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I am an extremely dissatisfied "patient" of Aspend dental.After reading through hundreds of complaints which echo mine, I am going to make it my mission to bring their fraudulent and unethical practices to light and bring them down.

Anyone with ANY inside info or complaint, please post it! Don't allow this criminal practice to continue. Class action lawsuit coming!

To satisfy the word requirement: Keep complaining, gather your information, keep records, keep a journal, take pictures, post your complaints, don't stop bugging them...whatever it takes.

They need to be stopped!Six more words...medical malpractice and insurance fraud are serious!!!

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In severe pain and beyond ANGR

Sep 20, 2014

One of the WORST things about this so-called "helpful" company is the huge DECEPTION used. Financing at HUGE interest rates is via some LOAN company, and it then takes FIVE YEARS to pay that off while waiting to complete almost $19,000 estimated costs for dental work, which is absurd! BEFORE additional work can be FINANCED via the SAME abusive company! REFINANCED the initial almost $8,000 to pay that off and get rid of the ABSURD INTEREST RATE. The rest of the scheduled work cannot be done until the loan is paid off, yet this company repeatedly calls to schedule the rest of the work with an ADDITIONAL LOAN at HIGH interest through THEIR CREDIT Company! ABSURD and WRONG! Had to go to our own finance company to REDUCE the interest rate to a REASONABLE rate, and it will be over 5 years before our son can resume his dental care, which is ABSURD. He is unemployed with NO insurance, and now has a bunch of "temporary crowns" to deal with for over 5 years before he can begin appropriate dental care with someone he can TRUST, and it will NOT be "ASPEN Dental!"
On top of that, they BILLED and CHARGED over $200 for this "supply kit with an electronic toothbrush and a bunch of stuff totally not needed by our adult son WITHOUT asking or informing any of us about those charges and "supplies!" FORCING us to PAY for this stuff we do NOT WANT or NEED and will NEVER USE! We HAVE mouth wash, toothpaste, and all the other stuff that's in this "kit." That's just
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Jul 21, 2014 Silly-La-Poterie, Picardy

This is scary! gave the WAY too much. Money up front. And have hadd theses thickk gaggy "temps" I can bearly use for 3 months! ! Have to sing in chorus in 2 monthsaarggh! What can we do?

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Jun 13, 2014 Tampa, Florida

Don't you understand by now, Aspen dental doesn't care about the patients , the dentist or anyone. But they are in love with $$$$$$$$$$. Best thing to do in my experience and it worked for other people is to cost them money. Everyone that has been wronged needs to go to their local TV station and ask them to do a story on them violating elderly people out of money and the shoddy treatment they gave you. If 100's of news stations keep running stories about their scams it will hurt their $$. and maybe uniformed people will quit going there. Going to the board, lawyers will work some but that takes for ever. Visit my soon to be up site

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Jun 13, 2014

I am in a lawsuit with Aspen Dental and I wished i would of first went the public lawyers are doing a great job.. but Aspen dental has lawyers also.. that dig into your past and try to find anything they can that will hurt your case.. pulling at little strings,, hoping you will stop the proceedings.. anyone going thru a law suit... stay with it..its time consuming,,its a waiting game.... but hoping in the end we will get the word out how unbelievable this company is...not only Aspen dental.. but Small Smiles and many other branches of corporate fraud,,,Go first to the news stations,,, papers... i was left to feel mutilated by Aspen Dental and didnt have the self confidence to approach anyone other than my trusted lawyer...

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Jun 15, 2014

annie, hope I didn't sound like an ***. I just get upset when I read these reviews by people and know that aspen has been using their army of lawyers to stall justice and intimidate people. Using the media to tear them a new ***, is cheap way to spread the word. public outrage is a powerful thing and hard for aspen to hide from. I know some people who got taken advantage of might be embarrassed to go public. You can send the media an anonymous letter and start the ball rolling. realize that there are hundreds or thousands of people waiting to jump on the wagon. Sorry for your troubles, I know that money won't heal all the wounds caused by aspen. People need to use all different types of resources available to shut these butcher shops down. screwaspendental

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Apr 11, 2014 Cleveland, Ohio

I want to have them shut down! I refuse to pay them for torturing! I was sedated and after having complications they had to wake me up . the good old doctor kept pulling my teeth after countless times trying to alert him that im in severe SEVERE pain! Dental school dropouts!

