile again...Bill Schieber, I am not an employee and if you have any questions feel free to e mail me at bombardier1979@***.com
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Don't buy what their selling you my friend...go get a second opinion they are infamous for telling people they have peridontal disease&need extractions when they have no problems or far fewer than they tell you. They won't do what they say and you'll be miserable if you live thru what they do to you.

Please get a 2nd opinion & don't go near them. Please trust me-I now have no teeth and there is nothing I can do to change that at this point.

Please don't go foreward with them until you see a regular good dentist it will be worth it in the long run. I promise you!


A common mistake in dentures is to place the denture teeth where they ended up after periodontal disease, instead of in the more ideal position. When most people smile, the lower front teeth are either not visible, or just barely above the lower lip line.

In deep *** cases or after years of periodontal disease, the lower teeth extrude, giving an unnatural excessive display of lower teeth.

Instead of correcting this in you denture, it appears the lab techs just duplicated the unnatural tooth position.

Either that, or you have a very strange way of retracting your lower lip when smiling, that few other patients have. Thank goodness these are temporary dentures. If you find a dentist and lab tech at this chain with any sense, they can make the lower tooth position in the lower denture more ideal. But don't count on it.

Few patients realize the challenges in making good dentures which make the process so difficult.

We dentists have to guess, through studying photos when the patient was young, where the denture teeth should be ideally placed. It is not enough to know where the position is before extraction. Then when plastic teeth are placed in the ideal position of youth, we sweat bullets hoping the patient's tongue and cheeks will re-adapt to the original positions.

Fortunately, there are patients like you who will adapt to nearly anything, and are not picky about looks. These constitute the few "successes" for the dental chains.

@Lonie Hvl

I hear some jealousy from this post, I am happy with my looks and I can eat pain free as well. I have been to many of you FINE dentist and many have no clue what the *** they are doing so market your practice some where else


I am happy you had a good dentist at this clinic. One thing I can guarantee you: he will not be there for long.

These chain clinics are a horrible place to work and dentists stay there only until they can find something better or open their own practices.

If you notice, I divulge no personal contact information in any of my posts. That is because my intention is not to market my practice, but to help patients understand what a mistake they are making with their health when they go to corporate chain clinics owned by investor groups instead of dentists.

@Lonie Hvl

Of course the dentist will move on with experience. Same with Lawyers and Doctors. What bothers me is as I read it seems people just give up and don't demand that they get fixed to fit and be comfortable and this is from corporate and private practice


And your new choppers look great!

@Lonie Hvl

What purpose could you possibly have in posting your obvious self-serving derogatory comments about this understandably proud gentleman's new dentures?!? You certainly are not going to offer to replace these perfectly fine dentures with your much more brilliantly designed ones at no charge to the patient.

Sometimes it's so simple, as our Mother's used to tel us, if you can't say something nice, don't say anything. You should have listened more to your Mother.


I am not henrius, but no one can tell much about esthetics with this distorted photograph, except that the lower teeth appear to be unnaturally elevated, like henries wrote.

Do you find it strange that the patient posted a laudatory report on a website designed for complaints? Think A$pen might have prompted him to do this?


Sure seems like the lower denture teeth are mighty short and you show a lot of pink plastic when you smile, but if you are happy with the looks, more power to you.

Sure glad you saved the lower canines as this will make a tremendous difference. I like to put magnetic attachments in the denture that attach to the lower canine roots, but a chain clinic will not know how the heck to do this.

I don't understand. You said you kept coming back for adjustment appointments until they fit, then in the same paragraph you said you never needed any follow-up appointments.

@Lonie Hvl

To answer the top post, you are seeing the plastic because I am not smiling naturally but rather trying to show entire denture. As the question about coming back for adjustments I meant that they hurt and had to be re-lined but I never had to make an appointment, just walk in to have it done.

I do agree that by saving those lower teeth is a big help because they allow the denture to lock on to something.

I can understand that if there was nothing to hold it I am sure there would be many problems. Can you have posts put in for the denture to snap on to and hold in place?

