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Aspen Dental - Horrible Job, Will not correct

Company Aspen Dental
Product / Service Bad Services
Category Dental Services
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I had all of my upper teeth (remaining ones) removed, and some lower teeth removed to make room for dentures..a partial on the bottom and a full upper.When the dentist (no longer there) extracted the teeth, he advised me they did not pull out the roots, as most people did not have problems with leaving them in.

Within one week, I had problems with 3 shards in one location near the front teeth. And now, I am having problems with some of the upper roots on my right side shifting in the gums, causing protrusions and pain in the upper right cheek. On the shards...I've told them every time I went there about them. They did an x-ray finally at my insistence in October, and said they found nothing there.

That was I was experiencing was "hardened gums" and to use my temporary dentures overnight to help relieve the problems I was having. Hasn't helped. They offered to refer me to an oral surgeon, but I don't trust going to one that they recommend. I called an oral surgeon with whom I had gone before, but he won't even look at them...says to go back to where the surgery was performed.

I am left in pain, discomfort, and out $4000 (paid in cash before work was done) for poor workmanship and skills. I have no idea where to go, or what to do at this point. I am in tears sometimes from the frustration at my stupidity!

I would highly advise not going to the Ashland, Kentucky location.Find a good, reputable dentist...I got caught up in their scheme of free x-rays, etc...and am embarrassed at how naïve I have been, and I am paying the price for it!

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Jan 29  from Santa Rosa Beach, Florida
Never, ever go to a corporate chain clinic, where dentists are under extreme pressure to produce maximum revenues.
In the future, only consider dentist who work in the practice that they own. You will get better service.
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Dec 18, 2013  from Boston, Massachusetts
I highly advise not going to ANY Aspen Dental

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