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Dec 20, 2013

Consumers, do you research before accepting a "free new patient dental exam".

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Oct 28, 2013 West Burlington, Iowa

I am wondering if when i had one tooth infected and they had to pull the one next to it also they said fine just get it out it was killing me... I was called the next day for a followup she said and i said it hurts so bad.. she said to come in and i went to the counter and a nurse or someone looked at me and said i needed to go to the ER.. I wound up being admitted for facial cellulitis.. could i have gotten it from that procedure? I was in the hospital for 3 days on a heavy antibiotic intravenously every 4 hours.. pain worse than having a baby... Did I get it from unclean instruments? It was really scary..and i was *** enough to go back and talk to them about dentures which is another whole nightmare... anyone know if facial cellulitis is caused by what Aspen dental did to me..

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Oct 28, 2013 West Burlington, Iowa

Please count me in I would love to see this compnay pay for there bad practices and misleading patients.. and fraud

Aspen Dental is not a good place DO NOT go there..Ruined my life !!!!!!!

:( oh my god.. this is exactly what happened to me... they pulled 15 teeth and slapped on some temporary dentures that made me gag and would not stay in.. they kept putting soft liners in.. so i waited almost a year for my permanent dentures and when i was about to get them i saw there ad for implants... i was asking about it and they said yes those would be good for you .. they had not applied a 2500.00 credit to care credit the financing i found out...( i had the credit due to the fact that i found out that my teeth when they removed them didnt have to be surgically removed..they came out easily.. they had mentioned the credit that might happen afterwards to the account when we first started the process of getting dentures. that credit was not applied to care credit for almost 6 months.. and we found out about it when i asked if my teeth had to be surgially removed and they said no none of the did.. 6 months of them not applying the credit to care credit I dont know who is to blame for that... ) okay so back to the implant discussion when i was talking to them she was already getting it set up for them and i said wait we have a credit of 2500.00 and some odd cents that we could use for
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Nov 07, 2012 Indianapolis, Indiana

I was an Office Manager for Aspen Dental..... let me tell you about how they work! They hire most of their managers with absolutely no dental experience!! They target SALES PEOPLE!! Every employee has to go through their website to apply where they take a questionaire tha grades their potential SALES POTENTIAL, I happened to have 20+ years dental experience which allowed me to immediately understand how screwed up things were. They hire people to work their front desk and treat them like work horses!! They have no dental experience, they get 2 weeks training on "everthing" there is to know about dental insurance..... those are the people that call your insurance company and put in your benefits into the system that estimates how much your insurance will pay, 2 weeks isn't even enough time to learn dental terminology much less the complicated clauses of dental insurance plans. No wonder your accounts are messed up!!! Then you have your exam..... most likely the dentist you saw has several patients in the chair waiting on him, and your appointment as a new patient was pobably made when you called in to their call center in Syracuse, NY. Those people at the call center are not trained to look at the Dentists schedule to see if he's doing a root canal, a full mouth extraction surgery. They are trained to put a patient in a slot!!!! Those new patient slots can be 10 to 12 per day. Each scheule for the Dr. has 3 columns in which have patients scheduled all the way... Show more

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Disgusted Former Employee

Dec 20, 2012

I was a former employee at Aspen too. They treated me absulutely horribly!!! The office manager knew nothing about dentistry, along with harrassing and intimidating all employees in the office. It was a nightmare to work there, not to mention how badly they taking advantage of patients. The people who work there and agree with their scam sales tactics are despiccable!!!

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Apr 04, 2013

Everything is true, guys. I'm a former employee too. That's why I left, because I was sicking tired of a harassment of my manager. His threatening eyes on me, trying to make me scared, his ridiculous conversations that he can cut my vacation, which he did, his annoying singing and whistling of a song from " Kill Bill" were just a part of their game that to keep all of us under pressure. I mean "Their", mentioning the meanest regional managers as well. Have you heard,guys, that the former dental assistant sued Aspen, because her manager hit her? It's just crazy!