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Easton, Pennsylvania

Aspen Dental - Dental Cleaning Review

Aspen dental is so focused on getting money from patients that they have forgotten the reason for a dental practice! They requires a consultation visit, a separate cleaning visit, and then a separate treatment visit. The filling they out in was so bad that I had to go back and have them redo it. I went in today, waiting 40 minutes and reminded them I was there. Once I got back to the room it was another 20 minutes before the dentist told me what was wrong. She left and came back and told me how much it was going to cost. She made me get up and go pay the $14 (!) co-pay before getting the treatment. They lost the credit in their system that they owed me. I changes my mind when I came to my senses, asked for the $14 back and asked for my dental records. They really creeped me out. Sorry I ever heard about them! Going back to my old dentist. I'd rather drive 30 minutes and go to a dentist who knows what he is doing and why.
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Well, in the end you made a good decision to return to your private dentist. You really can't expect much from a corporate chain clinic owned by a leveraged buyout group, except to collect as much money as possible from you.

Advertisements are so powerful a force in some people's minds.

Yet professionals advertising, especially over radio and TV, should raise a red flag in most patients' minds.

What it signifies is constant need for new patients because of high patient turnover. The reason for high patient turnover is evident to you now.


I used to work for these idiots. For aspen only one of your appointments is important to them.

The consult is the only thing they care about because it equals big upfront credit card money for them. The consult is where they run the high pressure sales pitch on you and try to sell you a lot of ridiculous stuff supposedly to help you. Intense pressure is put on the dentist and office managers to get the absolute highest amount of money out of each patient the very first visit.

After the insane consult, you are just a number to them and they will treat you whenever they get around to it. Aspen dental is a huge fraud.

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Doylestown, Pennsylvania

No help after dential cutting my mouth

i have a bottom partial plate that is cutting my mouth i went back to aspen dental to get the wire adjustment. i paid almost three thousand for the teeth i was then told i would have to make an appointment even though i explained the wire was cutting my mouth they said they could not help me until i had an appointment, this was on friday july 31 2014. i weigh only 99 lbs and i cannot eat or drink without pain. i told them i was filing a complaint because i was told aspen dental did every thing they could to keep their patient happy.( all of a sudden) i received a phone call saying there was a canceled appointment and could see me first thing the next day.
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I don't understand. Did you just expect to walk in the office unannounced, interrupting other patients' treatment, to have your partial adjustment?

Every dentist makes appointments for adjustments. You were able to get an appointment the next day. What is your complaint? Did you expect the dentist to come to your house to adjust your partial?

Gosh, for nearly 40 years I have been seeing the same thing: patients don't take care of their teeth, thinking if they can get them all pulled and have dentures, their life will be blissful.

Too late, they find that wearing full and partial dentures is not the nirvana they thought it would be!

You went to a sleazy corporate chain dental clinic, probably because you thought you would save money.

These places with their young graduates and crumby lab rarely can make dentures and partials people can wear. Next time, be a wiser consumer and go to an experienced dentist who owns his own practice.

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Aspen Dental - Teeth Repair Review

My name is Darlene kotvis 6199 lake ave Williamson.ny 14589 I'm going to a lawyer attorney general's office better business burial if I don't get some of my money back.went to webster office seen few different dentist had teeth pulled and a temp put in.Bottom teeth got broke bad they could not fix so I have 4 of my teeth on fault.but they pulled more teeth I have 10 of my own and now I have to start all over.I hate what I look like now.I found another Aspen Dental I have to have full payment up froynt. better.I want to to make this right I want part of my moneye back so I can go some where les. you'd did me wrong.I have 4 teerh on bottom 6 on top I want my money back.I'm sorry.biding get something with in 2 weeks my husbands lawyer will take husband needs full set teeth he was waiting to see how mine turned out you lost him too and I'd never take my son to you.your advertisements are a joke they wqnt mw to pay more money start over 4000.
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Put down the bottle before you start typing. Good grief.


So sorry about your predicament. Corporate chain dental clinics take young graduates and push them to bill the maximum revenues possible.

Most of the time this means overtreating patients.

You made a big mistake going to a clinic like this instead of to a regular dentist that owned his own practice.

By the way, the clinic about which you wrote is owned by a leverage buyout investors' group. Honest dentists are trying to prevent this type of ownership, but State Boards hardly have the money and time to fight big corporate lawyers.

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Newark, New Jersey

Aspen Dental - Dental Insurance Review

The front desk did not know that standard cleaning procedure was covered under my insurance but it is covered under my insurance. They wanted to charge me for such a basic procedure. I had to cancel my appointment. I am not going back to Aspen again. This happened at aspen dental at Amherst, NH.
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It is important to present your insurance information, in as much possible, BEFORE your visit. There are often hold times of a half hour when offices call insurance companies.

