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I had an appointment to see the hygienist on August. Well, I was feeling certain discomfort in my mouth so I called the office on early June to schedule an appointment ASAP. The lady who took my call told me in that occasion that they were full until the end of August. I proceeded to explain to her what was the situation and she told me that the best she can do for me was to put my name in a cancellation list; in case somebody cancel, the she... Read more

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I went to the Charleston SC office to get new dentures. The brochure said you get them within 72 hours and it took me 10 days. Had problems with them from day 1 and had to have another set made. These are even worse. After 18 visits, gas, wear and tear on my car they just don't work. $1500.00 for dentures that are worthless. Will not go back and will never recommend them to anyone. I'm on a fixed income and making payments on dentures that I... Read more

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Aspen Dental - Looking at a lawsuit....terrible experience
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Aspen lied to me. They said I could fix my teeth problems for around 14 k and I started the process of many painful fillings root cancals etc. THEN on the 7th filling or so the dentist CHANGED HIS MIND and said it would be cheaper and easier to remove all of my teeth for 6k.....They said it was a no-brainer. I got my teeth out, trusting their plan must be needed to be so extreme. I was fitted with temporary dentures the day of extractions which... Read more

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I must say my experience at Aspen Dental was Great. Very informative and concerning staff team. The hygienist explained my oral hygiene well and the dentist addressed my problematic tooth. I would recommend them to anyone. Read more

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Every time I make an appointment two week in advance it gets cancelled the last appointment I made I get a call one day before my appointment telling I is getting cancelled. Read more

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I had extractions and dentures made at the Easley SC office. Worst experience ever. I am very heartbroken over how I look. Would not refer anyone to them

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I have really tried to deal with Aspen in Paducah,Ky but I'm going to have to give up. I got a detailed treatment plan but decided I needed sedation for my 12 extractions. They don't provide that. So I went back today to get my treatment plan changed and have the 12 extractions left off. I left there with them wanting close to $2000.00 more. Now, I'm no rocket scientist but shouldn't it had been LESs money for Less work???? Anyway, guess that's... Read more

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I made an appointment. I took the day off work. I came in. Got an x-ray. Was told the work was not too difficult. Current patient. Was told I needed to come back another day for the actual dental work. Dentist was a pure ***, an "a-hole" if you'll pardon my French. "We have a busy schedule today." I MADE AN APPOINTMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, do you make appointments only to have me come in to make another appointment? Just to milk... Read more

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Please people, take heed to what i have to say. This is a company that doesnt deserve our business. They are rude, very dis-respectful and extremely unprofessional. I had a very small chip on my dentures, about a 1/16 of an inch. I went in for a repair and they told me about 30 mins to an hour. After waiting almost two hours i started to question what was going on. The manager of the store attacked me verbally and threatened me that if i wasnt... Read more

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I don't mind being told I can't have any pain relief, that I'm not feeling pain. What I DO object to is being told I've been remiss and taken too much time taking care of my teeth when in fact I've been waiting on the schedule of the folks doing a major reconstruction including extractions, implants, and crowns. I was talked down to, treated like a bad child, and embarrassed. never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever again another... Read more

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