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Nov 03, 2012

I definately felt like just another number at my local AD facility. I made a big decision in my life to go the dentist. Get my teeth fixed and be done with constant discomfort with toothaches. I was recommended to AD by a friend. They said there was a huge deal going on for new patients. So I went. Totally regretting the visit because of all the comments I get about my teeth. But step up and forward anyway and made my appointment. I didn't even care what the cost was. I'd figure something out. Well, I didn't even get xrays done for my counceltation. I had each tooth poked at, he was talking to the assistant in the other room, in code as in what tooth needed what. By then, he pretty much had my top teeth covered and was going for the bottoms. So I was poking fun and said "my goodness, maybe I should get dentures". He responded with, "it's a good possibiliy". That'll I'll need them in the near future because all the dental work I was gonna be needing. Won't hold for very long. As terrified as I was. I was gonna go for it. I wanted to nice smile for once. I never did like my teeth anyway. Always had that yellowish tint to them no matter how often I brushed and what with. I guess that means I have hard teeth so I've been told in the past. Still doesn't make anyone feel better about smiling lol. Never had straight even teeth either to go along with that. So I went in to talk with the lady who is in charge of dentures. All she was discussing with me was the price. Naturally being... Show more

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Should have known better

Oct 01, 2012

Went to Aspen Dental in Syracuse NY. Had some issues with billing. We have had the same insurance company for almost 20 yrs I am pretty familiar with how they pay and what they pay. We have always paid what we owe after treatment and then the insurance covers the rest. Not with this company. The funny thing is I expressed concern with billing issues(in an appropriate way) I did not get loud or obnoxious at all. It was like we would get a notice that we owed more money due to insurance not paying so we would pay it and then a couple of weeks later there would be a new bill. We had already begun the process of finding a new dentist because we didnt want to go thru this anymore. However, 3 days after expressing concern with the billing practices we receive a notice in the mail saying that we have been terminated as patients with ALL Aspen clinics...they feel that it is their best interest. That type of behavior makes me really wonder if there are some shady actions taking place in their billing processes. Be very careful with Aspen I wish I would have never walked thru their doors!!

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Sep 19, 2012

I went to aspen dental in May bought the top of the line dentures and have NOT been able to wear them casue they fit part way up on my gums...not all the way up I was told from the dentist she will NOT do anymore to these dentures and they are sending me to their other

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anne, Hamden, Ct

Sep 04, 2012

I went to Aspen dental here in CT because I had a toothache. It took me a two weeks to get in there to get the tooth removed. As it turned out, I was allergic to the antibiotic. In addition, they ended up taking three teeth out and had to remove part of my jaw bone and never informed me of what my options were. I am still having issues because the gum did not heal correctly and I am left with nothing to chew on. I have two other teeth that have to come out, but won't go back to them. I should have gone to another dentist who would have done root canals to save the remaining teeth. Aspen didn't offer me that option.

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Sick in Rockford, IL

Sep 03, 2012

Was told I needed all my teeth pulled except 3...had them done last full denture is like something out of a cartoon...IT IS EMBARRASSING ..this is a holiday weekend...can't see anyone till Tuesday...reading this makes me sick to my stomache...sob! First, I am a professional Licensed Real Estate Appraiser in Illinois. I receive all the monthly State Disciplines against any professional license which includes Dentist.

This is YOUR BIGGEST WEAPON - FILE A FORMAL COMPLAINT WITH YOUR STATE BOARD - LOOK UP (YOUR STATE) DEPARTMENT OF FINANCIAL AND PROFESSIONAL REGULATION. Mine in Illinois: State of Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. Go do a search..start with the dentist and if you can find a license...try Aspen Dental...I do not show any license with Illinois for Aspen...going to ask for copy. Realize people - this is your strongest weapon. #1. Aspen Dental needs a professional license as a facility in every state it operates. #2. File against the dentist. He will have to answer to the state board made up of his peers. #3. I am filing against the office manager who actually did take my impressions - I believe she did Dental Service without a State License...BIG BIG ISSUES....#4. Anyone having issues with their credit company can file with this department since they regulate all Financial Institutions and I have seen it from Collection Agencies, Quick Cash Places to the Biggest Banks...They will investigate each and
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Dec 21, 2013

This is wonderful information.. could you post it on our Facebook page
Aspen Dental Nightmares

I myself have a lawyer and am included in the Class Action Law suit out of Syracuse NY.
you have some wonderful information that needs to be spread.

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