In this clinic's defense, many times procedures are not covered, patients refuse to pay for it out of pocket.

It is also important that YOU, the policyholder, know as many details as possible about your coverage, NOT just what is printed on your insurance card, which is often misleading. It is helpful if YOU obtain a printed, detailed schedule of benefits to present to the dental office. That will save them a lot of hassle.

Be aware also that some insurance companies operate on SCHEDULES of fees, which they will not divulge over the phone or by FAX. Dealing with dental insurance is no cakewalk.

Probably what happened is the office was unable to obtain verification of covered benefits, which commonly happens in our office, as well.

As a result, they had no option but to ask you to pay out-of-pocket.

All that being said, you would have made a big mistake going to a corporate dental chain clinic that is owned by a leveraged buyout group instead of dentists. Be glad this hassle happened, and possibly saved you hundreds of dollars of overtreatment.


You fill out tons of paperwork, it's like buying a house. They are an "in network" provider for my insurance so, they (aspen dental) tell you what you pay before hand but, with that said they try to sell you services you don't need.

They told me I needed $1500 in "gum restoration" which I would have to pay about $900. My previous dentist who was not an "in network" provider did a complete exam less than 6 months ago and said my gums were great. He has been ranked in the top 5 dentist in the state of NH.

I would still go to him but, being a single father of 2 girls with no financial assistance from their mother I can't afford $300 every time we have a routine check up! It sucks because it seems like the only "in network" providers are these big corporatefranchise offices and they are only out to make a buck off you


Had a patient in today that believed the same as you. He thought he would magically save 40% by going to a network provider.

Unfortunately, it never works that way, as you found out. Nobody could take that big a hit in fees and stay in practice for long. Overhead is just too high, and Obamacare made it even higher. What happens with Prostituting Providers is they just upcode procedures and overtreat patients to make up the difference lost in fees.

Glad you liked your old dentist, but no dental society ranks dentists as the "Top 5 in the state" or anything like that. That is marketing BS. But who do you believe- your honest former dentist who said your gums were healthy, or the corporate-investor owned clinic who said you need $1500 worth of "gum restoration." The answer is clear to me, and should be to you.

Look, here is what to do. Drop the joke of a PPO dental plan, and put the premiums you would have paid into a savings account (maybe a FLEX plan) to pay for family dental expenses.

Cut the visits down at your former dentist to once every 9 to 12 months.

Going to an honest dentist with that frequency beats going to a dishonest chain clinic every 6 months.

Prescribing overtreatment for you is bad enough. Imagine them doing it to your precious children!

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Nashua, New Hampshire

Not for children

I made an appointment for my 4 year old because I was told on the phone they take patients 2 yrs and up my son needed a preschool form filled out she couldn't do it because he cried she said he needed to be sedated for a dental cleaning this was terrible if they can't handle children they need not accept them as patients my son will be delayed starting his preschool because I counted on them to do their job now I will be going to a real dentist office to fill out the paperwork which is very basic
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The dental screening required by schools has nothing whatsoever to do with a dental cleaning. My office does school screenings all the time without doing cleanings at the same visit.

A screening is a brief cursory exam of the mouth without benefit of x-rays. This should eventually be supplanted by a complete exam including analysis of growth vectors and future orthodontic needs. Hardly anyone take x-rays of a child this young unless serious problems are noted.

Truth be told, I have had 4-year-olds that were so poorly behaved we could not do cleanings.

Might not have been anything this clinic did wrong.

But when it is all said and done, taking your child to a corporate dental chain clinic was a massive mistake. Take him to a real dentist, as you say, who owns his own practice and has a vested interest in long-term patient satisfaction.

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Huber Heights, Ohio


I would like to speak about my experience with Aspen Dental via phone or email. My email is craigkreiser@***.com
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Answer me Aspen or I will post my horrible experience all over the net and the world! You will be talking to my lawyer.

You wanted all my information when it was needed by you and now you run from me when I need answers. Do not make me come up there!


You do know that Aspen is owned by a leveraged buyout firm, right? You know they only managed to open clinics by having sham owner dentist pose to authorities as the real owners, when they are not. Unfortunately, the one thing they do have plenty of is expensive lawyers that protect it from successful patient lawsuits.


You will receive an e-mail from me through an intermediary, to protect me from that firm's lawyers. Are you thinking of suing?

Just curious what is on your mind. A am a dentist who has been in practice for 34 years and see considerable abuse from corporate clinics like the one you are talking about.

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